10 tips for maternity shopping {Review & Giveaway of Impression Lingerie}

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 09, 2015
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It's amazing how time flies throughout this pregnancy. I think I am lucky to be having a so far smooth-sailing one and with less than three weeks to my EDD, I'm waiting with much anticipation and counting down to the day when I will officially become a mum of three.

While the third trimester can be the most stressful and tiring of all due to the bulging tummy, leg cramps and frequent need to pee, it's also one of the best times because you know that your baby will be arriving soon and you get to have fun going shopping! Yes, and I don't mean just for the baby, but for yourself as well!

Well, you probably know I've never been into bags, shoes, clothes or branded stuff but when it comes to maternity shopping and items like maternity bras, nursing tops/bras and nightwear for easy breastfeeding, then AH HUH, you have got my attention there!

Recently, I had a fun time shopping for some maternity and nursing lingerie at Impression and it was a way to make me feel good about my pregnant body and also look forward to being a mum again. In this post, I will be sharing my intimate secrets with you and provide some tips for maternity shopping!


10 Tips for Maternity Shopping


1) Go for dresses or tunics and leggings
My top criteria for dressing up during the pregnancy is that I have to be as comfortable as can be. While a pair or two of stretchable or maternity jeans can come in handy on some occasions, I prefer to be clad in a dress or tunic with leggings on most days.

2) Get a nice-looking cardigan
This makes it easy for you to hide what you wear inside, be it just a loose spaghetti top or unglam sleeveless shirt. You don't have to get an oversized cardigan but do get one that feels comfortable and looks good on you. Nearer to the end of the pregnancy, you can leave the buttons open or just button up one or two at the top.

3) Nursing wear - maintain your style
I know it can be frustrating trying to find a nice nursing top or dress that matches your style, but don't settle for what you really don't like. I prefer those with subtle openings and can't really be distinguished from normal tops. Go for the most comfortable ones or think of alternative ways to breastfeed, eg. using a nursing cover or tube top underneath a low cut blouse.


4) Find clothes that grow with you
It is advisable and more economical to buy clothes that are of a stretchable fabric so that they can grow with you throughout the pregnancy. It also helps to flatter your pregnancy figure and makes you feel more confident about how you look too!

5) Accessorize
Choose a few accessories to go with your outfits and they can jazz up even the plainest look. If you feel like you are wearing loose shirts or dresses most of the time, match it with a trendy pair of earrings, necklace or a scarf.

Inner Wear

6) Get a maternity bra with the right cup and size
We all know how our boobs change in size during pregnancy so it is crucial to get a bra with the right cup and size in order to feel comfortable. I would advise that you get a wireless support bra as milk ducts are forming and personally, I never did like the wires anyway!

7) Have bra extenders on standby
In the interim of changing bra size and finding the perfect bra, you can also make use of bra extenders for the time being.

8) Disposable and sanitary panties
For me, I always have disposable panties in my hospital bag to help deal with the bleeding and save the need for washing. However, we all know that they may not be that comfortable so it would be good to switch to a sanitary panty, which has a waterproof bottom, after some days.

9) Never too many nursing bras
Now what's the good of nursing tops if you don't have good nursing bras? To me, these are of utmost importance as they make me feel comfortable during breastfeeding which in turn boosts my confidence and determination to nurse my baby for as long as I can. So, I'm always on the lookout for nursing bras which are wireless, easy to open and comfortable to wear for long hours.

10) Nightwear with easy opening 
Lastly, it is also good to have pyjamas or night dresses which are not only comfortable to sleep in, but also easy to open so that it makes breastfeeding in the wee hours a little easier to bear.


My shopping experience at Impression

So I went shopping for maternity and nursing wear at Impression located at BHG Tampines. Even though it did not occupy a huge space, it was quite amazing that you could find everything you need, including maternity bras, nursing bras, body shaping wear, panties, nightwear and more.

The store featured a striking purple backdrop and with the array of of bright, colourful lingerie neatly displayed on the racks, it would be hard not to feel excited as I started to browse around.

I was pleasantly surprised by the trendy looks of the bras and the fact that they felt really comfortable to touch too! What was even more welcome was the not-too-hefty price tags which made these products affordable for the everyday mum.

