Creativity 521 #68 - Fingerprint flowers for Mother's Day

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 05, 2015
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In case you don't realise it yet, it is Mother's Day this coming Sunday!

I don't usually give fanciful gifts to my mum but it has somehow become a tradition to give an ang pow together with something handmade. Last year, we made DIY felt tulips and the year before, we made paper carnations. Yeah yeah, guess it's hard to run away from flowers when it comes to this special occasion.

This year, I wanted to keep it simple yet and let the girls be able to join in the creation process. So, we decided to do something easy and fun - handmade cards with fingerprint flowers!

What we used:

1) Finger paint
2) Palette
3) Bucket
4) Paintbrush
5) Ruler
6) Scissors
7) Glue
8) Thick white paper (A4 size)
9) Pencil
10) Printed messages

Firstly, we poured out the finger paint onto the palette and mixed some of the paint to achieve colours like orange, pink and purple.

Next, I cut each A4 paper into half and used a pencil to draw one big and one small circle on every card. Then, it was time for the kids to paint! Or rather, print!

By dipping their fingers into the paint, they used their fingerprints to form the petals of the flower as shown below.

The tricky part was having to change colour every time and I realised the easiest way was to use a wet rag to help them clean their fingers before dipping into the next colour.

For the stem, we used the paintbrush and green paint to pain a thin line and added two more fingerprints for the leaves. We did four cards in total and Angel and Ariel both took turns to make their flower prints on every card. Easy, right? Well, I can definitely say so for the big girl but the little one needed some guidance from me because instead of following the pattern, she preferred to leave her prints all over the card.

Just to personalise the cards, we cut out and stuck on the message and Angel also wrote all the names. I thought she wouldn't have the patience to finish writing all four cards but she did and insisted that she was going to write them all.

Ta-dah! We were all done within a couple of hours! Our message was kept simple "全世界的康乃馨不如一颗感恩的心. 祝您2015年母亲节快乐." Yes, I came up with it myself and the rough translation would be "All the carnations in the world can't be compared to a grateful heart. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day 2015."

Yes, I really wanted to make use of this chance to teach my girls that we should feel thankful in our hearts towards our parents who brought us into the world and raised us. That gratitude is best shown through respect and appreciation, and is something that money and presents can never buy.

Hooray! We were all set to present our handmade cards! Yup, we had an early Mother's Day celebration over the weekend because we will be heading away for a short holiday this weekend (Guess where??).

I like to think that our mums and grandma were more elated to receive the handmade cards instead of the red packets and they were thrilled when I told them that the flowers were made using the kids' fingerprints. It's amazing how a simple gesture can go a long way, right?

How are you planning to celebrate this Mother's Day? 

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