Baby, you are perfect - Asher's 1st month

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 10, 2016

Just the other day, I showed the girls a picture of baby Angel and her cousin which was taken half a decade ago. Though my mum and myself could easily remember when and where this was taken, none of the girls could even name who was who in the picture. When I pointed to baby Angel, my big girl said it was Ariel while the little one said it was my friend's daughter. Gosh, they really don't remember so much of their growing up years, especially the first few years, do they?

That gave me the motivation that I needed to keep making videos of them because I can't even tell you how priceless they are. They also make for great storytelling sessions whenever we clicked on a video to watch and I will tell them all about where we were, what we did and how we were feeling. Awww, I love to reminisce those fond memories of my kids, don't you?

In other news, my baby boy has turned one month old! Hooray! That also means time flies too fast and I'd better get my act together in making the growing up videos of the kids now that I have three. Presenting Asher's first ever clip and some precious moments from his first month. 

Dear Asher,

Happy one month old! It's ironic how it seems like you only arrived yesterday yet it also feels like you have been in our family for the longest time already. Every time I look at your bright sparkly eyes, I can only remind myself how blessed I am to be your mum and to be able to watch you grow up day by day.

You've been real sweet and most of the time, your cries are soft and gentle. That is, if I carry you fast and don't let it escalate. You latch on well and breastfeeding you is a joy, even if it means I have to wake up several times every night. Once, you made me laugh out loud when I opened your diaper and you decided to poo, and fart, at the same time. Which meant that your poo flew so hard and so fast that it spurted not just on the wall, on the cot but on me too. Haha. Yes, that was surely very memorable. You dread diaper changing and don't like us to take off your clothes, so pardon Mummy and Daddy for not being very used to changing you initially because you are our first baby boy. But I assure you I'll be like a pro very soon!

It's a big challenge in getting you to sleep on anywhere except in my arms because you somehow seem to dislike lying down on any surface and love to be carried. Yes, that makes it very tiring for me and even though I still keep trying time after time to put you down, it also pains me to hear your wails and know that you are upset. I also know jolly well that this phase will pass very soon so I actually cherish the feeling of being needed by you and being the only one in the world who can soothe and comfort you.

Once, Daddy said you were crying when he carried you, and then you made a sound and let out a "Ma....". I was secretly happy to hear it even if it wasn't really what you meant. Maybe it's because of how I keep saying "Mama is here, Asher" or "Hello baby, I'm Mama" or "Mama loves you" umpteen times a day. In any case, you are stuck with me and we are definitely going to stick together 24/7 and be as close as we can be. 

You are also very lucky to have two sisters who dote on you and never fail to hug or kiss you many times a day. I know, sometimes they can be a little rough and a little too affectionate but it all stems from their love for you, their little baby brother. Angel calls you the cutest baby boy ever and Ariel just loves to stroke your little face and be right beside you. We are going to be a very happy family, yeah? 

Mummy has so many stories to tell you, so many places to bring you, so many things to teach you and so many memories to make with you. For now, I'm just gonna cherish every moment of you being so tiny and adorable. So glad you're mine, my dear. May you take your time to grow up and be safe, healthy and continue to be my bundle of joy.



  1. Wow!! really cute baby
    i loved the blog post too

  2. “Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood - finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without.”
    ― Jodi Picoult


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