Right now is forever - Asher's 5th and 6th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 28, 2016

Really? Two months have flown past since Asher's last video update? Gosh, how can that even be remotely possible? Where did the time go, what did we do and how did he grow so big so quickly? You see, as I start to enter my mid-30s, there seem to be so many things that I remember yet forget. You know what I mean? I used to have a photographic memory, or at least a very good memory and could remember mobile numbers, birthdays, addresses and many more. Now, it seems like I might have trouble recalling what I ate for lunch two days ago.

That is precisely why I need to continue making these videos for my kids. For us to all remember. It's hard to believe that my baby boy is now half a year old already and before I know it, he will be trying to walk and start running soon! Awwww, nonetheless, it's awesome to see him growing up well and being the happy gem that lights up my world.

 Dear Asher,

Happy 6 months old! Gosh you are getting bigger and heavier everyday, aren't you? I'm so glad that you are growing up well and that you are so generous with your smiles and laughter. If you ever forget how you sound like, this video will remind you.

You've started eating cereal, porridge, brown rice and fruits and most of the time, you are eager to devour anything that I put on the spoon. That is just such a huge relief for me! However, I've realised that you don't really take to the fish porridge and since that is what your sisters ate for a good year at least when they were babies, I hope you will soon learn to like it too! Ngor hee (threadfin) porridge is good for you, I will add in some potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and carrots to sweeten the deal, okay?

We celebrated Papa's birthday in May and Father's Day in June and I think he is over the moon to have you beside him this year. Well, he keeps saying that he is going to teach you to play football (it's his favourite sport) but no matter if you excel like him or love the sport like he does, Mummy is totally fine with it, ok? *winks* I am sure one day you will find your own passion in life!

We also went on our first holiday as five! Woohoo! Yes, you took your first flight when you were just five months old, do you realise how lucky that is? We flew to Taiwan, stayed in a safari, explored farm, fed animals, went on theme park rides and even visited a night market too! I am pretty sure you were the only infant there that night. Even though you caught the flu bug from Daddy and fell sick halfway, you were a strong boy who didn't fuss much about the fever or runny nose (you did wake up every half an hour to look for me in the middle of the night) and managed to recover in a couple of days. That's my baby, yar? I am just so glad that we came home with so many fond memories and you are in every of them. 

I don't know if you are going to end up liking bugs and animals like your two sisters do (they are seriously in love with them) but I am very much looking forward to go on more adventures with the three of you! No matter what, the most important thing is that we stay together as a family and as long as everyone is safe, happy and healthy, it won't really matter where we are or what we do.

L-0-V-E. It's what makes the world go round and the journey so fulfilling. Thanks for showering me with so much love and wet kisses each day, my dear. May you continue to grow up strong and be my happy boy always!

With lotsa love,

P.S. This video brought tears to my eyes at one point. I chose two songs from 五月天 for the background music because when we were in Taiwan, our friend kept playing these songs when we were in the car and the kids and I fell in love with them. When I listened to the lyrics of 突然好想你, it just somehow struck a chord within me and I was reminded of the baby I once lost.

Yes, and I believe I always will think of her/him whenever I hear this song. While I am glad to have three healthy and happy kids now, it doesn't negate the fact that I once lost one. That is something that many people don't get and thus I don't speak of it at all too. Time does help to heal the wound but the scar will always be there. Just hope that my baby in heaven knows that I will always be loving and missing her/him, that is a fact that will never change.




  1. You're so hardworking with all the videos for your kids.It's always such a joy to see you taking Asher out with his jie jies and he's growing up so well too.

    1. Thanks Susan! My videos for the two sisters are long overdue, can't seem to find time to do them up! Argh. But I MUST! Haha. Thanks for the sweet comment, he's growing up really fast!


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