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Posted by ~Summer~ on July 29, 2015
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So we were all feeling psyched up and looking forward to Shape Run 2015 where we were going to participate in the 1.8km Family Run - the first one that let us run together as a family of four (yes, no more strollers for now!). See our new, vibrant running shoes from Skechers? We really couldn't wait to put them to good use!

I was especially excited about my first real jog as a pregnant mum and having gotten the go ahead from my gynae, I felt that I was in good shape and was hoping for an enjoyable time with my girls. The night before, I got our attires, bags, caps, race bibs and breakfast all prepared. Then I put the kids to bed and did my best to rest early too after making sure that the alarm was set.

Lo and behold, who would have expected that the alarm clock failed to ring and for some reason, the hubby also didn't hear his phone alarm sounding too! I woke up with a startle and was surprised to see sun rays coming through the window. Just when I was wondering why the alarm did not sound at 7am, I took a look at the clock and realised to my dismay that it was already 8am! Merely half an hour more before our run flagged off!

As you can imagine, we got into a frenzy thereafter as I rushed to wake the other three sleepyheads and got ourselves all ready to set off in a record time of 15 minutes. We drove as fast as we could to Kallang while eating breakfast, wearing our bibs, applying sunscreen and tying our hair in the car. There was only one thought on my mind - please, please, please let us make it, or I would have to deal with two utterly disappointed kids!

Upon nearing, we saw that many people who had taken part in the 5km, 10km and 15km races had already completed their runs and were heading off already. When we realised that not only were the roads closed, there was also a slight traffic jam near Kallang Practice Track, the girls and I got off the car immediately so that we could dash over on foot while the hubby tried to find the nearest parking lot.

So, while carrying the toddler and asking the 5-year-old to speed along, we asked for directions and finally found the gate near the starting point. With a stroke of luck, there were two other families with us, one mum had her baby in a carrier while the dad was carrying a preschooler, the other mum was alone with her toddler who seemed barely even two. I suppose it would have been hard to turn us down and see the dejected looks on the kids, so the kind organisers said we could still join in the run! WOOHOO! I can't believe how many times I shouted "Hooray!", "Yippee!" or "We made it!"

With a cheer and a "Let's Go!", our run began! With or without the hubby, there was no way that I was going to throw in the towel or ask the kids to quit. I did promise him before I got off the car that I wouldn't run too fast, that I would take care of myself and baby, and I kept my promise.

You know what's the thing about doing a run at 9am? The sun was scorching and we were drenched in sweat barely a few minutes after we began! Well, obviously, we did a pretty good warm up when we jogged all the way here from the car too! I just loved seeing the smiles on Ariel and that determined look on Angel whenever we take part in all these runs, as far as I know, they are priceless!

Yay, we made it to the halfway mark! I was so proud of Ariel that she did not insist on being carried this time round but instead made it all on her own. In preparing her for this run, which is her second one, I had told her that there should be no carrying, no complaining and no whining before we got to the finishing line. If there is anything she needs to remember, it's that we should never give up. Of course, it was good having a big sister who led by example!

All the way to the finishing line! During the second leg, I could see that Ariel was getting tired while Angel still had plenty of energy to spare. So our gap started to widen and it was heartening when I saw the hubby running to us in the opposite direction!

Yes, we still made it to run as a family! By then, the sun was blazing and when we saw that one daddy who ran past us was carrying his girl on his shoulders, guess what was Ariel's reaction when she first saw her Daddy? Oh yeah, she became his little girl and wanted to be carried.

My first reaction was a "No" which obviously didn't go down very well and it seemed like she was going to burst into tears. That, along with the hot sun, melted my heart and I told her that she could be carried for 10 seconds. So I started counting from 1-10 so fast that it ended up being shorter than five seconds but to my pleasant surprise, she was willing to get down the moment I said 10. Awwww. And from then on, we made it through hand in hand, even if she had no strength to dash, she never did stop.

As for the big sister, she was waiting with the Daddy for us near the ending point so that we could cross the finishing line together. And so we did, with drenched shirts, happy smiles and grateful hearts.

During the run, Ariel said to me innocently "Mummy, later after we finish the run, we must go and take our 'marbles', ok?" So yes, they now have more medals to add to their collection! Hip hip hooray!

Don't their shoes look strikingly pretty? Ariel is wearing the Girls Skechers Foamies Trainers which are lightweight, washable, come with memory foam soles and velcro fastening. Purple is her favourite colour and she chose these herself, what I particularly like is how bright and cheerful this shade of purple looks on her!

Angel has on the Skechers Kids GOrun 4 which has a cushioned, shock absorbing midsole, lace-up closure for secure fit, and padded tongue and collar for added comfort. I must say that both these pairs of shoes were really easy to wear and most importantly, the girls said they felt very comfortable running in them!

As for the hubby and I, we are both wearing the the GOrun Strada Running Shoes which are not only lightweight and well-cushioned, the design also helps to provide support and stability for a smoother running experience. It's good to have at least one pair of good, trusted and well-loved running shoes in your shoe cabinet, don't you think so? I think that gives you motivation to go out for more runs, or at least more walks or strolls in the park, with your kids!

After our run, we decided to hang around, visited some of the booths and also tried to catch all the mascots in sight for a picture. At the Skechers booth, we also shared about our thoughts and experience on the day's events. Thank goodness we could do the interview in the shade and while sitting on the grass some more!

You might think that the girls should have been worn out by now but that's the thing about kids, their energy never seems to deplete, right? I was especially amazed by how the toddler was passionate to join in every workout - pilates, aerobics, everything and anything interested her and made her move!

See? She even tried to lift her leg off and balance herself, with some difficulty. I realised that being the tiniest one in the crowd, she ironically stood out the most and many people were watching her with fascination, some even pointing and giggling when she tried to perform the complex moves.

Well, it's good that she had the power to brighten up the day, right? In fact, she didn't want to let us stop and insisted on dancing, exercising and working out till the very end.

So we did the cool down together before we called it a day and went off for a yummy breakfast at McDonalds. Yes I know, that is just gaining back the lost calories but in the first place, our purpose was more to create happy memories than to keep in shape. For all that we had achieved in one morning, I think this pregnant, hungry mummy and these two fabulous kids deserve a treat, don't you think so?

Hooray for Shape Run 2015 and our first run as a family of four! I do believe that running helps our family to stay together and hopefully, we can continue to do this for as long as we can!

Disclosure: We were invited to join Shape Run 2015 and all running shoes were kindly sponsored by Skechers. All opinions are our own.


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