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Posted by ~Summer~ on January 19, 2017

A Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse is a traditional carved, 
painted wooden horse statuette originating in Swedish province Dalarna. 
Traditionally, the Dalecarlian horse was mostly used as a toy for children.
Now, it has become a symbol of Dalarna and of Sweden.

Yes, these five Dala horses, which are representative of our humble family, now stand proudly in our new house. They were brought over all the way from Sweden, a country which has a special meaning in our hearts because it was where the hubby and I spent a good five years of our lives and the very place where we embarked on our parenthood journey.

Therefore, a Scandinavian theme is naturally the ideal choice for our new house and now that we have officially moved, I have so much, just so much, to share with you about the home renovation process and I can't wait to bring you on a tour around the house too.

So, for the next few months, you can look forward to seeing every room and corner of the house, our self designed furniture pieces, thoughts about the renovation process, reviews of sponsored projects and products, and I honestly hope that our experiences will in one way or another benefit those of you who are planning to shift or revamp your homes too.

To kick off the series which will be titled "A Happy Home", here is a list of posts that I will be sharing in time to come. This post will be updated as we go along so just click on the button and the links to follow as we go along. Happy reading!

A Tour Around The House

The Foyer
The Living Room
The Dining Room
The Study
The Kitchen
The Pink Room
The Blue Room
The Master Bedroom
The Balcony
Wall Mural - The Singapore skyline 
Wall Mural - The tree of knowledge

Reviews for sponsors and partners

Invisible Grille by Meridian Invisible Grille
Curtains and Blinds by Meridian Curtains & Furnishings
Special effect walls by Nippon
Travertino brick wall by Nippon
Washing machine by Smeg
Retro fridge and small domestic appliances by Smeg
Lights by Lights & Co
Ceiling Fans by KDK
Power outlet system by Eubiq
Scandinavian furniture by NEST
Bed frames by Kids Haven
Ergonomic study table and chair by ErgoStudy
Indoor air purifiers by Purlife
Tweeny 2 in 1 iron by Tefal

P.S. As much as I love building up my dream house and seeing it all come together, I keep reminding myself that home is where the heart is and nothing matters more to me than spending time with the kids and the people I love. This move has been fulfilling but exhausting because the hubby has been so busy with work and you can say that I did nearly all of the packing, liaison, supervision and unpacking on my own, along with lugging the three kids everywhere I go. For now, I'm really looking forward to settling down in a cosy home and continue to make memories as a loving family. Happiness - it is something very precious but it has to come from within, not from a beautiful house or pretty walls, but from a contented heart. I have to always remember that. Till more A Happy Home updates!


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