My Superhero - Asher is two and a half

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 27, 2019

Last night, the kids and I sat down excitedly on the sofa so we could watch this latest video together. Yup, every time I release a video, it's like a blockbuster movie to them and they will anticipate and look forward to it with the kind of enthusiasm that is endearing and infectious.

It's amazing how much they love looking through these clips and remember all those fond times we've been through as a family. The girls laughed so hard at so many parts of it that I had to ask them "Very funny meh?" and the hubby had to tell the little sister to stop chortling so much in case she threw up. Thanks for the show of support, you kiddos are the best and you are my strongest motivation to keep going.

Yup, it took me a few months to finish this growing up video of the boy, including going through many sleepless nights and giddy spells, but I'm still glad I did it. Try going through many months of photos and video clips and compiling them into one, and you will know what I mean. I still have years and years of memories to catch up on for the girls, but let's tackle one at a time and I'm thankful that the kids are very patient in waiting for the next release date.

These videos might not mean much to you but they are priceless to me and they are the one thing that I do not for anyone, but purely for my kids. So I'm hoping to find the energy and time to keep going! Enjoy these fond memories of you as you turn 30 months old, my dear boy!

Dear Asher,

It still seems like yesterday when you turned two and a half and we were just returning from our family trip to Bangkok. Yup, we went to Thailand for vacation and you did so much there, including going on your first ATV ride, riding your first ferries wheel, feeding giraffes, getting up close with tigers, going on a glass bottomed boat ride, being the youngest construction worker in KidZania, visiting the crowded Chatuchak market and more. I love how you are able to join us in many activities and you try your best to never let your young age hinder you in doing what your sisters do too. It's expensive for us to go on family holidays now that we have three of you, so I hope we will continue to cherish and make full use of every little opportunity we get, okay?

You love going outdoors and while everybody comments on you being fair and doesn't seem to get much sun, the opposite is true because you do get a lot of sun! I suppose you just don't get tanned easily, unlike your 二姐 so it's a subtle reminder that life is unfair. Haha. That said, the good thing is you love putting on sunblock on yourself so it makes it easier for me whenever we go for outdoor play.

Talking about being independent, you've also improved in self-feeding and helping out in chores, although at times you still tend to give up halfway and take the easier way out by asking Mama to help. Still, I love seeing how you like to help me cook and can do simple tasks like peeling eggs and plucking vegetables, and you even help me with the laundry by pegging all our socks too. So kudos to you and keep up the good job!

We visited Universal Studios with Popo and Ah Gong and this time round, you were not scared of the boat ride but instead enjoyed it thoroughly with us. Awwww, my timid little boy is growing up real fast, right? You even went on the Magic Potion Spin with your sisters - your first ever ride without Mama by your side - and while your grandparents were skeptical if you could sit through and not kick up a fuss during the ride, I jolly well knew you would and that your Jiejies would take good care of you too. See how you were waving to me in the video? That moment was one that made me emotional seeing how all my three kids were getting bigger by the day and might not need me around soon. I gave you a big, tight hug after that because I was just so proud of you, you know that?

One of our favourite places to go is LEGOLAND and we went there not once, but twice within this period. It was so fun having friends to hang out with in the apartment, play in the arcade and go on rides together, right? You achieved so many of your milestones there, including going on your first 'horse' ride in Royal Joust, conquering your fear of heights by going on your first Beetle Bounce, and driving solo for the first time in Junior Driving School too. *clap clap* You were so afraid when we went on the bounce ride and kept wanting to sit on my lap, which is prohibited, so I took a long time to persuade you before you were willing to sit beside me and hold my hand tightly. See how you cried out loud when it started? I assured you that all would be okay and that I would be beside you all the time. As it progressed, you started to enjoy the ride and even let out a smile too. Yup, you did it, my dear! It was also quite hilarious to see how Papa and I cheered for you so loudly when you were going on your first solo car ride, we kept reminding you to step on the accelerator and turn the wheel when you had to but actually, you nailed it and was such a terrific driver that we were all so impressed and amazed! 你真行! I love how you would keep looking or waving at us when you go on such theme park rides too, it's like you might be exploring on your own but you never forget that you have us there to support you and will return us the love too. Awww.

As for horse rides, you also went on your first real one too at UK Farm in Kluang and that was a moment to remember. While you initially didn't want to, you did it eventually under the promise that one of us will hold your hand for the entire time. My darling boy, you just need assurance and encouragement every time from Papa and Mama, right? I'm glad we can give it to you. You also enjoyed feeding all the farm animals, you loved the goat yoghurt drink and ice cream and you totally didn't mind sleeping in a run-down room with squeaky beds and no air-condition. Because we were all together and that's what matters most, right?

It's nice having two sisters to grow up with and I hope you will always remember and treasure their love for you. Even though you tend to bully them and be unreasonable at times, they will give in to you (most of the time) because you are the baby in the family. I don't want you to grow up into a 小霸王 yet it's nice to see how they dote on you and love you with their hearts too. They piggyback you, carry you when you complain of being tired, play pretend with you and let you be what you want to, let you sit on them and be your kiddy ride, leave you the best food and give the candy they earned in school to you too. When you are older, your roles will be reversed and I hope you will be the one to protect them and make sure no one bullies them, okay?

Last but not least, I'm glad that you're becoming a chatterbox nowadays though I kind of hope that your screaming can be a little softer. Haha. It's nice having someone to converse with, especially when Jiejies are in school and you and I are all alone. We start the day together, go for breakfast together and just do everything together for those few hours and it's something that bonds you and I so close, something which I treasure very much. While most people might not understand what you say, I get it most of the time because you are a very much a part of me, you know that? Even though you say gibberish self-invented words like "Ba Tu Hei" and repeat it a thousand times, it's still very cute and heartening to see how much you love talking and how outgoing you are, even with strangers on the streets or people that you seldom see. I hope you will always stay friendly, kind, bubbly and happy, okay?

Never lose that twinkle in your eyes or let anyone dull your sparkle, okay? Don't be afraid to dream big and have courage to pursue your dreams. You are my little superhero and you can achieve more than you can imagine. You know we'll always be here to cheer you on and support you, just like how we did when you went on your first ride. And we'll always love you with every beat of our hearts too. So, fly high, my little one and go save the world if you can.



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