5 reasons why we love On & On Diners

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 23, 2019

I try to cook for my kids at home because it's a way of showing my love for them and ensuring that they have a balanced diet as much as possible. However, I have to frankly admit that I can't cook well and it isn't something that excites me too.  So, when it comes to their birthday parties, buffet catering is the way to go.

Over the years, we're tried engaging several party food caterers - usually based on word-of-mouth or online recommendations - and from experience, there are some companies that we prefer over others, some that we don't mind using again and some that we will never go back to.

If you've read about Ariel's Moana party and Asher's Arcade party, you will know that I highly recommend On & On Diners because all of us, including my friends, family and even the kids, thoroughly enjoyed the food served at both parties and it's not a common sight to see that there were not much leftovers. In this post, I share with you the five reasons why On & On has become one of our top favourite caterers.


Started in 2009, On & On Diners is a Halal catering company with nine years of service experience. They offer authentic flavours combined with unique creations and have an emphasis on fresh produce and healthier oil approach.

1) Impressive set-up

The first thing that struck me was the level of detail and effort that went into setting up the buffet table. I mean, look at the beautiful table runner, flower pots, decorative fruits and vegetables, the laminated menu, and the meticulously arranged cutlery. It was all professionally done and everything looked so cheery and inviting which makes you feel good as a host. This is by far the best set-up we've seen and it received plenty of praises from the guests too.

2) Great service

The staff from On & On arrived early at Asher's party and as we were informed that we were only allowed to enter the party room half an hour before, I was still on my way to the venue when they called me. It turned out that they had already managed to gain access into the room and started setting up already! The guy who called me sounded very polite on the phone and was very patient in waiting for me to arrive to sign the papers too. Just before the party ended, I had to call him and let him know he needed to come earlier so that we could clear out for the next party - and anyway the food was already almost all gone too! - and he obliged and said he would try his best to rush down as soon as possible. Also, just a few days before the party, I had to increase my number of guests due to a last minute change and I wrote in to the the sales team who promptly replied me on the day itself and helped to make the necessary amendments too. From these experiences, I would say the team is professional and efficient in meeting our needs and we are more than satisfied with their good service.

3) Wide variety at affordable pricing

I like to be able to choose from a good variety of dishes so that I can better cater to the tastes and preferences of the guests. This is especially important when more than half of ours are usually made up of kids. On & On provides a wide variety of menus from you to choose from and within each menu, you can pick from a good selection of dishes too - including different types of rice, noodle, vegetable, tofu, poultry, chicken, fish, prawn, side dish, dessert and beverage. There also also themed menus for you to choose from, for instance the ongoing one is the Chinese New Year menu. As mentioned, all the food from On & On is Halal certified and there is also a vegetarian menu available too. Most importantly, I think that the pricing remains affordable for most days - although it does peak during the festive periods - and that is a good thing considering the wide selection offered. There are also some unique dishes, for instance the Herbal Chicken with Wolfberries and the Sweet and Sour Fish with Nata De Coco were something new and refreshing to us too.

4) Able to cater for small gatherings

Personally, I prefer to keep most of my parties on a small scale, say around 12-18 pax including kids and adults. It's not easy to find caterers who are able to meet our demands because most of the menus being offered require a minimum order for 25-30 pax. So you can imagine my pleasant surprise to find out that On & On offers a Mini Buffet menu which only requires a minimum order for 15 pax. Hooray!

For this Mini Buffet, no set-up is provided and the food will be served in disposable trays and plastic containers, like what you see below. You will need to set aside the space - which doesn't require a lot - and the beverages come in the form of either mineral water or packet drinks. All the disposable cutlery, including ladles and serving forks, are provided and can be retained after use. I like how fuss free it was and we could easily take home the leftovers, if any, using the trays too. There was also a nicely designed menu displayed on the table and it was even personalised for the birthday girl/boy, how thoughtful!

5) The food is YUMMY!

Lastly and most importantly, everyone gave their thumbs up for the food! It's quite rare to have friends and family coming up one by one to ask me for the caterer's contact but we did receive queries from both of the parties. As you know, our parents were there for Asher's party too and all four of them were telling me that "The food is very good!" It was a joy seeing the guests devouring the food and I was amazed that the birthday boy, who by right should be engrossed in his arcade games, took time to eat his lunch and even asked for a second helping too. If it's any indication that the food was indeed delicious, it's that we ordered a 30-pax buffet for our arcade party which had 31 guests (including 12 kids) and guess what, the food was almost all gone at the end. Yup, I even brought along plastic containers thinking that we needed to tabao the food but ended up using not even a third of it.

One of our favourites has to be the Salted Egg Yolk Fish Fillets which the hubby says is a must try. The taste is unique and flavourful and it is one of the best dishes of all that we tried too. If I had to pick something we didn't like so much, it would be the small prawns in the Buttery Cereal Prawn and the Soon Kueh that ended up sticking to each other and were hard to pick out. Still, the taste for both dishes was satisfactory and that's the more important part.

All in all, we will definitely engage On & On Diners again for our future gatherings because of all the positive feedback we received. Some of you were asking me for the contact too so I hope this post has helped you in one way or another. If you have any questions, drop me a PM any time and I'll be happy to help you in your party planning! Have fun and happy CNY in advance, people!


Tel: +65 6570 9939
Call Center Hours
Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm
Email: sales@onandon.sg
Website: http://www.onandon.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onandondiners/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onandondiners/

Disclosure: This is a collaboration with On & On Diners. We received sponsorship for Asher's party but paid for their catering service for Ariel's party. All photos and opinions are our own. Big thanks to A Million Little Echoes for helping us to capture some of the above shots at the party.


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