Music to my ears {Review and Giveaway of Sudio Tolv Wireless Earphones}

Posted by ~Summer~ on December 07, 2019

I love listening to music ever since I was a kid and singing karaoke used to be a regular pastime for me. Even when I was studying for my exams, I would still tune in to the radio (YES 933, anyone?) because it made me feel more calm and relaxed.

Now that I'm able to have a couple of hours of me-time in the mornings, I'm trying to rediscover myself and part of that means making time for the things that I love. Besides trying to incorporate exercise into my routine, music is something that I wish to bring back into my life too. Today, I'm introducing you to my new friend who is stylish, pink, elegant and absolutely impressive.


In case you don't know about the origin, Sudio combines the words “Swedish” and “Audio” into a seamless name that reflects the company's design vision and their promise to offer exceptional sound quality. I might be biased since I've lived in Sweden for nearly five years but I dare say I love many of the brands that started out there because of their clean, minimalist and elegant designs (think IKEA and H&M, another two of my favourites).

Call me outdated but this is the FIRST time I am using a pair of wireless earphones, okay? That means I am more of a daydreamer who is using the earphones for leisure purposes so if you are an audiophile who is looking for a techy review, this won't be it. But if you are like me and love listening to music and appreciate every chance to do so - mums will know how hard it is to do that when you have kids - then read on and find out how you can even win a brand new set of Sudio Tolv for yourself. Because you deserve it and so much more.


The earphones come in a chic looking eggshell casing which has a magnetic opening to ensure that they stay snugly inside. Not only is it a storage box, it also doubles up as a charger so you can charge your earphones on the go. You will also receive an owner's manual, a USB charging cable, a guarantee certificate - every purchase from Sudio's official website comes with an 18-month international warranty - and three extra pairs of earbuds in different sizes so that you can find the best fit. All the items sit neatly in a white box which accentuates their minimalist and classy designs.


You can choose your Sudio Tolv from a total of six colours, namely: Black, Green, Pink, Pastel Blue, White and Anthracite. I had a hard time choosing between White or Pink because I found them both so pretty and sophisticated (and very girly lah) but decided to go the Pink one this time round. Once I opened up the box and saw the earphones, I was glad I chose that colour because they were perfect!



One single charge will allow you to enjoy a total of 7 hours of music on the go. Remember I said that the eggshell is also a charging case? Listen to this. It has the ability to provide 4 extra charges which means you get another 28 hours more and that makes a grand total of 35 hours of total battery life. Fwah, that's very, very long lasting!


Each earbud weighs merely 4.5grams and is so light that you don't feel it even when wearing it. I think that is very important especially when doing more vigorous exercises like running, jumping or dancing - which is what I like to to do! So far, the earphones stay nicely in my ears even when I'm moving around, provided I don't lean over to one side and try hard to wriggle till they fall out. If the fit is wrong, just try another size of earbuds till you find the most appropriate one. When the earphones are not in use, I just pop them right back into the eggshell - it resembles the size of an egg - which sits nicely on my palm, fits into my pocket and is very easy to bring around.


Sudio Tolv comes with Bluetooth 5.0 (which allows the earphones to connect individually) and has a range of 15 metres. I tried going into the bedrooms of my home after leaving my phone in the living room and was amazed that the reception was still quite good! Once you take the earphones out of the casing, they automatically power up and are ready to pair up with your device which makes it really convenient. I was able to connect mine in a matter of seconds and subsequent connections were done automatically too with no hassle at all. Tolv is compatible with all iPhone and Android devices, as well as Siri and Google Assistant.


See the rather big circles on the earphones? Well, they are control buttons! I was pleasantly surprised to learn that and it makes it easy for me to play or pause the music (press once on either side), go to previous track (press twice on left) or skip to the next track (press twice on right). It was easy to find the track I wanted without having to fumble and reach for my phone. There is also a microphone on each of the earbuds so you can answer your calls and have conversations with your family and friends without needing to retrieve your phone too. How convenient!


