Always my baby - Asher turns 2

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 07, 2018

Hello! I might be blogging a little less recently but just so you know, I will definitely keep it going because this passion remains strong. However, I've been trying hard to prioritise the things I should/need to/want to do and although there is a long list of stuff I wanna check off my to-do list, the fact remains is that I only have 24 hours a day and the bulk of it is already dedicated to looking after and just being with the kids.

Anyway, I still haven't given up on making their growing up videos though I have quite a few years of memories to catch up on. Haha, yes you read right, having three kids now means I have years of video clips and photos to go through and this will take me a long time, but I am gonna do it. This is because we love to sit together and watch all these precious clips and they never fail to bring huge smiles, and sometimes secret tears, on my face. The kids enjoy watching themselves a great deal, especially when they see the younger versions of them that they can barely recognise. Yup, where does all the time go??

Here's the latest compilation for dear Asher, who is now my two-year-old boy that talks a lot (of gibberish sometimes), loves cars and balls, is a darling to the big sisters and is a joy to wake up to every morning (and every middle of the night cos yes, this boy still wants Mama's milk). Love you so much, my baby boy!


Dear Asher,

Happy turning TWO! I hope you had a blast at your Dory party! You know why Mama thought of this theme for you? That is because you won this giant Dory stuffed toy at LEGOLAND during our last visit and it reminded me of what a lucky boy you are and how blessed I am to have you. Moreover, since you love to splash around so much, I thought a pool side party would be a perfect idea for you and while you play games with your sisters and cousins, the adults could tuck into BBQ food! It's such a simple but wonderful day to celebrate your big day, isn't it? I am so glad everyone enjoyed it!

On your actual birthday, Papa took leave and the five of us made our way to Jurong Bird Park. That is because you are also fascinated by birds (and we wanted to make use of our annual passes before they expire) so I knew you would totally enjoy this. It was the first time we were in Lory Loft and even though there were not many birds, we still had such a fun time feeding the handful of them and boy, they looked so beautiful with their vibrant and colourful feathers! You were a brave boy and weren't really scared of them even though you might not be as daring as your big sisters too.

Talking about being bold, we took you to Universal Studios recently and you were so afraid during the Madagascar Crate Adventure, even though it wasn't your first time already. You insisted on sitting on my lap, which isn't allowed, so I had a hard time trying to calm you down when you started to cry and thankfully, we still managed to make it through the ride. The funny thing is you came out saying that you wanna go again! Haha. Yup, that's my boy. I hope that you will slowly but surely learn to be adventurous, to take risks at times, to be resilient and be able to conquer your fears.

Mummy is so happy that we have so much time to spend with each other every morning after sending your sisters to school. Such one-on-one moments are precious to me and even though I feel guilty that I haven't been crafting or teaching you much during those periods, I know we are just happy to be in each other's company. Thanks for being a gem when it comes to waking up early so we can walk your Jiejies to school and for being my best companion when it comes to grocery shopping. Haha.

It's nice to see how you've been trying to feed yourself independently and you've even started using chopsticks too, much to the amazement of many people around you. Many passers-by come up to me saying they are impressed by how you can eat on your own, and a handful of them are taken aback when they see how you can gobble up the xiao long baos when we go to Ding Tai Fung. Lol. Yup, you have joined in our xiao long bao lovers gang, which both your sisters are part of, so it seems like 10 baos are no longer enough for us to share. Haha, oh well.

You know how your laughter and smiles have the power to brighten up my day, right? It's so nice to see how happy you are each day and you remind me that happiness can be all around us and if we just open our hearts to it, we will find it. A pretend kiddy ride on my tummy, a nursery rhyme, a game of hide and seek, splashing water on each other, blowing raspberries are the things that can make you laugh non-stop and I really love how life is so simple when you are with me. 

I hope you know how awesome it is to have not one, but two big sisters who dote on you and run to you every time you cry or whimper. Yup, these two girls really spoil you and even though sometimes you become unreasonable and will snatch things away from them or even bully them, I have no doubt they will continue to shower you with lots and lots of love and care. Just because you are their one and only didi and they love you so very, very much.

Seeing that your vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few months and that you've suddenly picked up dozens of new words, it's a relief because though we try hard not to compare, both Papa and I realise that your sisters were speaking in strings of sentences when they were your age. Nonetheless, we know that each of you has your own unique strengths so as long as you are healthy and growing up well, that is more than what I can already ask for. But, it's still nice to know that we can talk so much more nowadays and you can greet everyone in the family, say out numbers and colours, and you say the funniest things that make all of us burst out in laughter too. My favourite is when you say "I love you", in your own endearing way with your cute little pout, to me every night because that is what makes motherhood so fulfilling.

Thanks for being such a wonderful addition to my life and I am so, so happy that I decided to go for three. Haha. You make a huge difference and you've only changed our lives for the better. We love you so much, dear Asher, may you stay healthy, bubbly and loving always! Happy turning TWO, my baby boy!

With lots of love,


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