"Fun-on-the-Run" Car Table Bag {Review and Giveaway}

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 25, 2015

We have a problem when it comes to car rides. A squirmy, wiggly kid who just can't seem to sit still in the car seat. I know, I'm probably not the only one, right?

I'm not referring to big sister, who has been well-trained on road trips around Europe since she was born and can sit in her car seat for a good six-hour journey. Nowadays, she sits in her booster seat and buckles up without us having to nag at her.

I'm talking about the toddler, who somehow likes to stand up, move around, sit on my lap or just demand to be breastfed during car rides. She would kick up a fuss whenever we put her in the car seat and with all the whining and wailing, it gets literally impossible for the hubby to concentrate on driving.

So you know we went to LEGOLAND Malaysia recently, right? Considering how we were stuck in the causeway jam for over two hours previously, I wasn't particularly looking forward to the car ride. That was, until I saw a glimpse of hope when I received this innovative, unique new product which I might even call a life-saver - the "Fun-on-the-Run" Car Table Bag by Ministry of Tots

At first glance, the bag might seem to be nothing special. It comes in only one colour (purple and orange), has a big pocket on the outside and opens up to reveal more pockets and elastic holders on the inside.

The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so that the kids can carry their bags themselves when there is a need to. The bag is slim in design and as long as you don't overload it, it will be not be too heavy. Well, if you look closely, Angel is using the shoulder strap whereas Ariel is using another adjustable clip-on strap which is used to attach to the front seat headrest.

Like this! The bags hang nicely from the headrests and initially the buckle bothered the hubby a little because it was right at the back of his head. Then, we figured out we just had to push the headrest higher so that he can still rest his head comfortably while driving and the little one gets to use her table bag at the back. You might need to adjust the length of the strap to get the required height. For us, we tried on both a booster seat  and a car seat and it is possible to find a comfortable height to suit your child's needs.

So, what makes this table bag so special, you ask? The bag comes with a hard backing and when it opens up, you get a table that is bigger than A4 size! Woohoo! How cool is that?

Now, we are against the idea of letting kids play with electronic devices on the go but I definitely don't mind them doodling and playing if they help to occupy and keep them happy. Especially if we are caught in a jam which might be slow-moving and it takes hours for us to get home.

The great thing about this table bag is that you can personalise the contents according to your child's age and preferences. Of course, this means you can also easily replace the contents when the kids start to get bored. For Angel, who is a little art lover, I keep plenty of colouring pencils, crayons, markers and a drawing pad. There are also puzzles to keep her busy when the ride gets bumpy and it gets hard to draw.

For Ariel, I keep snacks, water bottle and her favourite toys. She likes to play with the kitchen toys so we thought why not let her cook up a storm in the car instead and keep her occupied?

Another of her favourite activity is decorating the birthday cake, then sing the birthday song, make a wish and blow out the 'flames'. She can do this countless times and thanks to the help of the table, she can now do it on her own without my help.

Just so you know, we succeeded in driving to Malaysia without the toddler throwing tantrums of any sort. It was a.... miracle! Really. Which is why I termed the table bag as my lifesaver. In fact, for the first time in a couple of years, I finally got to sit in the front passenger seat while the girls were contented to be on their own at the back. It was definitely a big change, and a huge relief, for me from having to hold onto a squirmy toddler all the time. Phew!

In any case, we will never give up on weekend outings so I'm hoping that the fun on the run will continue for these two, that they will carry on liking their car table bags and that we will have many more pleasant car rides to come our way!

Benefits of the "Fun-on-the-Run" Car Table Bag:

- Lightweight
- Can be customised according to different needs
- Portable
- Doesn't take up too much space
- Quick and easy to use
- Not just for children, parents with young infants can also use it to keep toys within reach or make formula using a table instead of on their laps

Limitations of the "Fun-on-the-Run" Car Table Bag:

- Average quality
- Comes in only one colour combination
- Can only be used in daylight (unless you wish to keep your lights on or increase your child's risk to myopia)

For safety reasons, remember not to put any sharp or dangerous objects in the car table bag. There is also a risk of the contents toppling over should the car come to a sudden brake. As parents, we need to keep an eye out to ensure that our children have a fun time playing while staying safe.


Now, for those of you who might interested in this creative product, here's a giveaway!

This giveaway is open to all readers residing in Singapore only. Winners can choose to self collect the prizes at Bukit Gombak Community Centre or have the bags delivered via Singpost registered mail costing S$4.90 (winners will have to pay for their own postage).

Those who are interested to purchase the table bag can send Minitry of Tots an email message (ministryoftots@gmail.com) or a private message on Facebook. Quote "Summer" to enjoy a $1 discount off the current price of S$25.