The nightwear section was another one which caught my attention as I am the kind who usually wears a loose T-shirt and shorts to sleep. Wait, as tempting as they may seem, I'm not so much into the chic and sexy designs,. For a mum who breastfeeds, I think I still go for comfort over style anytime and would prefer the silky smooth ones with sleeves and buttons in front.

Anyway, product looks can be deceiving so here's sharing with you how I personally felt in these pieces after I actually wore and tried them out!

First up are the nursing bras! I love that they come in different designs for you to choose from. From padded or unpadded, open from top or open from middle, sweet and lacy or sporty and comfy, you are likely to find one or two that suit you best. These nursing bras come with thick shoulder straps and three hooks at the back for better support. If I have to pick my ultimate favourite, it would be the blue striped one that is like a sports nursing bra, extremely comfortable to wear and is suitable even when I go outdoors or perspire during exercise.

Of course, I haven't actually breastfeed while wearing these yet but from my past two experiences, I think these will function great and make breastfeeding a joy. I also prefer to save up on buying maternity bras during pregnancy and get nursing bras instead because these can double up as both and be put to good use for an extended period of time. It's more advisable to get the nursing bras when you are in your third trimester so that you get the correct size and cup. If you need to adjust your bra to your growing boobs before that, bra extenders will be able to do the job.

Next, these tube tops are also one of my favourites! Not only are they comfortable, you can also easily match them with a low cut blouse or dress or wear a front opening jacket or shirt over them. They also work wonders if you intend to go for a maternity shoot because they show off the nice round tummy while concealing the boobs! Here are a couple of my favourite shots from our recent maternity shoot, with me clad in Impression's white and black tube tops.

Image credit: Orange Studios

Image credit: Orange Studios

Other than bras, there are a couple of things which come in handy, especially post delivery. One of my biggest dreads is having to deal with the heavy bleeding that comes right after the baby is out. For comfort and hygiene purposes, I think it is important for mums to find ways to better handle this inevitable experience.

I was happy to see that Impression carries disposable panties that not only come in maternity size, but are made of cotton to ensure better comfort too. I have to say that the maternity size is quite huge so for those smaller in built, you can just go for the normal disposable panties for ladies. Each pack comes with five pieces which will suffice for the hospital stay and first couple of days at home.

Personally, I still prefer to wear normal panties once I get home but I have to admit it got pretty frustrating when I did it once and ended up staining the bed. That just means extra cleaning work for the already busy mum, right? A sanitary panty, which has a waterproof bottom and helps to prevent leaks while ensuring maximum comfort, might just be the answer to my worries and I was glad to learn about it at Impression.

Lastly, I think having an attractive yet practical night dress after delivery is also welcome. Not only does it make you feel more confident when friends and family come to visit, it also keeps you feeling comfortable and makes breastfeeding easier. So, this time round, I made sure I packed a couple of these into my hospital bag. Below is a picture of how I look in my favourite night dress from Impression! The button up front opening will aid in easy nursing while the open bottom will make it convenient when the gynae comes for an examination. With its light shade of pink, it might look like a hospital gown from far but it feels so smooth, silky and comfortable that I think I'm going to be pretty happy in it.

Image credit: Orange Studios

It's always better to be prepared in advance than to fumble around at the last minute. And the good thing about pregnancies is that with each experience, you know better what to expect and how to prepare yourself for that big day to come. So, I guess I'm more or less ready for mine!

Do you have any maternity shopping tips to share too?



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Disclosure: This is a sponsored review and I received complimentary maternity and nursing wear from Impression in writing this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Woohoo less than 3 weeks! Very excited for you :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Yes! How time flies! Thanks so much, Ai! We are all feeling very excited too, plus it's Christmas! Haha. =) Have a great festive celebration too!

  2. Wow, time flies! 3 weeks to meet the little brother!
    And this giveaway comes timely for me too :P
    Oh the out-of-shape body haha!
    Take care and stay happy, Summer :)

    1. Yes, I'm always amazed by how fast time passes by. Lil bro will be arriving soon and we are all thrilled about the big day! Best of luck for the giveaway and thanks so much for your kind wishes! =)

  3. Bra extension hooks. Sigh... Don't leave home without them!

    1. Lol. Haha. Unless you leave home without a bra! They really come in quite handy at times, right? =)


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