Sudio Tolv features a graphene driver to ensure top notch sound quality. When introduced by scientists over a decade ago, graphene was touted as a 'wonder' material. It is a good conductor of electricity, has extremely small mass density and can be configured to have a small effective spring constant. That means the Tolv earphones can produce excellent frequency response across the audible region and deliver louder sound with no distortion.

For leisure users like me, I found that the sound quality and clarity exceeded my expectations, although the bass was a little weak. Even when turned to the loudest, the volume wasn't overbearing too, you know, not like the chiong music kind of loud. Ah, those were the good old days. Anyway, I don't like to switch the volume too loud because I am usually multi-tasking and prefer my music to be ambient, so that is not an issue for me at all. Yup, told you this is my first pair of wireless earphones so I think I am easily satisfied in a way too.

That said, for the price of $189, I think the Sudio Tolv is one of the most functional, value for money and aesthetically pleasing earphones you can find on the market now so you should definitely lay your hands on a pair.


To enjoy 15% discount off your Sudio purchase, check out with the code "ahappymum". Sudio offers free shipping worldwide so visit and shop now.


For all A Happy Mum readers, good news! I am now giving a brand new pair of Sudio Tolv worth $189 to one of you! Not only will you receive it on your doorstep, you get to pick your favourite colour too.

To join in the giveaway,

1) Leave a comment in this blog post on what you love most about Sudio Tolv and indicate your name and IG handle. This step is mandatory and I will check, yeah?

2) Hop over to my IG post here, follow the instructions and start tagging away!

3) For a bonus chance to win, like and share my FB post here.

BEST OF LUCK, people!

This giveaway ends on 14 December 2359hrs and is open to all readers. Terms and conditions apply. This giveaway is not endorsed or affiliated with IG.

*Update: Congrats to Jamie Lim (IG @jamiejiemii) for winning this giveaway and thanks to everyone who took part!*

P.S. Thank you to the big girl for being my photographer for this shoot! We ended up with mosquito bites and rashes and took dozens of photos just for the final few that made it to the post, haha. It's never as easy as it looks!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration between Sudio and A Happy Mum. All opinions and photos are our own.


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  4. Love the Long battery life of up to 35 hours with the awesome portable charging case!
    IG: auroratanz
    Name: aurora tan

  5. I love the light weight, wireless, portable and most important long battery life as a music passion person all these features i needed a lot.πŸ’–πŸ’–

    Name: Carol Neo
    IG: neo_carol

  6. nv tried a wireless earphone before ��
    I would love to be a happy mom enjoying quality music during free me time, having the ease of handling and control on this compact beautiful pair of sudio that I have been aiming for a long time.
    thanks for this wonderful giveaway.
    Love from Yvonne
    Insta vonisme

  7. I love the elegant and compact design of sudio Tolv and the long battery life!

    Name: Eunice Soh
    IG: ms_eusoh

  8. As a country bumpkin like me who never use wireless earphones before at all, I love is easy to control and the unique storage box acts as charger too love it!
    Name : Wong Siew Siew
    IG : Monstermummy123

  9. I love that it’s lightweight, portable and have many beautiful colours! :D the long battery life and ease to toggle and control sure are plus points for exercise and on-the-go music experience! With this, I no longer have to face wires tangling and hooking onto someone’s bag! Hope to win! <3
    IG: doublerainbow00

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  11. Fwahhhhh!! Definitely loveeee the Long battery life!! ������ up to 35hours of battery life (like whutttt?!!) totally my style because I always travel around for work so this is the perfect earpiece to accompany me for my kdramas and k-jamming session!! ����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️ Can I say that I’m Super amazed with the egg shell as well, 4 charges up to 28hours of battery life. WOW, just WOW ��✨�� no need to be disappointed ever again by my good old earpiece who always run out of battery when I’m outside and I just have to stare into blank space in the train (and admiring others who’re watching their dramas or listening to music) ������
    Name: Zoe Teo
    IG: youmeuseoz
    Thank you for hosting! ✨��

