Family fun at Shape Run 2017

Posted by ~Summer~ on August 24, 2017

We had been looking forward to this day for quite some time. It was going to be the first time we could run as a family of five and this was going to take place in Shape Run 2017. Woohoo!

Even though the little brother had participated in a run earlier this year, he was strapped to his stroller the whole time because, well, he couldn't walk yet at that point in time. So, since he can now walk, jump and run, we were very excited to have him join in for the first time.

The hubby and I divided our roles quite clearly - I would be running alongside the two girls since I am the one in a dire need of a good workout, while he would accompany the toddler, take it slow and have some father-and-son bonding time together.

It was a bright, breezy Sunday morning and I was feeling thankful for the cool weather instead of a sweltering one. I woke the kids up one by one and though we took quite some time to get ourselves ready, we arrived at the Kallang Practice Track in good timing and went in search of the starting point for the run.

Unlike previous years, we actually took some time to locate the starting point and made our way to it, climbing over a fence in the process. Just minutes before the flag off, we did a quick warm up and that was when the girls got to see the giant Skechers shoe mascot, again! Yup, his big, bright eyes and flamboyant pink made us feel more awake and we couldn't wait to get started!

Once the horn sounded, the girls and I picked up a steady pace and began our 1.8km family run. Yes. 1.8km might not sound too long but for a 4-year-old and 7-year-old, it would still be a challenge for them to run without stopping.

You know how I always like to chant or cheer when I go running with the kids, right? This time round, it was no different. I just kept saying the words "You can do it!", "Come on, my dear!", "加油,你行的!" and of course, my favourite line "DON'T GIVE UP!"

The only thing was, this time round, I only had to cheer for ONE kid. Yup, no guessing which one. Why oh why, then?

Well, not surprisingly, the big sister overtook all of us and made her way to the finishing line with her strong, constant strides. Usually, I could still see her even if she was well ahead of us but this time, I couldn't even see her trail. I guess it does mean that my first child is all grown up now and for the first time in a family run, she doesn't need Mama to be beside her anymore. That means that next year onward, she can start to take part in individual runs and races already. Why do I say that with mixed feelings of exhilaration and trepidation, knowing that my kids won't need me as much very soon?

So, while the big sister was doing mighty fine on her own, I had to constantly encourage the little sister, who still had a tendency of wanting to dash for a while and then stop, dash again and then stop again. Together, side by side, we soon managed to find a good pace less than halfway into the run and amazingly, she could keep up with this pace for the remaining of the race. Yup, and she didn't stop till we reached the finishing line.

I still remember it was the big girl who fell down and scraped her knee last year but this year, it was the little one who fell not once, but twice. Thankfully, she was strong about it and not only did she not whine, she got up to brush her knees and off she went again. Kudos to you, my girl! Always remember that we will all fall down in life at one point or another, what matters more is whether we get back up on our feet and have the courage to keep going.

As for the toddler, alas things didn't go as well as planned and I think he was a little overwhelmed by the crowd and that Mummy wasn't there beside him. So he wanted to be carried for most of the journey instead. Let's just say it turned out to be a good weightlifting workout for the hubby, who didn't give up and made it all the way from the start to the end. Yes, at least they finished the run in style!

Even though we might already have a stash of medals from all our runs throughout the years, it never fails to diminish the joy and the pride we get from receiving a new one. The hard work, the sweat, the determination, the memories, the joy, the family bonding all woven into one medal makes it so unique and so precious to us each time.

Yeap, now we have more medals to add to our collection and we are still looking forward to more family runs in the future!

After the run, the kids miraculously still had a lot of energy left and they were elated to see these mini trampolines near the Skechers booth. Yup, what do you expect, they couldn't wait to jump away! You know, sometimes they just make me feel like I wish to be a kid all over again, when life was simple, worries were non-existent and fears were lacking.

What made this year's Shape Run extra special was that the kids got to run with their dear cousins (lovely kids of Christy who blogs at Kids R Simple) too, which was no doubt a motivation for them to all keep going together. We ended off the fun morning with a hearty breakfast at the Old Airport Road hawker centre and everyone went home feeling tired but happy. After all, family runs are not just about keeping fit but more of strengthening family ties, right?

Woohoo! We managed to wake at 6:30am and make it in time for the Family Fun Run at Shape Run 2017! The girls have been looking forward to this for a long time and they did a mighty good job too. Angel ran at a constant pace and didn't stop at all for the whole 1.8km, I couldn't even catch up with this girl. On the other hand, while Ariel slowed down at times and even fell twice, she got up, brushed her knees, didn't shed a tear and continued running till we got to the finishing line. So well done, girls! P.S. As for the toddler, well, he just wanted Papa to carry him the whole time, who did so since I was at the front with the sisters. Haha. It was definitely a good try on his part and a good workout for the hubby. Kudos to ya both too! A big thanks to @skecherssg for the comfy shoes and @shape_sg for having us at this wonderful family bonding event! #ahappymum #skecherssg #skechers #skechersperformance #shaperun #shaperun2017 #skechersxshaperun #familytime #weloverunning
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So yes, we are definitely looking forward to next year's Shape Run already! I hope our love for running as a family will never cease and I hope you will share the same enthusiasm that we have too!


Our new kicks from Skechers 

When it comes to running shoes, Skechers has become our trusted brand through the years. We are in love with how comfortable the shoes feel and it makes me more motivated to bring the kids out for long walks or outdoor activities. Yes, I always make sure they are clad in sports shoes if we are heading out far or staying out for long. So far, our shoes have lived up to, and even surpassed, our expectations.

Here's a quick glance at our latest shoes from Skechers. I must say it's the first time some of us are going for black and even though I initially thought they may look somewhat dull since I'm used to their striking colours, it turned out that the black ones look just as pretty too and the good thing is they don't get dirty so easily. Haha. But, I still prefer my shoes in a distinct colour so I think we made quite a good combination in the end. See what I mean?

I love the range of designs and sizes you can find for the kids because there's surely something to suit our needs and preferences. Angel wears the Skechers GOwalk 4 - Exceed, Ariel wears the Dream N Dash - Whimsy Girl while Asher wears the Skech-Lite - Comfy Stepz.

So far, the kids have been in love with their shoes from Skechers and I haven't gotten a single complaint yet (you should hear about those shoes that they don't like because of poor fit and painful blisters). The soft fabric shoe lining, cushioned comfort insole and natural expansion makes these shoes fit comfortably on those little feet. I've also observed that there isn't much of an odour in the shoes even when we wear them out for long hours, which is definitely a good piece of news because my kids tend to perspire a lot.

As for the hubby and myself, we picked out the GOrun Ride 6 which provide a strong support, secure fit and even comes with a Quick-Fit pull on heel feature for ease of wear. The shoes are breathable, flexible and really lightweight - which is something that I appreciate considering how much load I have to bring out with me. The last thing I want is to feel like I have to drag my heavy feet just to get past each day.

Since Skechers offers various designs of shoes to choose from and they serve different functions for different activities and terrains, it would be best to let their staff attend to your needs when you visit the store so that you find a pair of shoes that will suit you best.

Well, I'm looking forward to our next outdoor activity as a family already!

Disclosure: We received a media invite to participate in Shape Run 2017 and all our running shoes are kindly provided by Skechers Singapore. All opinions and pictures are my own.


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