Our Home, Our Heart, Our Singapore - Asher's 7th and 8th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 20, 2016

Nowadays, when we go on the streets, it's not uncommon to hear someone comment on Asher "Oh, what a happy baby he is!", which totally makes my day because I love how he warms up to strangers, smiles incessantly at them, pats them gently and even attempts to pull their hair sometimes. Haha.

Their comments are usually followed by a "One year old already?" and some even said "18 months?" I am hoping that is because they don't have kids or don't remember how big or small these little tiny beings are when they are this young. That said, I do admit this baby of mine is pretty heavy for his age and he is the reason why I think I am seriously doing a fair amount of weightlifting every single day.

Nonetheless, if not now, then when? I can't help it but love and cherish the fact that he is still my smallest baby and I can still scoop him up easily and carry him around. I hope, really really hope, I can continue to carry him for many more months because I'm seriously gonna miss having a baby snug on my chest next time. Don't grow up too fast, will you? 

Dear Asher,

Happy turning 8 months old, my boy! Do you know that we have come up with nicknames for you and your jiejies? Well, da jie is 瘦瘦 because she is the skinniest amongst the three of you, er jie is 圆圆 because she has the roundest and chubbiest face, and you? Well, we all decided to name you 重重 because you are really getting heavy! Many aunties and uncles who have tried to carry you said they got tired after a few minutes because even though you don't fidget much, you are quite a weight to lift. 

Despite my aching back and arms, I should be happy at that, right? That just means you are growing up well. Remember how you didn't take to Mummy's homecooked porridge in the beginning? Now, you love it so much and you don't like to eat anything else except what I made for you at home. Just like your sisters, you are a good eater and can finish three small bowls of porridge in one meal. You also love to eat all kinds of fruits and have started munching on apples, honeydew, pears, peaches, oranges, grapes, bananas and watermelons. How awesome!

Mummy knows that soon she will need to have more energy to keep you with you because you are one active baby! You have learnt to sit up now and can stand on support, but you already seem like you are ready to take on the world and you would try to walk to, or crawl towards anything that fascinates you - which is basically everything - and then you will try to devour it. Haha. You also love to keep jumping whenever you stand up and once you jumped over 100 times in a matter of minutes when you were standing on my tummy! That might be a good way to help me get rid of the flabby belly, I suppose.

It heartens me everyday to see your big, wide grins and I can only count my blessings and be so very thankful that we have you in our lives. Three kids. It's really a handful and I'm worn out every single night after taking care of the three of you (plus, you tend to wake me up every 1.5 hours at night), yet I wouldn't change my decision or trade my place now for anything in the world. I'm just so glad you are here in my life, my dear. May you be my happy, healthy boy always!

With lots of love,


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