The special thing about daughters #3 - The princess wannabe

Posted by ~Summer~ on July 08, 2014
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I can't remember if I was a princess wannabe when I was a child.

But I know I never played with Barbie, had no princessy gowns and did not play dress up with my mum's wardrobe. Okay, that pretty much sounds like I wasn't extremely the girly type even if I do look like one.

Fast forward 30 years, I now have a lovely girl who is coming to five and it is not hard to see that she is more of a princess wannabe than I ever used to be.

10 things you might not know about Princess Angel

1) She loves Rapunzel and Queen Elsa.

2) She likes to put on nail polish when we attend weddings.

3) She always chooses a dress to wear when we go out.

4) She loves tiaras, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

5) She can strike poses for the camera just like, or even better than, any princess.

6) She loves to tie her hair in plaits and would sit down patiently just so she can have a nice hairdo.

7) She has a gorgeous smile befitting of a true princess.

8) She has this girly habit of twirling her hair around her fingers, sometimes without knowing it.

9) She likes to look in the mirror and smile, not in a narcissistic but a sweet, innocent manner.

10) She once told me that her lifelong ambition is to be a princess. Okay, to be fair, she had many ambitions from mummy, teacher, doctor to the most recent one, zookeeper. But princess, yes, it is in the list.

So, even though it sometimes irks me when she refuses to wear the clothes I pick and would run to her wardrobe to choose what she thinks looks more girly, I really wish to cherish the phase that she is in now and not stop her from feeling like a most beautiful princess.

During our staycation in Village Katong Hotel, she was on top of the world when dolled up like a pretty princess and all I needed was a dress, hair accessory and bracelet. No glass slippers, carriage or even any makeup required. It was then I realised the joy a simple act can bring and dressing up shouldn't need a special reason or occasion.

Annabelle Dress in Caramel: Little Princess Wardrobe
Pink Angel and Heart Bracelet: Blessings and Co. 
Floral headband: From Angel's own princess stash

After all, that is one of the special things about having daughters, right? Just so you know, dear Angel, you will always be a most lovely princess in Mama's eyes and I am just thankful I now have not one, but two beautiful princesses in my life.

Definitely makes me the poorest but happiest queen in the world.

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  1. All my girls have gone through a very girl stage. The older too aren't so much now, but still love to 'be beautiful' in their own way. I love girls. :)

    1. I love girls too, haha, probably would be different if I had a son. :) my girl is so much into the girly, princessy and dressing up phase! :) it actually makes me feel like a small girl too, haha. :)

  2. Poorest queen in the world? NO WAY! You are so blessed, a thousand times over!

    Poppy is so happy whenever it's the school holidays because she gets to paint her nails! And oh yes, a dress makes all the difference. She borrowed a BRAVE outfit from her friend to watch Disney on Ice in, and wow, she really felt like a princess!!

    I LOVE Angel's princessy dress! She looks so sweet in it!

    1. Hehe, I meant poor in terms of salary, but I know I am rich in love. Yes, very blessed indeed. I remember Poppy's dress! Never did occur to me to dress Angel up and so she could only look on with envy. Lol.

      Oh yeah, I love this outfit too. We never did have all these pretty dresses in our era, right? :) One princess dress for many occasions, great way to keep her feeling happy!


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