Creativity 521 #115 - DIY Slime for kids

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 13, 2017
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The girls have been talking about this latest fad that their friends are playing with in school and even though they have shown their interest for quite a while, I just didn't see the fun or purpose behind it and so procrastinated on getting any for them. Can you guess what it is?

Well, you've probably seen it being sold in tubs all over the island and it comes in many textures and colours. Right, I'm talking about SLIME, the one thing that I've never really liked as a kid. Don't ask me why, I just find it a little too gooey and yucky for my liking though I do think playing with it can be a good stress reliever.

Anyway, it was Children's Day last week and since I usually like to do something special on this day with the kids, I decided to put away my own opinions, snap out of my procrastination and together, we made our very own SLIME for the first time (yes, I foresee there will be a second, third, fourth and so on, you'll see why when you see their happy smiles).

In this Creativity 521 post, I'll share with you how we made our kid-friendly, easy-to-make DIY Slime that anyone can do at home too!

Materials used:

1) PVA glue
2) Food colouring
3) Baking soda
4) Contact lens solution
5) Baby/body oil
6) Mixing bowls and spatulas

Before I start, I have to tell you that there are a million ways to make your own slime and this is just one of it. I think the fun and creative part of it lies in that you can make a different version every time by varying the ingredients. You can change the colours, add different textures, scent it with fragrances or even put in surprise elements too. If you need any inspiration, just search online and you'll be amazed by all the types of slime you can make. I tried to look for the most kid-friendly one and ended up doing what we did, which turned out to be better than what I had expected.

First, squeeze out approximately a cup of glue (we used a 236ml tube) into the mixing bowl. You can either use white glue or transparent one, as long as it is PVA glue. and end up with either an opaque or translucent looking slime.

Add in one teaspoon of baking soda. Let your child try handling the measuring spoon on her own and don't worry about getting a little more or less, it doesn't have to be exact.

Next, decide on the colour of slime and add in 1-2 drops of food colouring accordingly. You can mix the colours if you desire too.

Using the spatula, mix everything together in a smooth, circular motion.

Once the colour blends in well and is consistent, it's time to add in the slime activator! I never knew this could work and if you didn't too, well guess what? All you need is a contact lens solution! Most people should have this at home, right? Anyway, if you are like us who don't have it (I don't wear glasses and the hubby went through lasik), just get a bottle from any nearby pharmacy or optician.

Add in the solution bit by bit, be sure to mix well every time after you do. Don't squirt too much or your slime might end up too hard and well, no one finds it fun when slime is not soft or sticky enough, right? From our experience, we think that the slime will still absorb the activator and come together over time when allowed to stand, so at the point of mixing, it's better to let the slime be a little gooey.

To make it less sticky on the fingers, you can add in a few drops of baby oil or body oil too. I only had argan oil at home at that time and it worked just as well too.

Once your slime looks slimy enough, put away the spatulas and it's time for that long-awaited moment! Yup, time to use your hands to mix it thoroughly. Add in more activator if you need (be sure to do it a drop or two at a time) and for those who are more adventurous, you can also add in some glitter, sparkles or even fragrances too!

And TA-DAH! We are all done with our SLIME, easy peasy slimy squeezy, right? Do the kids love it? Oh yes, very very very much. In fact, we did it twice consecutively because it turned out to be really quite fun in creating our own slime too. If you can't beat them, join them, isn't it? I'm just glad we went through this absolutely sticky, slimy session together and according to them, it's an awesome Children's Day gift. Ending off this post with more of their happy pics!

Now, won't you have a go at making your own slime too? Don't say I taught you to! At the very least, it's quite a guaranteed way to inject some fun and bring about lots of squeals and laughter from the kids!

P.S. Just a word of caution, the slime is extremely sticky so be extra careful in handling it. One of ours got stuck in the big girl's hair and we had a super hard time trying to get it out (which is virtually impossible without tugging off some of the hair too). She says it's worth it though, haha!

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