It's the way you make me feel - Asher's 9th and 10th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 08, 2016

Amazingly, I'm keeping up with Asher's growing up videos! Yes, I keep telling myself I have to, I have to! It won't be fair if I shortchange him just because he's the third one and as you know, I've been doing it for his jiejies all this while, right? Which reminds me, I'm a year overdue in completing Angel's video (oops, sorry my dear) and I can only hope that I will find time to catch up on that once we settle in the new house.

So, putting the baby boy in the limelight for now, guess what? This little darling of mine is turning ONE year old very soon! Yes. OH GOSH, where does all the time fly to when you become a mum? I thought I was just pregnant with him and guessing if we'll have a boy or girl this time round.

Anyway, while I scramble to try to put together some stuff for his birthday celebration, here's an update on him in his latest video. It's kind of a sad one (Angel said she almost cried when she watched) because while it tells about his milestones such as cutting his first tooth, learning to walk, dressing up for Halloween and going down slides, it also focuses on the time when he got admitted to the hospital. It was just a memory, and a lesson, we will hold close to our hearts.

P.S. You can also hear his infectious laughter and even see his constipated look (too much detail, huh?) But yes, these moments are all part and parcel of his growing up and I just hope I can go on compiling these memories as the years pass us by.


Dear Asher,

Happy 10 months old! You are getting bigger everyday and Mummy is soon going to find it difficult to carry you for a long time, you know? I love the way you reach out your hands for me, the way you plant a kiss on my lips, the way your head fits perfectly on my shoulder and the way you call for Mama whenever you need someone to comfort you.

In these past two months, we've been through so much, haven't we?

We brought you to new playgrounds, we went for late night movies, you visited Legoland for the first time and you dressed up as a Superbaby for Halloween. Daddy says you are a very strong boy and judging by how you can walk on support nowadays, you will be cruising around in no time and we will have to run after you soon. You are a very strong boy, you know?

It wasn't a fond memory when you contracted measles and pneumonia at the same time but the thing is, what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger. So I am glad we went through the ordeal together and rest assured that Mummy was by your side every second when you were admitted to the hospital for 4D3N. You were a real trooper because although we knew you were terrified of the nurses, you braved through it every time they came to take your blood pressure, your temperature, insert the IV line, take a blood test etc.

I was really so worried when you, my sunshine baby boy who is radiant and full of joy, didn't eat and didn't laugh for over one week. It broke my heart, it really did. In fact, Daddy and I did a victory dance when you finally took a few mouthfuls of porridge and apples. Phew! We are still very blessed and we need to remind ourselves that this was just a minor ordeal which we were lucky to have overcome smoothly. The phlegm in your lungs has been purged, your rashes are gone, your appetite has been regained and your smiles have returned. Hooray!

I'm sorry you had to go through all that, but I know we will remain strong in the face of adversity and together hand in hand, we will continue to brave the storms of life, okay? Yeah yeah, till one day when you say you don't need Mama anymore and I will quietly walk away though I will always be watching over you. Love you so much, my boy. Till you turn the big one!

With hugs and kisses,


  1. So touching la the vid!!! I also wana tear somehow!!


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