WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – The Live Experience roars into Singapore

Posted by ~Summer~ on August 30, 2019

All kids love, or are at least fascinated by, dinosaurs, right? Well, at least I know my kids do and they are always curious to find out more about these magnificent prehistoric creatures.

We've watched the whole series of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies more than once, we've read books and encyclopedias specifically on dinosaurs, we've watched documentaries that teach us a thing or two about these life forms that roams the earth over 65 millions years ago. Imagine how cool it would be to take a ride back in history and have an opportunity to come up close with life-sized dinosaurs? Nope, it's not a dream but more like a dream come true.

Seen by over 9 million people in more than 250 cities around the world, WALKING WITH DINOSAURS – The Live Experience, based on the award-winning BBC Television series, roars into Singapore from 29 August to 8 September. We were so lucky to be at the opening show last night and the kids enjoyed coming up close with the dinosaurs tremendously because, well, when will you ever get the chance to do that again? We're not talking about one or two dinosaurs, but a mighty 18 of them, all in life size. W-o-w.

All ready for the show!

We never thought we would be able to see dinosaurs again but thanks to this $20 million production which features state-of-the-art technology, we witnessed them come to life right before our eyes. It's as real as it can get and as close as you can ever get to these extinct creatures.

Okay, you can obviously tell they are not real because the smaller dinosaurs have 'human legs' exposed and the bigger ones ride on a cart like mechanism. The hubby told us that somebody drives a car-like machine inside the dinosaur itself while the limbs, eyes and other movements are controlled by other crew. I have no idea how it all came together but I do know it was definitely awe-inspiring when they came on stage. By they, I mean dinosaurs like T-Rex, Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Anklyosaurus, Totosaurus, Utahraptor and more!

Yup, so we took a ride back to millions of years ago and were transported to the Mesozoic Era where we witnessed the evolution of dinosaurs through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. To be honest, I don't understand some parts of the narrative because it can get detailed and lengthy so I highly doubt if the kids absorbed the information too. Still, we did learn a thing or two about the evolution of these creatures and also witnessed some climate changes too.

I was initially wondering if the youngest would be terrified by the life sized creatures, especially since their roars can get quite deafening. To my surprise, he was enjoying the show pretty much throughout both the first and second halves and would eagerly point out the dinosaurs to me when he spotted them. As for the girls, they enjoyed the show very much and said "Mama, it's the first time we are sitting so close to the stage!" We were seated at Section 131 Row 11 which is on the right side of the stage but to our relief, the view was still pretty awesome! The dinosaurs would roam and rotate as they make their way around the stage and you will surely be able to see their front views. Be warned: They can come very close to you if you are seated in the first couple of rows, but that's the point, right?

Here's sharing some of the photos we took (from the side) and these were taken just using an old Oppo phone so you can imagine how much better it will be in real life.

The stage backdrop features gigantic teeth on top and below

Only seeing its bottom? Fret not, the dinosaurs move around the stage and you WILL get a good view

How cute is this baby? There were a few of them running around the stage!

Even the plants, trees and flowers can 'grow'!

The infamous Stegosaurus makes his appearance

We initially thought this was T-Rex but it's actually an Allosaurus
There are fire and rain effects during the show too. Note that the spotlights can shine directly on you at times

One of my favourite dinosaurs (because they don't eat people) - Brachiosaurus!

Love how they came up close with the audience (in the front rows)

Do you know that birds are descendants of dinosaurs?

The carnivorous Utahraptors are here! They look fierce and... hungry!

It's not gory but it might not be a pleasant sight for kids who are too young to understand why the dinosaur is 'dead'

I love the colourful blooms! The stage was transformed instantly as we move into the Cretaceous period

We learnt about a new dinosaur today - Torosaurus

Look at those horns! Well, two of them are going to fight and one is going to lose a horn, See my video below!

Dinosaur poop! Ewwww. But it's good news for a paleontologist

I was trying hard to remember its name and the big girl just said "It's Ankylosaurus larrr!"

The finale where mother T-Rex takes centrestage

She took our breaths away and drew many "Wow"s from the audience

And she saved her baby before coming over to say "RAWR!"
The best part of the show for us was the finale where mother T-Rex came fiercely on stage to fight off a Torosaurus and Ankylosaurus in order to save her precious baby. That scene where two of them were nuzzling each other was a heartwarming one and it reminds me of how all mums in the universe are the same - we just want our children to be happy and safe. The funniest part was when mother T-Rex let out a ear-piercing roar and the baby tried to mimic, who then let out a feeble but extremely cute roar.

You'll get there someday soon, baby T-Rex, just remember to keep trying and never give up!

We are all dressed in our dinosaur shirts because who doesn't love dinosaurs, right?

Spectacular show, splendid family night out

Big thanks to Sliding Doors Entertainment and Unusual Entertainment for bringing this show to our shores so that we, and many other families, can have a chance to witness the spectacular dinosaurs! Here's a short clip featuring some highlights from the show. These are all taken with my phone which is an old Oppo model so you can imagine how much better it will be if you are there to watch it in real life.

The show runs till 8 September only, get your tickets at https://www.sportshub.com.sg/WWD2019 now!

Disclosure: We received a media invite from Sliding Doors Entertainment to review the show. All pictures and opinions are our own.


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