You are my dream come true - Asher's 4th month

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 12, 2016

Sometimes, I wish time would stay still. I really do, despite knowing that it will never be possible. In fact, maybe I've even dreamt about it too. Haha.

Anyway, back to reality, all I can do for now is to cherish this absolutely wonderful stage of my life, savour the assorted flavours of motherhood, keep on making memories and be there for my kids while they still need me. For I am now living my dream, my dream come true when I became a mum, and it's more than I can ever ask for.

Dearest Asher,

Happy turning four months! It seems like forever already that you have joined our family, you know? You have learnt to flip, you can now laugh out loud, you make a lot of goo-s and ga-s and you are just a total joy to be with. 

No matter how tired I get looking after the three of you, I take a look at your smiling face and I know it's all so worthwhile. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will make me trade what I have now and I am just thankful that you are in my life.

We have just planned for a family holiday in June and you will be taking your first flight! How cool is that? I can't wait to explore new places with you and jiejies and I'm most looking forward to our first holiday as a family of five. We're gonna have so much fun, you know that?

Few days ago, you fell from the sofa when I was making lunch and tasked your er jie to look after you. I was devastated to see you lying on the floor and it pained my heart to see the bruise on your face. Sorry, baby! We all learn from mistakes and I promise you I will try harder to look after you from now. That said, when you grow up, you also have to learn to pick yourself up after a fall and be strong to take on the world, okay?

Here's a video sharing some fond moments from your fourth month of growing up. I totally need to get my act together and work on your jiejies' long overdue videos. All Mummy hopes is that you will enjoy watching these clips from time to time as we reminisce those sweet, forgotten moments together, yar?

Love ya so much every day.



  1. Sigh Summer, coincidentally I was just looking at old baby videos this morning and was reminiscing baby times. The chubby cheeks, the baby sounds, the pudgy hands, and baldness... I wish I had taken more time to smell their necks, I wish I had left housework aside to stare at the babies more. I wish I had laid down beside them when the tiny, just enjoying their company.

    I miss baby times so much! But I'm glad we have the videos :D

    1. Yeshhh, I think about that too. Babyhood! I am sure you cherished those fleeting moments as best as you could. I'm trying to cherish Asher's too because it kind of scares me how fast my girls are growing. Haha. Videos are priceless!


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