Creativity 521 #72 - Blot painting for kids

Posted by ~Summer~ on July 05, 2015
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Don't you think it's true that messes can be beautiful at times? Wait, I'm not talking about the kitchen sink full of dirty dishes, the always disorganised dining table or the living room that is constantly sprawled with toys. Even though I have grown used to accepting this kind of clutter and welcoming it as part of my life, I'm referring to art, where something seemingly messy can end up looking beautiful, abstract and even a little mysterious.

In today's Creativity 521, I share with you about a very simple art session we did that allowed the kids to create something messy yet beautiful through Blot Painting.


1) Paint
2) Palette
3) Plastic spoons
4) Paintbrushes
5) White paper
6) Roller pin
7) Old newspaper

Firstly, squeeze the different coloured paint onto the palette. We used poster colour for this but any paint that is thick enough and not too watery, for instance acryllic paint, will do too.

Next, fold the paper into half and open it up. Use the spoon to scoop up the paint and make blots on one side of the paper.

You can also make line patterns and even if the colours mix, it is totally fine too!

For Ariel, she preferred to use the spoon to draw lines instead of waiting for the paint to drip and make speckles.Well, since the point of this art session was to let her use her imagination and be creative, I wanted to let her be free to do what she pleased.

As for Angel, she was more interested in drawing shapes of flowers and butterflies than making blots so I let her have a go at it too.

Once you are happy with your paint pattern, fold the paper back into half and use a roller pin to gently roll and press on it. When that is done, carefully open up the paper and VOILA!!! You just made a blot painting!

Here are what we achieved at the end of the session.

This is the first one that I did which I thought resembled a BUG.

This was done by Ariel and she exclaimed "BUTTERFLY" when she saw it.

This was Angel's masterpiece and I thought it looked like a SEA CREATURE.

Other than blotting, we also tried using the paintbrushes to paint flowers, animals and bugs. Likewise, you only have to paint on one side of the paper, fold it up and it becomes a symmetrical art piece. One thing to note is that the paint needs to be thick or else it will not look nice on the other side; if that happens, you can use the brush to do some touch ups. 

Here's our FLOWER with that speaks of love.

Last but not least, the kids absolutely loved these paintings of the PENGUIN and the LADYBIRD.

While blot painting is really easy, I definitely think it can provide hours of fun for you and your child! Won't you consider having a go at it next time too?

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  1. Hey so fun! We just did so many art activities over the holidays too!

    1. Cool! I am always so inspired by your ideas! =) Hooray for simple but fun art activities!


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