  12. I like the long battery life with a stylish portable charging case, lightweight, excellent sound quality and clarity. Love the colour too. My favourite PINK!! ��
    Name: Joanne Lee
    IG : Joanne_lsl

  13. Basically I Love the Colour Very Much!! One glance you see it you will know it is a Girl's thing heheeee and ofcos it's LIGHT and Portable also my favorite. I never have one.. Hope this will be my 1st. Thanks Babe ❤️
    (FB : Yionn Yionn)
    (IG : bea_yionn)

  14. This is certainly the masterpiece of the music tech industry which after reading your review on Sudio Tolv I am totally convince this is just the right wireless ear piece to cater for my workouts and travels to allow music always on par with my daily passion in music entertaining! I love the fact that i can control easily without my taking out my phone to skip the next song. Totally awesome that it can stay snugly on my ears and being to be in total control by me independently even able to receive phone calls . Can’t wait to try it out and yes I have soft spot for Pink too !! Thanks so much for sharing the comprehensive review ! Name: Tan Bee Chin , fb: joyce Chin , IG: jchin10

  15. Love it lightweight n portable (i hate to bring lotsa barang barang) so this is perfect
    Long battery life as I need nt constantly recharging it as I hate to bring charger.

    It will be mine 1st earphone if I ever win.

    ig : gracegisellepng
    fb : Grace Ng


  16. 😱 Love the Long battery life of up to 35 hours mine does in like 4 πŸ˜‚

  17. The 35 hours battery life wins it for me! Plus if I win, I will gift it to my wife as a Christmas gift!
    IG: syrax79
    FB: Shawn Quek

  18. A prettu and stylish earpiece!! 35 hrs battery is so so convienent!

    IG: MEIQI09

  19. It is definitely an excellent piece in this high tech industry as the battery can last for 35 hours on Sudio Tolv.
    It is in my wishlist now to have a wireless ear piece due to I always spoil my earpiece.
    Hope I have a chance to try this new tech and able recommend to my friends.
    With thanks.
    Name: Reno
    IG: renotan.rt

  20. I love the long battery life and its lightweight and portability

    Ig - estherl.chng1983
    Fb - esther lay eng chng

  21. I love that the design is so sleek and chic and it comes in pretty colours. Plus there js a really neat box to keep it and charge it:)
    Ig: ash3nstar
    Fb: amanda wl

  22. I love it for the Long battery life and nice colours!

    IG: warrior_mummy
    FB: Hazel Ser

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  24. Loving all the features especially wireless and long lasting battery πŸ˜πŸ‘
    It is awesome to listen to my favourite music with a good quality, wireless and stylish Sudio wireless earphones anywhere and anytime, for leisure and at my running/gym workout.
    With long lasting battery capacity, I have no worries of battery depletion that disrupt my music enjoyment halfway.
    I will be memerised with the fantastic quality music, the perfect tempo,rhymms, melody produced by Sudio earphones and attain a highest level of enjoyment and adrenalin. Listening music in style with Sudio Tolv earphone spices up life. Rock and roll time. πŸŽ§πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒ
    Fb:Adeline Tan hx

  25. I love the 35 hrs of battery life and pink is so pretty!!
    Name Esther Li fj
    Ig natashaminnie

  26. Omg! Been wanting to get this for the longest time. I love the style and pretty colours! Hope to win this to use it during my jogs. Thanks again for organising this giveaway!

    Name: Lai Xiuli (fb: Xiu Li)

  27. I love the easy press on the ear bud to receive call without having to retrieve the phone from my bag and controlling of music tracks with just tapping. The battery life is what i love with up to 4 charges in the pod for longer listening tine when I'm on the go. This would be my first wireless which I've been longing for. Hope to win this for my Christmas gift to pamper myself. IG: velvinalim Name/Fb: Velvina Lim

  28. I love the Sudio Tolv because it is easy for me to play or pause the music (press once on either side), go to previous track (press twice on left) or skip to the next track (press twice on right) and even a microphone on each of the earbuds so you can answer your calls.
    Name/FB name: Wendy Lee Xiang Ting
    Ig: lxt_92

