Creativity 521 #94 - My Champion Daddy

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 21, 2016
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So the kids and I wanted to do something simple, and handmade, to show our appreciation on Father's Day. While I was rummaging through my stash of craft supplies, I had a think about what my dear hubby's personality. He is down to earth, sporty, practical and simple. Most importantly, he's the best father I could ever ask for my kids and with that in mind, we decided to make him feel on top of the world this Father's Day.

In today's Creativity 521, I share about how we made these easy to make, recycled DIY Medals for our champion dads and grandads.


1) Cardboard
2) Shiny white cardstock paper
3) Aluminium foil
4) Stickers (Numerical, alphabetical and other decorative types)
5) Ribbon
6) Round objects for outline
7) Scissors
8) Glue
9) Pencil, pen and marker

Firstly, we used a big roll of sticky tape to draw circles on the cardboard, which will be the base for the medal.

Next, the kids had a try in cutting out the circles, which was not that easy since the cardboard was thick. Remember, the most important thing is to let them try, not how well they do it.

Cut out pieces of aluminium foil to wrap the circles. Make sure there are no sharp ends and push in the sides so that the circle remains as round as can be.

Use a smaller round object to draw circles onto the cardstock. I used the base of our pencil holder for this. You will need two of these for every medal.

Again, let the kids attempt to cut out the circles. For this, Angel could do it quite perfectly whereas the little sister did her best but ended up with warped circles. All's good as long as you tried your best, my dear, and one day we will surely get there!

Let the kids pen down their messages to Daddy (and granddads) on the paper and add on some colour using markers. Once this is done, apply glue and stick it onto one side of the medal.

On the other side, stick on an empty white circle and decorate it as you wish. For us, we wanted it to say "#1 Dad" and made use of stickers to do so.

 We did two medals for the granddads too, as you can see, and Angel helped to add on the word 'grand'.

Lastly, poke a hole at the top, string a ribbon and knot at the end (or use sticky tape to stick the ends together). And we are all done! Easy peasy, right?

The kids were so thrilled to put the medal onto Daddy and Angel even explained that it was silver as we had no gold paper, but that Daddy would be the champion in our hearts always. Well, he replied "This is my best medal ever" and then hung it on the rear-view mirror in his car, much to the delight of the kids.

We love you, Daddy! You will always be the #1 Dad in our eyes!

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