This is love - Asher is 3!

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 27, 2019

Remember how I said the kids always anticipate every of the growing up videos I make for them? Well, it's been so many years but that hasn't changed. In fact, they look forward to it even more than before and every time I do one, they will love to watch it over and over and over again.

This latest video is for Asher who turned 3 last year, yet it was his sisters who enjoyed it most and just couldn't stop laughing at him and at themselves too. You'll see. Yup, it took me months to finish this because it's just so hard to find free time nowadays and pouring through hundreds and thousands of videos and photos takes me a seriously long time. Still, it's all worthwhile though!

You know, I actually teared in the midst of doing it, being reminded of how fast these little ones are growing. We can never rewind time or make it slow down, but we can learn to better cherish the present and that's what I am trying to do nowadays.

I still have five years worth of videos to catch up on for the girls (yes, FIVE) and that's gonna take me a long, long time. Thankfully, they have been very patient and understanding and told me it's okay, they can just watch what I've done in the past. You'll be surprised at how often we watch these videos and even more surprised at how they still make us laugh, considering we've watched them nth times already. So, I will definitely keep them coming, no matter how long it takes!


Dear Asher,

Happy turning three, my little race car driver! You looked so cute and happy at your arcade party and I'm glad you enjoyed playing all the games with your friends and grandparents too. It's amazing how much fun we can have together at the arcade even though you are so young and I take every outing there as a family bonding trip for us. That said, it can be pretty costly so we can only do it once in a while, okay? I'm still quite amused by how you picked the giant Hello Kitty stuffed toy as your birthday present when the arcade staff gave you a choice, but I want you to know that you have the freedom to choose anything you like instead of having to conform to stereotypes, okay? Yes, you are the boy whose favourite colour is purple too and that's totally fine by me.

We made a visit to LEGOLAND again and this time round, you were so brave as to try out the Ninjago ride - which terrified you, made you cry and refused to try the last we were here. You might not love thrills and adrenaline rushes as much as your sisters do for now, but that's okay, my dear. Perhaps you might like them one day, perhaps you might not enjoy them so much. Whatever it is, I'm happy to see you trying new things one by one and we'll only do it when you are ready, okay? Remember that we are always here to accompany, support and cheer you on, and you'll never be alone in this world.

That said, you are also the little boy who just met the height limit at the Canopy Flyer in USS and guess what? You and I went on it FOUR times that night. Yup, that's a sign that you are getting much braver and willing to take risks too. The ride takes you high up in the sky and gets pretty swift in the middle, so I'm surprised that you loved it so much but I'm glad I was there to see this adventurous side of you and be beside you each step of the way. We also tried out Enchanted Airways, which is a mini roller coaster, and let's just say you got a little frightened when it went so fast at the bend and you held my hand tightly. I was afraid that you would fall off too because you are still so tiny. Anyway, at the end of it, you told me you didn't want to go on it again. It's up to you, my dear, I'm proud that you tried it once at least and hey, you were only two at the time so that's a pretty big achievement, yeah?

You are a water lover and even though you can't swim much yet, you love to paddle, splash around or just play pretend with your sisters. I love how you all can use your imagination to think of the most creative ideas, for instance you all used the water toys to set up a satay stall and pretended to cook satay for me when we were right in the pool. Haha. That was really memorable, you know? You also like to play the Hello Kitty float and you three would take turns to pull each other along, which is really a heartening sight to see.

We might not be able to travel to far away countries but we did bring you all to The Canopi in Bintan and we had so much together, remember? You were lucky to have your sisters who took you on the Prince Motor and mini ATV rides and Papa and I took you on a scooter ride around the lagoon too. It was my first time riding a scooter and I'm glad we made it through safely and enjoyed the breeze blowing on our faces too. We also set off fireworks at night and that was a first for all of us. The night sky was brightly lit that night, just like how my heart was filled with joy too. Remember that we should never play with fire, yeah? I sure hope we can go on another glamping trip soon!

It's been a joy seeing how vocal you've become and we've been having so many mother-and-son conversations, especially in the mornings when Jiejies are in school and it's just you and I. You are going to start school next year and even though it will only be for three hours a day, I know I will miss you so, so much, my boy. That said, we are working on some of your phonics and word pronunciation and it can get so hilarious when you say some words 'wrongly', especially those starting with 'F' and 'S'. I recorded some of them not to laugh or mock at you but to remind you how innocent, cute and easily amused you are at this age. You know, Mama is actually afraid that all these simple joys of childhood will be forgotten as all of you grow up and I earnestly hope that you can always stay contented and thankful in life, okay?

While you don't take art classes yet, we've been having our own mother-and-son art sessions too whenever we need to wait for your sisters. It's really nice seeing how much you enjoy creating and we did finger painting and hand painting on several occasions too and each never failed to delight you and made you beam with joy. Remember how happy you were to have rainbow hands and how you love making your masterpieces on paper after paper? I hope you will always be able to unleash your creativity and stretch your imagination when you do art and craft.

You love to scoot and have picked up the techniques like turning or braking too. Initially when you turned two, I saw how afraid you were and how you insisted that I needed to pull you along or hold onto you. At that point, I was wondering if you would be able to scoot like how your sisters did at your age but just as I was thinking that, you improved by leaps and bounds within months and nowadays, you can easily catch up with them. Yup, you are able to scoot pretty fast now but you know what's the very sweet thing about you? While they race ahead and try to be the first, you will always slow down and wait for me - I usually walk while three of you scoot - because you don't want me to be alone. That's your way of showing you love me and I feel it, so thank you my dear.

I love you more than you know too, my baby boy, and I will make sure I say those words to you, hug you, kiss you, cuddle and carry you every day till the day you might not need me anymore. You will always, always be my baby no matter what. Happy three years old, dear Asher boy!

With lots of love, 


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