Keeping my baby happy and comfy

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 13, 2014

As a parent, nothing means more to me than seeing my baby happy. Being a stay-at-home mum means that I have the privilege of witnessing her every smile but trust me, you can never get enough of your child's laughter. That is why I try to go the extra mile just to keep her feeling contented and let her grow up as a joyful, lovable baby.

Here are some of the things I do at home to keep Ariel feeling cheerful and comfortable:

1) Take a warm bath
2) Read a bedtime story
3) Sing lullabies
4) Give her fruit treats
5) Listen to music and do the waltz
6) Change her clothes when they get wet, sweaty or dirty
7) Take her to the playground 
8) Put baby lotion and give her a little massage
9) Breastfeed her when she feels like it
10) Cook healthy meals for her
11) Go for walks at the park
12) Shower her with lots of hugs, kisses and caresses

The thing is, I don't just wish to only make her feel happy doing all this, I wanna be happy doing all this with her. It makes all the difference, you know? Whether you, as a parent, are enjoying every day of parenthood depends on how much you actually love the process of being a dad or mum. So, I do wish for both of us to be happy together because that is how we can keep this joy with us in the long run.

Besides doing all those things I mentioned, there is a key factor to keeping my baby comfortable all day long and I'm pretty sure you can guess it - D-D-D-Diapers! Considering how it stays on my baby the whole day, it is of utmost importance that I find a holistic diaper solution that seeks to provide my baby with the ultimate comfort.

We often see diapers as just practical, low-involvement purchases that do nothing much except contain our baby's pee and poo. What we do not see is that a good diaper brand can make all the difference by providing our baby with the ultimate comfort and joy throughout the day, making it easier for us to relish those magical moments of being mums and dads.

Recently, we tried out the newly improved Drypers Drypantz which helps to provide comfort on many levels for my baby.

If not for the hassle of washing, I would love to use cloth diapers for my baby because fabric just seems like a more comfortable option to synthetic disposable materials. However, I succumbed to convenience and it is a relief to know that Drypers Drypantz comes with a 100% breathable cloth-like cover which makes them soft on the skin. In fact, since we go to the playground so very often, it is a joy to see that she feels fresh and comfortable while climbing up the stairs or whizzing down the slides.

In my view, one of the best ways to make a baby feel comfortable is through soothing and calming. I do that through singing lullabies and giving massages after a bath. There is a feel-good factor in knowing that Drypers Drypantz keeps my baby's skin healthy and helps in soothing through the use of four natural plant extracts -Vit. E, Chamomile, Olive and Aloe Vera.

So far, Drypers Drypantz has been proven to be absorbent and prevents flow-back to ensure long-lasting dryness for the baby. We have only encountered one isolated case of leak - a poo leak after she laid across my chest to breastfeed in the car. Other than that, staying dry for an extended period of time means we can go for longer walks in the park and read more bedtime stories in comfort!

Lastly, I am personally glad that we have started using Drypers Drypantz because it is easy to put on my baby who pretty much loves to wriggle and jiggle during a diaper change. Also, considering how we love to dance, jump, sway, spin and twirl when we hear music, I think the new Comfort Fit and improved elastic are doing a great job in making sure that the diapers are well fitted and stay snug on her, giving her freedom of movement and the confidence to be an active, happy baby.

Seeing her glowing face and happy smile is definitely one of the best ways to pave the way for a joyful parenting journey. I make sure I tell this precious little gem of mine "I love you" a dozen times a day.

How do you keep your baby feeling happy and comfy?


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Disclosure: This is part of a series of sponsored conversations between Drypers and A Happy Mum. All opinions are my own.


  1. It's so cool that all they need at this age is a diaper at home and a diaper and a top when out eh? Ariel has grown so much! And her hair! So thick and luscious!

    1. Haha yesh, agree! That is the thing I love about Singapore, we could never have done this in Sweden! =p Haha you have a love for her hair, I can tell, tsk. Thanks for commenting!

    2. I can't help it! I gave birth to bald babies remember? So I am always envious of babies with hair! Thankfully Calla's is growing now hehe. Poppy was botak for a long time!


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