To participate in the giveaway, leave a comment in this post with your name, email address and tell me what you love most about the "Fun-on-the-Run" car table bag. Indicate in the Rafflecopter widget that you have commented and to increase your chances of winning, you can choose to carry out the rest of the options. Best of luck!

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Disclosure: We received two sets of "Fun-on-the-Run" Table BAgs for review purposes. All opinions are our own.


  1. oooohhhh!! If only I knew about this earlier!! I love this that will keep my kids occupied in the car so I can drive in peace and safely! I have two wiggly kids who can't sit still in car rides and this will be perfect for them while I drive!!

    Name: Mag Yeow
    Email: mail2magy(AT)gmail.com

  2. Portable & great for kids while going on a road trip! It wld be great esp for my girl who loves to scribble/colour.

    Name : Mikki Teo
    Email : etoilebb08@hotmail.com

  3. I love that we can keep his favourite toys in this bag and have it lay out as a table on the go. It will definitely be useful for our Malaysia road trips!


  4. I love that it's very spacious when open up so kids can do alot of activities on it.

    Name: Tammy Tng Sze Pei
    Email: sze_pei24@hotmail.com

  5. I have 2 girls too and they love doodling! they would love to hv fun on the go!

    Name: Jennifer Guay
    Email: nizhenx2@gmail.com

  6. I am planning to go Legoland too . This giveaway is a bonus as I have no idea how to keep my little sit still in his seat.

  7. I always go to johor crack head what should I do in the car..can't read as feel giddy..this is great idea to keep children occupy or even read book!

    Name : Lai Siew Ling
    Email: laisiewling@yahoo.com

  8. I like its slim in design, lightweight and portable!
    Khor Lee Ling

  9. Our family love to travel long distance by car to Genting and this table would be great for the kids to draw or colour to keep themselves occupied. :)

    Name : Florence Ann
    Email : xiongann@gmail.com

  10. I really want to win this... We are always on the move and my kids are so active. This comes in handy since it's lightweight, portable and caters to different needs.

    Phyllis Tan

  11. It's my birthday tomorrow! This will be my best birthday present for me "for my kids". Having happy kids means happy mummies on the go! We are planning 2 road trips and this will come in handy!

    Name: Eve
    Email: onestopmum@gmail.com

  12. Hi

    I have a 1 yr old girl and it would be good get her to keep still with her toys to play with. This is truly God sent :) She recently has found ways to wriggle out of her car seat strap even after we buckle her up :(

    Name: Phoebii Song
    Email: phoebii2000@yahoo.com

  13. my 2 yr old cant sit still in his car seat!
    Jaime Chan

  14. I like it is quick and easy to use!
    Leong Yee Ming

  15. Name : June Lee

    Email : junelee_1980@yahoo.com

    This is just like a portable mobile table for the car! Perfect for my nephew to keep him busy with a range of his favourite stuff =)

  16. It is a great idea to keep the kids occupied and not say "Are we there yet???"


  17. I like that its compact and fits vehicles of all sizes!

    Jazry Chan

  18. Valerie
    I love this table bag as it allow them to sit still for the whole journey. And also... i also miss my passenger seat as i am always sitting behind in the middle of the 2 kids entertaining them and cracking my brains on how to let them sit still.

  19. Just in time for my weekend getaway to Legoland! Am sure the kids will love this on the long ride into Msia..esp Eva who is into colouring now :)

    Name: Hazel lim
    Email: smileger_10@yahoo.com.sg

  20. I love how the car table bag "grows" with my child and that it can be used for a long time. Hurray for portability and flexibility in its design.

    Name: Danessa Foo
    Email: danessafoo@gmail.com

  21. Great for long trips to keep the kids occupied; love the table! No more losing crayons or over stuffing the car seat pockets!

    Name: Wong Kang Hui
    Email: kangarules@gmail.com

  22. I love it that the table bags are neat, portable and flexible to use. I believe my 6 and 3 yrs old will love this kit and will enjoy their road trips more! Their dad will love me for this too! ;)

    Name: Jesline Tan
    Email: jesline@gmail.com

    Thank you for the sharing and great review!

  23. This would be so useful on road trips!!

  24. Love how this bag would be easily customised to adapt to my little one's growing needs. Thanks!


  25. I love how we can entertain our children on the go WITHOUT having to turn Barney on! They are portable and light which means, I can pack them up for plane rides, train rides and boat rides too! Oh gosh. This is heaven-sent to keep active kids occupied. Love this new concept!

