Creativity 521 #51 - Happy 49th birthday, Singapore!

Posted by ~Summer~ on August 05, 2014
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Woohoo, it's time to celebrate our nation's birthday once again!

If you might recall, last year we made maracas, parade wands and flag buntings and had an awesome time with family and friends at the SAF Changi Seaview Resort. This year, we plan to invite friends over for a lunch gathering but other than that, I want my kids to remember this special moment and know that it is a time to rejoice, appreciate, reminisce and cherish.

So, in this week's Creativity 521, we did a DIY paper visor which was themed to something we are all proud of - the Singapore flag.

What we used:

1) Matt photo paper or thick white paper (with visor outline printed, template can be found here)
2) Newspaper
3) Printout of our national flag emblem
4) Mini star-shaped cutouts
5) Scissors
6) Glue
7) Red and white paint
8) Brush and palette

Firstly, cut along the outline of the visor. This can be quite tricky for the smaller hands, especially at the turns and along the curves. Angel tried it once and didn't do it that well, cutting out of line in several places. I was very surprised when she was not disheartened by it and in fact, asked for a second piece to try again. Given how she tends to lose patience when she does her homework and gets intimidated from a fall when cycling, you can understand why this gesture totally impressed and delighted me.

So, even though her second piece was not perfect either, it was a marked improvement from the first and it just made me realise how I need to have the willingness to let her try time and again without stepping in to make things 'better' and 'nicer' from my point of view. The only thing I did to help was to trim away the rough edges.
Next, it was time for one of their favourite activities - Painting!

Although Angel gets to go for art class every Thursday, Ariel does not get that luxury so you should see how her face lit up when I asked her if she wanted to paint. For a 19-month old, I think she's quite a pro at art! My only regret is that I don't do this often enough with them and I think I should really find more opportunities to let them make a mess at home without any second thoughts.

Back to the visor, we painted the brim white and red according to our flag, left out the middle portion which is bordered by the two dotted lines, as well as painted all the rest of the area red to make it eye-catching.

From the remaining paper, we cut out 1.5" wide strips of paper lengthwise for the straps. You would need to glue two strips together for each strap and depending on your preference, you can either paint them red or leave them as white.

From the printed emblem, cut out the crescent and stars and glue them onto the visor. I had to help in this because the stars were really tiny! Before printing out, you should adjust the size of the emblem (to around 3cm wide) and make sure they fit on the red portion. We also wanted to decorate the visor with more stars so I printed them out onto another piece of paper. Well, I wish I had a star-shaped puncher at home but since I don't, I just had to cut them out one by one.

Next, fold along the dotted lines accordingly, making sure to crease the curved part slowly and one section at a time. Glue the middle section in place to form the brim.

Lastly, push the two ends of the visor to form a nice curved shape, then attach the ends of the strap onto both sides of the visor, making sure it fits snugly on the head. Voila! We are all done!

I think we are all set to celebrate this coming Saturday! How are you planning to celebrate this special day?

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  1. Very nice, and I like it that the visor is large enough to cover the whole facial area :-)

    1. Thanks Agy! Yes I like the shape and size of this visor too! Plus we have all the materials we need at home to make it! :)

  2. Cool, Summer! You always have nice ideas for kid's craft!

  3. So this is what you were up to while painting at night! Hehe. I love it - it's so well made! And looks relatively easy too. Cna't wait to see what fun things you've got planned for your NDay party this year

    1. It's super easy! =) Haha yeah, see, I procrastinate till the very last minute before sitting down to do this. Time seems to be something that is very little nowadays, I wonder why. =) NDay will be simple, have potluck with friends at my house, let kids play, then watch NDP on TV. =)

  4. Just come across your blog today, just nice can do it for NDP..^_^.. Love your blog :)


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