  29. I love the minimalist design and the long battery life of the sudio tolv! The white colour looks really good! Thanks for organising this giveaway!
    IG: chonglong

  30. I love the elegant and compact design of sudio Tolv which will uplift my music listening experience. michelle lim ig:michywitchy

  31. I like the long battery life! My namemis Jazry Chan and ig @_jazrychan_

  32. I love the colour,long battery life, as well as the conveniency to carry it around.Having a long battery life really helps as I do not have to worry about it recharging as often as I have to do.
    Name: Serena
    IG: @hollietree

  33. I love the great sound quality as I can enjoy my favourite music which lifts up my mood and makes me happy :)

    Name: Sihui
    IG: @shumsh

  34. I really love the colours from this series and the minimalistic design! As one who often listens to music while jogging/ exercising, the light and wireless feature really enhances the whole experience!! Thanks so much!! :)))

    Name: Shirlene Ang
    IG: @leuxys

  35. I like the 35 hours of long battery life along with its sleek eggshell charging case that makes for easy storage and conveniently portable. I can enjoy long hours of quality music and watch drama without having to pause and recharge regularly.

    Name: Adela Chew
    IG: @xiaoninger

  36. I am in love with the green - that shade is my absolute favourite!! Been eyeing this for awhile cos of the colour and the great looking design and really hope to win it ��

    Name: Apple
    IG: applegsy

  37. I like Studio Tolv lightweight and comfortable fit as I can keep myself entertained whether I am doing my household chores, walking or cycling. Switching from soothing, enchanting, jazz or upbeat music is easy with this wireless earpiece, letting me enjoy moments of precious ME time into my own world.

    Name: Amanda Lee
    IG: @snowmoonpie

  38. I love the long 35 hrs battery life as my current one only lasts 8 hrs. I am a mum of 3 too and this portable earphones sounds really convenient and of course I like the classy look of it too.

    IG : spiritedaway69
    NAME : Adeline Lee

  39. Woohoo cool! I love the pink you chose! Just like you, I love music and ever since I discovered wireless earphones, I never ever want to go back to a wired ones haha! Love the convenience of walking around the house/office without having to bring my phone along when I’m listening to music or watching Netflix. For me, the biggest pain is when my wireless earphones are out of battery, especially when I’m outside, like on the train or something. It literally kills me to have to be “offline” till the wireless earphones are charged. So to avoid that from happening, I always bring TWO sets in my bag, everywhere I go hahaha! Ya I know, kiasu right?! So when I read about how long the Sudio Tolv can last in a single charge and that you can have 4 extra charges in the eggshell casing, I know this is the right wireless earphones for me!! So... pls pick me!! Hahaha! Anyhow, thanks for sharing this review!

    Name: Angela
    IG: anan_ng

  40. The pink is awesome, super sweet and reminds me of sakura.
    Wirless means no mess and long battery life benefits me as there are too many things to charge everyday. My ger will be happy to share this in her favourite pink
    Hope to wear it on my first 2020 ✈trip
    Thank for this giveaway its very pretty
    Ig: parisland80
    Xoxo Olivia Lim

  41. Thanks for the review and giveaway!Just like you,I had never tried a wireless earbyd before..I'm tired of fumbling with the entangled wire of my earphone every morning before I start my morning ride to work!FREE ME!Haha!

  42. Oh my, never see pink color earphone so sweet before ��
    I Wish to win this earphone to listen music and shake my butt to dance with it when I can multitask with house cores �� I am still old generation that use wire earphone so is really not convenient to wear it but this is wireless and so light. I believe this will be the best Christmas gift for me to enjoy quality music from Sudio earphone. Thank you a happy mum for this giveaway that bring happiness to mummies ����

    Facebook Name: April Loh
    Insta: baby_614

  43. Sudio Tolv is very light and has a grand total of 35 hours of battery life which means i don’t have to go through the hassle of charging every single day. BUT what i truly love about Sudio and how it sets itself apart from other brands is their range of colours! Girls will always prefer their electronic items looking either pretty or simplistic. And here, Sudio has done it so well and has it in pastel colours! Awesome!

