Creativity 521 #86 - Easy DIY pop-up card for kids

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 22, 2016
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For special occasions like the grandparents' birthdays or Teacher's Day, I try to let the kids make a card or write a note so that there is some heartfelt sincerity within. It can be something very, very simple and straightforward, but rather than using templates or printing all the wordings, I prefer to do it ourselves and turn it into a fun-filled craft session.

We were invited to a friend's child's birthday party last week and even though the girls have only met her a couple of times, she was so sweet to present them with handmade beaded bracelets during Asher's full month party. So, I wanted to let the girls make her feel special in return and we decided to make birthday cards to present to her on her special day.

I remember that last year at my dad's birthday, Angel came up and told me "Mummy, I want to make a pop-up card. Can you teach me?" So, I ended doing one for her but didn't teach her how to make it because it was too complicated. This time round, I decided to teach her how to make the easiest DIY pop-up card ever so she can make on her own next time.


1) Pattern paper (I used scrapbooking paper)
2) White cardstock paper (I used matt photo paper)
3) Scissors
4) Pencil
5) Ruler
6) Markers and colour pencils
7) Glue and double sided tape (not in picture)
8) Decorative stickers

First, measure and cut out two rectangular pieces of the pattern paper in your preferred size. Fold it into half. Next, measure and cut out a white cardstock that is 2cm less in width and height, so that you leave a 1cm border all round when you place it on top of the pattern paper. Fold it into half too.

After that, draw short, parellel lines as shown above in the middle part of the cardstock. You can make one pair of lines or two, or even more if you are doing an elongated card.

Cut along the lines with the scissors to make slits.

Push the slits in the opposite direction and fold neatly so that they will pop up and form box shapes like above.

Spread glue on the cardstock on both front and back, making sure to avoid the box area.

Paste the cardstock onto the pattern paper and press down to secure. Ensure that the little boxes stay popped up when the card opens.

Now comes the fun part! On another piece of cardstock, draw an animal or object of your choice. Make sure that the size fits inside the card nicely.

Once you are happy with the drawing, add some colours to it.

Ariel chose to draw two butterflies while Angel did a flower. Now you know why we cut more slits and made two little pop-up boxes on the first card and just one on the second.

Cut out the drawings and stick it to the front of the pop-up box. I find that double-sided tape works better than glue here. Check to make sure that they stay inside the card when closed. The wings of our butterflies were jutting out so we had to trim them a little.

Lastly, write a message and decorate the card as you like.

See? I told you these have to be the simplest pop-up cards ever, right? Yet, I think they speak of love and sincerity and that is something invaluable.

What's more, the girls had fun trying to be creative and were overjoyed with their accomplishments too! Yippee!

Now, why don't you let your child have a go at making this easy DIY pop-up card too?


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