Daddy and his girls {Father's Day Photoshoot with Orange Studios}

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 10, 2015
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In case you don't realise yet, we are just 11 days away from Father's Day!

It isn't always easy for us to think of something special to do for the hubby on that special day. Even though we don't wish to spend a bomb or do something extravagant, we still want him to know how much we love him and how proud we are of him for working so hard to keep the family going.

This year, with much thanks to Orange Studios (previous review on our family studio shoot here), I think I found the perfect gift for Daddy and his girls- a Father's Day Photoshoot to capture some very, very precious father-and-daughters moments.

One good thing I love about Orange Studios is how spontaneous and accommodating they are. We walked onto the set and instead of rushing us to change into our attires, they took time to warm up the kids, show us around their new studio and in the end, the photographer Ryan even decided that the hubby and the girls looked nice in the casual wear they were dressed in and starting shooting them once they were comfortable. He didn't even mind their messy hair!

See those shots above? I think the joy on their faces comes from within and I love how natural they turned out to be. Next, the girls wanted to be dressed in something more girly and princessy!

I have to tell you these two princesses are not really the demure, gentle or quiet type. Instead, they were running around, hopping like bunnies, dancing, singing, shouting till it seemed like we had a dozen kids in the studio instead of two. It should be a good thing that they felt so at ease but that also made it hard for us to get them to sit still for even a few seconds because all they wanted to do was to release their energy. Thankfully, Ryan and his assitant Wini were both very patient and were absolutely amused by their antics, especially how they started to boogie when the song "Firework" was played.

For our last set of attire, we went for a brick wall backdrop and natural lighting. It was nice to have a change of backdrop and I loved how contrasting the colours looked in this set of pictures.

Awww. This is my favourite picture of all. I simply love how sweet the girls looked when they gave Daddy a kiss on each cheek and how happy they made him.

Father’s Day Photoshoot Session on 19, 20 & 21 Jun (Fri, Sat & Sun)!

For just *$90, you will enjoy the following:
– 30 minutes studio photoshoot session for Dad and kids
– three 3R desktop frames (along with their respective digital files)

Sign up by 12 Jun (Fri) and receive complimentary upgrade to a 5R desktop frame for your favourite photo. Email for bookings now! For more information, visit

*Note: The indicated price of $90 is a session for Dad and kids only. If you wish to have sibling shots, individual shots or family shots including the Mum, a top-up fee is required. For details on top-up fees, please contact Orange Studios directly.


To end off, here are some of shots of the sisters, who were trying to dance ballet, as well as our latest family portrait (how could I totally miss out on the action, right?).

You know, when I first asked the hubby if he was interested to do this shoot, he wasn't super enthusiastic about it but being the nice guy he is, he said he will do it if we wish to. So we did and when he saw how the photos turned out, the first thing he said was "The girls are so lovely. Thank you for this". Glad you like them, dear! I know, these will become precious keepsakes for us when our kids are all grown up and we will be happy that we have something to look back on.

So yes, it is indeed an absolutely wonderful Father's Day gift. Thank you, Orange Studios!

Disclosure: We were invited by Orange Studios for the Father's Day photoshoot and received a complimentary studio session. All opinions are ours.

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  1. wow.. really nice photos. Cute family. loved it

  2. The pic with Mr X carrying Angel and her flying skirt! That's my fav!! So gorgeous, her smile!!!!

  3. I love that too! Angel saw it ans said "Mummy, look! I have wings!" Hehe. :) thanks girl!!


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