    IG: wat3rmelonjoys
    FB: ι€˜ηŽ‰θŽ²(Yulian-Phine)

  44. First of all, you’re not the only outdated person here. I’ve never used wireless earphones for 2 reasons: 1. I’m clumsy so I’m scared I would accidentally hit them off my ear especially in a crowded place 2. I always forget to charge my Powerbanks, camera etc. so another device to charge seems like another chore to me ��. With that being said, I’m really sold with the 35 hours of battery life. That means I don’t have to charge it often ��. i here that Sudio is a good brand so I would like to give it a try. I would really love to win this to try wireless without any regrets.
    IG: tehpeng143
    FB: Erich Dee

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  46. Loving its lightweight and sleek design of the Sudio Tolv earbuds! Charging on the go via its storage box is so cool!!
    Name: Agnes Chin
    IG: @bludolphine

  47. Name: Hoen Lee
    Ig: Hoen.lee
    Loving how lightweight the Sudio earbuds is, each weighing only 4.5grams! Woah.... great for gymming session! ��

  48. Love how this earbuds is lightweight and a sleek design!
    Name: Xi Hui Pang

  49. I love how this Sudio earbuds only weighs 4.5g and its so light and portable to carry it with me anywhere.
    Name: Shanelle Teo
    Ig: shanelle.xy

  50. Super love it's 35 hours battery life & the chic pink colour.
    FB: Angie Liu
    IG: angielbelle

  51. Love the colour, slick compact design & super long battery life.
    IG: ngncw

  52. Love the sweet pink and the convenient of charging case, good sound quality so cool when the earbuds are also sweat resistant. Great accompanie to work & play.

    Fb Toh Layhoon
    IG @layhoontoh

  53. Very impressive of the long battery life, delivery clear Bass charger case so comfortable and convenient to bring out anytime anywhere.

    Fb Ang lam soon
    IG ang.lamsoon

  54. Superb love it's lightweight & able to carry it wherever I am ! I'm a music lover too ! ��

    FB : Alice Jun
    IG : iamalicetan

  55. Super long lasting battery life is important to me!!! I am always on the go and sometimes forget to charge my existing ear pods as often as I need to. So sometimes I find myself stranded with ear pods that have run flat of battery power. *Wail*

    IG: cmeilim
    FB: Carol Mei Mei Lim

  56. I love about the long battery life which I do not have to worry about missing my music on the go.

    Facebook name: Cindy Lim Jcjj Jchj
    Instagram ID: mcchclps1111

    Thank you very much ����������

  57. I didn't use before wireless earpiece. I read about this earpiece function on their website. It's has long battery life and lightweight too. I love the pastel pink of it's colour so much. I can bring it out to listen music, watch drama and also listen to calls too.

    Instagram ID: Shinecrazybebe

    Thank you so much.

  58. I love that Sudio Tolv has a graphene driver to ensure top notch sound quality. It also is lightweight and portable. Convenient to bring with me everywhere I go.

    IG : pangcarrie
    FB : Carrie Pang

  59. I love how pretty the colour is and how it really fits into the ear! I only get earpiece that fit into my ears perfectly and studio is definitely one that can do it :-) plus!! It has a long lasting battery life!! What more can i ask for!!

    Instagram: @genieliaooo
    Facebook: Genie Liao

  60. Liked the long battery life so it means I don't have to worry about charging it frequently.
    IG: robertsim77
    FB: Robert Sim

  61. I would love to experience complete freedom with zero wires distracting me with the Sudio Tolv. Its instant pairing and the ultra-light charging case will revolutionize my everyday routine.
    ig: syasya101088
    fb: Ajeek Syasya

  62. Have never own a wireless earphones before, would love to be wearing this hue of color on my ears for music and convenience phone calls.

    I love the lovely colors they have in this series. It caught my eyes ever since they first launch this product. Couldn’t decide which color to choose, all of them are so pretty on its own! I also like the lightweight and wireless features. Most importantly it has long battery life that you need not charge it so often.

