Can't stop the feeling - Asher is 1!

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 10, 2017

It's time to take a break from all the home renovation posts and shine the spotlight back on the kids. Yes yes, I'm still trying to keep up with their growing up videos though I am way behind time. I really wanna keep this up because you have no idea how many smiles and how much laughter all these precious videos have brought us.

Anyway, we finally own a smart TV at home now and while this newbie mama is still learning to use the functions, at least I know how to go to YouTube and that is where I can play all these videos whenever we have a moment to spare. The girls love seeing those memories of them when they were younger (they always make sure I play at least one clip of each of them and they usually crack up when watching) and the baby is fascinated to see himself on the big screen too! That really motivates me to keep going so I guess it's better late than never.

Here's the latest video for baby Asher who has turned ONE. Yesh, the big one. Can't believe a year, that's 365 days, have passed us simply in the blink of an eye. Right, officially I can't call him my baby anymore but I think I'll hang onto that for just a little while longer.

Happy 1st birthday, my baby boy.


Dearest Baby Asher,

Happy turning the big one! I hope you had fun at your 1st birthday party and that you have enjoyed this first year with me as much as I have savoured each moment with you. Yup, we are inseparable for now because I am still breastfeeding you and you love me so much that you start to cry every time I walk away from you. Separation anxiety is what they call it and I take it as a sign that you love, and need, Mama very much now which makes me cherish all these moments so much. It won't be that long before you start walking out of this door and into your own social circle, so I'm really thankful for each day that we get to spend together in your first few years.

Talking about walk, you seem a little reluctant in learning to stand and moving on your own two feet. While you can walk on support very well and crawl around faster than I can catch you, I'm still looking forward to the day where you will take your first steps and walk towards me, falling into my chest and we will give each high fives and I will tell you just how proud of you I am. No, I'm not worried or anxious (because I know you will do fine when the time comes), just excited and eager.

I'm so glad to see that your sisters love and adore you so much and you are very blessed to have them, you know? They take care of you, play with you, care for you, protect you, read to you, teach you, feed you and shower you with so much love every single day. I know you love them too because your face lights up whenever they come back from school and my wish is that three of you will stay close and loving always. Promise me that, will you?

This has been a very busy period for all of us because guess what, we are moving to a new house! Yes, since our family is getting bigger and you are all getting older, Papa and I figured out we need to move to a more spacious home, a place where we can call our own and you are going to have a small but cosy blue bedroom when you grow up! You have been a gem because you have followed me to and fro the next house for the renovation and that is almost every day in the month of your birthday. You survived everything, including all the loud drilling and hammering, meeting with sponsors, shopping for furniture and home decor with me and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your cooperativeness. Everything will be good once we settle the house and that is where we will build more precious memories together as you grow up, okay?

Papa and I were dismayed when you contracted pneumonia once more and I couldn't help but feel like maybe it was partly my fault for not taking good care of you. We were admitted to KKH again and this time, we stayed for 4D3N. I never left your side, not even for a split second, and my heart was broken time and again when I heard you wailing behind closed doors as they tried to insert the IV cataract with difficulty. It was so traumatic for you and you would shrink in fear every time the doctor or nurse came into our ward. We'll get through this hurdle together, okay? Mummy hopes to build up your immunity and that you won't fall sick easily as you get stronger and bigger.

Just like your name, which means happiness, you spread joy to everyone you see, including the grandparents and even strangers on the street. You wave hello and goodbye to people in the escalator and on the MRT, you flash that infectious smile, you give high fives generously and sometimes you even try to make small talk with all your goo-s and ga-s. No one can resist that charm of yours and I'm just so glad and thankful that you're mine to love and to hold. 

It's been a great first year with you, my dear boy, and I am looking forward to more awe1some motherhood years with you, my bundle of joy. Thank you for always being willing to share your last bit of biscuit with me and letting me know that I am loved. Stay happy and kind always!

Love you more than I can ever say,


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