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Posted by ~Summer~ on March 18, 2014
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Remember I introduced you to IMAGINE - a community engagement initiative where the public can share their vision for Project Jewel?

Since Angel has been attending art classes at heART Studio for the past year, we wanted to let her do one of the things she loves to do most - PAINT. While brainstorming for ideas on what to paint, we came up with a list of things like house, beach, sunset, family, silhouettes and eventually, we decided to stick to a word that is very simple yet meaningful - her name.


For the first time, she was going to paint a portrait of an angel.

We used techniques that she had already learnt, including blending, short strokes and mixing of colours, and started off by painting the background using warm colours pink and yellow.

Next, she decided on the hair colour and length, and painted the facial features. She drew basic shapes to serve as a guide before applying layers of paint to conceal them.

 We did a little mixing of colours to achieve a sweet purple for the angel's frock.

To finish off the body, we added in the arms, legs, wings and even shoes. She specially mixed a turquoise colour for the shoes and said she wanted to paint hearts on them.

 Just to add some texture, we used oil pastels to jazz up the angel's hair.

 Lastly, to make the wings bright and shiny, we brushed on a layer of glitter glue.

Voila! We are all done! Presenting to you the final artwork titled Angel by young budding artist Angel. Do they look alike?

You know, when we decided to name her Angel, it was not because we hoped she would grow up to be a pretty lady. More than anything, we wanted her to be good, kind, generous and beautiful on the inside.

There, we are all ready to submit and participate in IMAGINE!

Our vision for Project Jewel -- Its unique façade of glass and steel will shine like a beacon of light, guiding and bringing hope to everyone. Just like an angel. 

It will be a place where wonders exist and dreams come true.


To those of you who are keen to join me in taking part in this meaningful initiative, here is more information about submission.

What do I have to do to participate in IMAGINE?
From now to 31 March 2014, you can submit your vision for Project Jewel in the form of any two-dimensional medium at

Who can participate in IMAGINE?
IMAGINE is open to all residents of Singapore, aged 5 years and above. There are two competition categories – Junior (5 - 12 years old) and Open (13 years and above).

Is there any prize money involved?
There will be 10 winners for the Open category (13 years and above) and each of them will win S$1,000 in Changi Vouchers. For the Junior category (5 - 12 years old), there will be five winners and each will win S$500 in Changi Vouchers.
Can I produce a craft submission?
Only 2-dimensional submissions are allowed, and these include photographs, drawings and sketches. All entries must be new and original works submitted in JPEG format less than 5MB, along with a 250-word description.

Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes, multiple submissions per person are allowed.

How will the winners be picked and when will results be out?
The organiser will work closely with Singaporean artist and illustrator, eeshaun, to review the submissions and select the winning entries. More information about the artist here. Results will be announced in mid 2014 and winners will be contacted and informed of prize collection details.


Just a gentle reminder, there is NO rule on what you can submit. It can be a photograph, painting, sketch, collage or any other two-dimensional medium about any subject, person or theme. As long as it is a new work that has not been previously published, anything goes.

Who knows, this might be your only chance to see your, or your child's, work of art be developed into a larger-than-life art exhibit and be displayed in Changi Airport. Now, let's all have some fun and IMAGINE!

Disclosure: This is part of a series of sponsored conversations between Project Jewel and A Happy Mum. All opinions are my own.


  1. Go Angel! Sooooooo young and so talented!

  2. Psst Angel, you draw so much better and paint so much nicer than Auntie! I love your work of art!!

  3. Angel can draw really well! I couldn't even draw a decent picture of person when I was in Primary School.
    No, I don't think I can't even draw a decent picture of anything even now!

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