    Name: Jamie
    ig: jamiejeimii

  63. hey Summer!! thank you for the giveaway!

    I love Sudio Tolv because it has a really long battery life which means I don't have to charge it often so it's really convenient to use! I also love that Sudio Tolv looks very elegant and pretty. Hence they are fashionable and functional <3

    Name: Sherilyn
    IG: wanderlust_thingz

  64. I'm outdated too. Haha. Opps. Wireless headphones are a dream come because I really dislike dangly wires and I really love that the Studio Tolv is so lightweight and portable! This will be a great accompaniment for my workouts!

    Name: Jasmine Yeo
    IG: yeoahyeo

  65. I'm outdated too. Haha. Opps. Wireless headphones are a dream come true because I really dislike dangly wires and I really love that the Studio Tolv is so lightweight and portable! This will be a great accompaniment for my workouts!

    Name: Jasmine Yeo
    IG: yeoahyeo

  66. I love the long battery life , portability & the lovely chic design! Hopefully with this, I will have no more excuses that I don’t feel like exercising coz there’s nothing to keep me entertained & distracted while I’m jogging. Time to lose my excess weight and Gors back to my pre-preg weight (9yrs back! Haha )

    Name: Ruihui Fu
    IG: ruihuifu

  67. I like Sudio for its Chic, long battery and lightweight! ♥️

    Name: Tiffany Phua

    Ig: tiffanyphua_

  68. I just love it as is wireless n the fact of able to answer calls while using it n without the need of reaching out for my phone.

    Jessie Lee
    IG jessieleesb

  69. I love the design of it and think this will be a great gift for my wife :)

    Tack fΓΆr presenten

    Ong Junkai
    IG: kaiserminz

  70. Love the sleek design, the sound quality and how lightweight it is!!! :D

    Name: Xue Ling
    IG: xuelingvelvets

  71. Love the aesthetics and how convenient it is to use a wireless earpiece! ��

    Name: Ke Ru
    IG: urek_lim

  72. I love it’s chic design especially the one in pink! The long battery life is a mega plus point and i love that we can now charge it on-the-go! Awesome!!

    Ig: missyrae


  73. I love that it has
    [S] uperb sound bass coupled with
    [U] nique design which is
    [D] ynamic
    [I] nnovative
    [O] riginal

    Liked both pages and shared post on FB.
    Done all steps on IG. Thank you!
    Name/FB:Seline Paisely Tan

  74. Definitely love elegant look and premium sound that Studio Tolv can produce!

    The lightweight is also convenient for me so that I can bring it everywhere without finding it bulky like other wireless earbuds.

    Lastly, the long battery life. I need to pump milk several times a day and each time last about 30mins to an hour . This can be quite boring and tedious , so with the long battery, I can watch my drama as much as I can .

    Ig: grace.t.wei
    Hope to WIN this giveaway.

  75. Love the long battery life and light weight features. I can use it during my commute and workouts and not fret over having to charge them on a daily basis.

    Ig: daddyblog

  76. What an awesome giveaway this Festive season!

    Love that it is such a pretty looking and sleek product. Definitely very useful for moms as our bags are always packed with kids stuff and we need to go light. Long battery life is definitely a super PLUS point for busy moms like me. Hope to win this perfect Christmas gift for myself ����


    IG handle : rachmj

  77. Love that it has a long battery life. We’ve sold our car for dad’s medical bills and I’ve not had the habit of bringing earphones out so this would be a perfect lightweight accessory to bring along with me and to find back the love of music in my quiet moments on the go. Thanks for the giveaway! (:
    IG handle: @bsmint

  78. I love the many colours of Sudio and that it is wireless! So convenient.

    IG blingnsplitz
    FB Shu hui Tan

  79. Omg I really need this to take a break from my baby’s cries. Help. I love the aesthetic of the wireless earphone most, and also the long battery life!!! Please let me win I NEED THIS OMG. #momlife Please pick me.

    IG: mummy_casuarina


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