This I promise you - Asher is 21 months

Posted by ~Summer~ on November 25, 2017

It's been hard trying to find time to blog or even sleep recently, not to mention trying to catch up on all the growing up video compilations of the kiddos. Yes, I'm feeling more lethargic recently and I attribute it to having to do solo parenting on more days than one, to having to plan for not one but three birthday parties concurrently (oh yeah, that's the thing about having three year end babies), to not getting my priorities right at times, to wanting to do so much in so little time and end up not accomplishing anything at all. Oh well, I guess keeping the kids safe, healthy, fed and well rested is already a huge accomplishment in itself and likely, the most important job of me being a stay-at-home mum.

Anyway, it took me a while to churn this out and while I can never understand how I end up taking hundreds of videos and pictures in just a couple of months, the good thing is I finally sorted this out for Asher and here is his latest video.

I'm pretty sure he will be thrilled to see it tomorrow because this boy just loves to relive his growing up memories and gets a kick out of seeing himself on the screen. Can't wait to see his reaction and sure hope this clip, which is his longest clip yet because there are so many precious videos I wanna include, will bring him some smiles and laughter! Happy watching!


Dear Asher, 

Happy turning 21 months! Gosh, soon we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday already although it seems like we just had a ball of a time at your first one. You are growing up so fast and losing your baby-ness so quickly too, my darling boy. Oh well, don't mind me but I'm still going to call you baby for now, okay? Remind me to stop when you get bigger yar or I think I might just do it forever.

As you can see from this video, it seems like so much has happened in this short period of time since your last update. It's pretty amazing how many things we do as a family and I hope these videos of yours will help you to reminisce next time and bring a smile to your face when you think of all the happy times we've been through.

Let's see. Remember the chalet where we discovered to our dismay that the karaoke system has been removed but nonetheless we celebrated Ah Gong's birthday, had a yummy BBQ, played with sparklers and had so much fun at the beach? How about yet another visit to Universal Studios and this time, we managed to go on the jeep, the flying dinosaurs, the carousel, the boat ride and more! I wonder if you'll love roller coasters just like your Jiejies do but we'll see about that when the time comes, okay? For now, I'm enjoying going on the more kiddier rides with you because there just doesn't much opportunity for me to do that anymore in future. Awwww. This emo mama of yours thinks that time flies past us just too quickly!

Oh, we also made it to LEGOLAND and Somerset Medini, again! Yes yes, holidaying with three kids means Daddy and Mummy no longer travel to faraway countries but make do with what we can do in nearby places. I do hope we can save up and bring you to places like Hong Kong, Japan or Korea someday but for now, we'll just have to be happy with whatever we can manage, okay? As long as the family is happy together, it really doesn't matter where we go. Memories happen because of the people, not because of the place.

Guess what? I bought you your first tricycle too! Yes, we saw it on sale at Kiddy Palace and I knew you would like it. So, we brought it to the park for you to ride on while your sisters rented two-wheel bikes and we had such a hot but fun cycling session as a family. Okay, actually cycling for your sisters, sitting and being pushed along for you, and running for Papa and Mama. Still, I'm hoping we can do it again soon!

We also visited indoor and outdoor playgrounds and went on so many slides that I've lost count of them all. You are not scared to slide by yourself now though you like having one of your sisters to go with you at times too. That's the good thing about having siblings, right? You'll never need to be alone if you don't want to. The school holidays are coming so I guess we will be out for even more fun very soon! No wonder Mama is tired every day, haha!

You've had so many loving moments with your sisters even though you've started to bully them too. Yes, you can be a fiesty one and you get real upset when they don't give you their goodies and you end up trying to snatch everything from them. Yup, you scream really loud too, my dear. Thankfully, both of them dote on you so much so you always get the bulk of anything yummy or fun. We gotta teach you to share (equally), to be kind and generous towards the people around you, yeah? But for now, you are allowed to be our little prince for a little longer.

It's nice to see you understanding many more new words even though you still don't like to string your words together to make sentences when you speak. At least I know that you can understand many of my instructions (whether you obey or not is another thing) and we get better at communicating with each other as days passed. In any case, I can always know what you are thinking even if you don't voice it out, because your hugs, your kisses, your whines, the way you tug at my shirt, the way you cling to my legs, the way you pull me and ask for a 抱抱 says it all to me. I hope I can always be the one who understands you, cheers you on and supports you when life gets you down, okay?

To my boy who is growing taller, bigger and stronger by the day, I love you more than words can ever say.

And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Til' the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

With love, 


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