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Posted by ~Summer~ on May 04, 2016

I like to expose my kids to Chinese classics and Tang poetry since they are young. They don't need to master every line but they should at least know some of them. For now, our favourites which we chant from time to time are 《三字经》, 《弟子规》, 《静夜思》 and 《春晓》. Since Mother's Day is just around the corner, one of the perfect poems for them to pick up is 《游子吟》.

《游子吟》 - 孟郊

谁言寸草心,报得三春晖 。

For those who don't know, this well-known poem talks about Meng Jiao's love and gratitude towards his mum. The first four verses refer to a traveller, or one who lives far away from home and speaks of a mother's love for her child as she stitches his clothing. The last two verses likens children to tender grass and mothers to bright sunshine, symbolizing that we will never be able to repay our mother's kindness and unconditional love.

Take a look at the kids reciting the poem and sending their love to Mummy in this precious video we made.


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