Creativity 521 #76 - DIY Alien Masks

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 21, 2015
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So we watched The Way Back Home recently and to get the girls more excited about the show, we decided to make our very own alien masks so they could pretend to be the Martian who became good friends with the boy.

I didn't really how how or where to begin so in order to get more inspiration, we went shopping at Daiso to see what materials we could use as well as dug up some of our stash at home. In today's Creativity 521, we share with you how we made these DIY Alien Masks and how kids can play a part too!

Materials used:

1) Large sheet of green foam paper
2) Coloured paper
3) Pipe cleaners
4) Pom poms
5) Batting for macaron pouch (We couldn't find googly eyes of the right size but we found these in Daiso instead and thought they could do the job too)
6) Elastic string
7) Scissors
8) Glue
9) Black marker
10) Hole punch (optional)
11) Masking tape (not in picture)

Firstly, decide on the shape of your mask. We wanted one that covers the eyes, nose, ears but not the mouth so we cut out shapes from the foam paper as shown above. The ears were cut out separately and an extra flap was left so that they could be secured to back of the mask with masking tape.

Next, we cut out holes for the eyes and made the eyes look pointy by outlining and shading them with a permanent black marker. The kids also decided on how many 'extra' eyes they wanted and after drawing black circles onto the battings, I applied glue along the border and let them stick the eyes onto wherever they desired.

There, this was how the masks looked after all the eyes were done.

After that, we made antenna for the aliens by using pipe cleaners and pom poms. Wrap a pipe cleaner around a pom pom and twist it to secure in place. Cut the extra to your desired length and repeat for as many times as you wish.

Look, the toddler said these were lollipops!!

Stick the antenna to the back of the mask using masking tape.

Lastly, cut out circles from the coloured paper and stick them all over the alien's face. For now, my big girl's favourite colour is blue and the little one's is purple! To complete the mask, poke two holes in each side of the ear (I did it along the border of the 'face' so that the holes were not obvious), insert the elastic string in and out and tie to secure in place. Make sure the length of the string fits your child's head nicely.

And we are done! Easy peasy, right? Well, these two cute little alien wannabes were certainly delighted with their masks and couldn't wait to put them on! I'm really hoping to keep up with these simple crafts for the kids even when the baby arrives, so wish me luck!!

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  1. It's so cute la, Summer! I'm amazed at your never ending level of creativity!!

    1. Lol. Thanks, Adora! My crafts are all very simple!! =) Haha, and I prefer it that way!! No brains to think about too complex stuff! =)


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