    Name: Liang May
    Email: liang.may@me.com

  26. I love this bag. My 5 yo boy spent most of his time in the car travelling from one school to another everyday. He has to write, read and eats in the car. He would loves this bag as this bag will allows him to write and eat comfortably in the car now... Pray for us everyone. Thanks..

    Name: Tay Linda
    email: linjac66@gmail.com

  27. JingRong
    I can fill the table bags with lots of activities to keep my girls occupied during car ride so that they will not be up to any mischief when feeling bored.

  28. Julie tan
    Cos it easy to use

  29. This table bag would be good for us to have because my girl still cries everytime now when placed in her car seat. She gets "bored" with her toys too fast - Even before we get to our destination! So crying is the next thing for her to do.

    Name: Sharin Poy
    email: lingz_27@yahoo.com

  30. Wow๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘, I love it, my youngest daughter will LOVE ❤️๐Ÿ’›it too because she Loves to draw and write while I'm driving especially trip to Malaysia.

  31. I hope these bags can solve the same problem that I am facing now, which I am dealing it with electronic devices now :/


  32. It's definitely a great keeper cos of its flexibility to be lightweight, kids friendly and most importantly it allows my kids to use them while we are on long road trips.

    Michelle Ng

  33. i love how each bag is for 1 child...so personalized and customized! My 2 kids won't fighting over who gets which toys!!! N this mummy gets some peace n quiet :)

    Jamie chaw
    Fb: Jamie chaw
    IG: Jamiechaw

  34. My two children (5 & 4 yo) will have a lot of fun times during the car ride: be it short distance or long distance. I get to pack in their favourite activities. I like your idea of packing snacks into small boxes esp the younger one. No more boring waiting time in the car especially sudden of traffic jam. Thank you for the giveaway.

    Sandra New
    IG: summerscenz

  35. It's portable and it helps in entertaining the kids, with endless possibilities!
    Name: Cynthia
    Email: ilovedefamily@gmail.com

  36. I hope these bags can solve the same problem that I am facing now, which I am dealing it with electronic devices now :/


  37. It's a 'ear saver', cos it saves our ears from getting the screams & quarrels the boys have when they are in the car and we are caught in a jam... Would be great for them to have it & do activities on the car while travelling as they love drawing and colouring too.


  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Name: Karen, email: heart_ocean03@hotmail.com,
    Love it best for being lightweight and portable! Yay to long road trips.

  40. Name : Felicia Leong
    Email : felicialsy@yahoo.com.sg
    What i love about the Car Table bag is the conveniency and creativity that makes learning possible at anywhere and anytime, which is suitable not only for the youngs but the elder one too! The kids could do the things that they want in the car, so that they could have a great learning experience, and brainstorming ideas that they like. While the elder one could use it to create a learning journey reflections for the day! It's useful with the vibrant colour, and i love it <3

  41. Name: Hana Jabir
    email: lostfowords1906@gmail.com
    I love how easy it is to carry around and how it can hold a variety of things to keep kids entertained during a long car ride

  42. I love it that it is lightweight and portable, great invention for not only the kids but can keep the adults entertained as well. It can also serve as a table for people like me who go on trips often to have our meals on the go.

    Name: Jaslyn Chong
    Email: jaslyninkorea@gmail.com

  43. I like that after it can be used for colouring as well as playing. So useful & portable :)
    Teo kiali

  44. i like how the portable table can be adapted for young and older children. Even adults can use it!

    Carol Lim Mei Mei

  45. I like it that it is portable, lightweight, easy to use, and doesnt take up much space.

    Robert SIm

  46. This portable table is just pure delight not just to kids but the parents too!!! For once the kids can draw, play on the table as and when they like for the whole trip.

    Name : Andy Neo
    Email : cardz_house@yahoo.co.uk

  47. It will be good to entice my girl to seat in her car seat. Is always a struggle trying to get her to sit in one


  48. I really like the entertainment factor of these fun bags!

    honingharmony at gmail dot com

  49. This can entertain our children on our coming roadtrip to Malaysia!

    Andrew Wong KM

  50. I love that it is portable and lightweight!
    Chancl Xgg

  51. Hi! The car road bag is great for road trips to Malaysia. Saw that your older daughter is playing with some puzzle pieces (black,blue,red etc) it's the second time in seeing this. may I know where you got it from or the name of the puzzle? Thanks!

  52. I love the table bag as it can be customised according to different needs for adults and children, very useful especially travelling in a car :-)

    Kaye Wong (kayetky@gmail.com)

  53. This would be perfect for our long car ride up to Malaysia this month! :)


  54. I love this because it can keep my 3 years old gal occupied on the ride! Most importantly, she will be more willing to sit on her booster seat as it will be much easier to use the activity table.

    Ashley Tan


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