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Posted by ~Summer~ on June 01, 2015
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I was talking to a friend whom I haven't met in a long time. Both of us are now mums and during our conversation, we naturally mentioned about our jobs. Of course, I said that I am a stay-at-home mum and am thankful that I have the chance to be one. Now, it isn't always that people will empathise with your decision or know where you are coming from.

So when she gave me this reply, I totally wasn't expecting it and could only take a while to let the words sink into my head.

"Isn't it great? All these memories you are creating with your kids."

You know, she is absolutely right. Wait, I'm not saying that you need to be a SAHM in order to make happy memories with your kids, any hands-on parent will have no lack of memories to last for a lifetime regardless of whether he/she works or not. I'm just saying that because I get to spend every minute and every second with the girls, I have unknowingly accumulated so many priceless memories of me spending time with them day in day out and watching them grow up way too quickly.

It doesn't mean we have to be always finding something new or fanciful to do before it counts as a fond memory; we can be doing something very mundane but nonetheless creating precious memories which will bring a smile onto our faces whenever we look back. In May's "Happiness is...", it's about making memories every day in our lives.


Happiness is....

... making simple handmade cards together and reminding them how we need to remember to give thanks.

... enjoying a theatrical play together and answering their thousand questions after.

... visiting a new place of interest and enjoying every second of it as a family even though it is really meant for kids. (more on Hello Kitty Town to come!)

... revisiting places that the kids love just to see those big smiles on their faces. (more on LEGOLAND Malaysia to come too!)

... finally putting plans into actions and doing something that I've long wanted to let them do - bake their own cookies (more to share in Creativity 521)!

... teaching the kids about perseverance and what it means to never give up by taking part in family runs.

... enjoying a Friday girls' night out in town with the kids and having a feast! Yum yum!

... strolling through pasar malams and eating childhood favourites like tutu kueh, herbal tea eggs and muah chee.

... exploring nature reserves, surviving a near 2-hour walk and coming up close with giant spiders, bugs, birds, monitor lizards and even crocodiles (more to share on our visit to Sungei Buloh)!

... making time to let the kids attend workshops on weekends and knowing that all that matters is they had fun. Jelly Wobble is a 2-hour art immersive workshop for kids aged 4 to 8 and runs from now to 9 June, more details here!

... letting photos be a way of capturing the precious moments because once these kids grow up, there's just no turning back! (more to share on our Father's Day photography session with Orange Studios)

... celebrating the hubby's birthday and even though the kids stole the limelight, blew out the candles and made a wish on his behalf, I know he was a happy papa on his special day.

... seeing her artwork come to life and realising how it seems to speak of joy, fantasy and family love. I really love how she painted the four of us on that bridge!

... taking the parents and kids to watch our first ever big-scale ceremony at the new National Stadium! Even though it was a full dress rehearsal for the SEA games opening ceremony, we were already awed by the amazing performances and state-of-the-art graphic effects!

... hearing the kids do lion's roar and listening to them hum to the song "Unbreakable". We are so going to cheer for our nation during the games! Go, Singapore!

These are our fond memories from the month of May. What about you?


What are you HAPPY for this month? 

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  1. That's really lots of memories that you make each month with your girls. Love your recaps :)


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