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Posted by ~Summer~ on May 27, 2020
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There was one thing which made me disappointed when the Circuit Breaker was first announced on 3rd April. Oddly, it wasn't because of full home-based learning for the kids or that we were required to practise safe distancing measures and stay home. That, I assumed I could deal with because being a SAHM for over a decade has trained me up pretty well. It was because there was something I had been looking forward to and I realised that we might have to put it off for months till the pandemic blew over.

You see, we had booked our family photoshoot session with Bloom Photography and it was supposed to take place a week later on Good Friday where the hubby could join us. For weeks, I had been thinking of what we should wear since we were allowed to have two outfits and what accessories the girls could bring along. They had been feeling enthusiastic about it too because it was their choice to have an outdoor shoot instead of a studio one and they were very much excited to be doing it for the first time in Botanic Gardens followed by having a good time in the park. Well, I guess things just don't always go as planned, right?

So I immediately dropped Bloom Photography a note after the announcement and casually asked if we could do it over the weekend before the restrictions came into place. Truth be told, I was just trying my luck and wasn't really expecting a yes. To my pleasant surprise, they were extremely swift to respond and after contacting their photographer, Su Wen, we agreed that we would do it the very next morning, which was in exactly 14 hours or so. Yippee yay yay!

This had to be one of my best birthday presents this year because whenever I looked through these photographs, every one of them just feels so precious to me. Yup, I turned 37 on the very day CB started on 7 April, what a memorable year, right? It has been over one and a half years since we did our last family photoshoot and I can see the huge change in each of the kids. Time really flies when you are a parent, I'm sure you already know that by now. That is also why I love being able to capture these happy moments and turn them into lasting memories. Here's sharing more about our photoshoot experience that day.

We reached the venue at 8am in the morning, after somehow miraculously waking the kids before the sun rose to dress them up and making our way to the gardens. The girls and I managed to put on some light makeup and I love doing such girly things with them on special occasions like this.

Since we were going to have two outfits, we chose to first go with the formal wear and then switch into something more casual later on. That meant we had to carry along five sets of outfits and footwear as we made our way around and it was a good thing we had brought along our trusty, decade old Maclaren stroller.

As usual, it took a while before the kids were warmed up and felt more at ease in the new environment. In Su Wen's words, she said that our kids were very well-trained to pose and smile for the camera - that's the thing about being a blogger's kid, for good or bad. I love the natural shots she took of them, even though it might not always be one with a big smile.

We had different poses for our shots, some were done sitting down, some standing up, a few were walking or jumping while others were more freestyle. Being a mum herself, Su Wen understood the importance of capturing both siblings group shots and solo shots of each of the kids. I was thankful for that because it made each of the kids feel special and I can't even describe how precious these will be when we look back in a few years' time.

When doing the individual shots, Su Wen would direct the kids where to stand and guide them with the poses too. At times, she might take a little time to think or change our positions after trying out one or two shots but I totally appreciate how she tried to make everything as perfect as it could be. While I knew the girls would fully cooperate with her, I was half hesitant if the boy would be able to do it because he is usually wary of strangers and sticks to Mama like superglue. I guess he was on his best form that day because he did every pose suavely and even put on that charming smile of his as best as he could. Hooray!

By the way, 8am might be an awfully early time to do a photoshoot but seeing how beautiful the lake was and sensing how the weather wasn't yet too hot for comfort, I then understood why this was one of the best timings. Oh, if you are not a morning person or prefer a later slot, you can choose to have your photoshoot session at 4:30pm too.

I asked Su Wen if she could help the hubby and I capture some couple shots to commemorate our 12th wedding anniversary later on that month and she gladly obliged. These pictures are important to me because they are a reminder while the course of true love never runs smooth, to be able to find each other in the first place, we are beyond blessed.

We didn't take long, probably over half an hour, to wrap up our formal wear segment before we made our way for a short break as we changed into the next outfit. By this time, the sun was shining brightly and all of us were perspiring. Thus, we were only too relieved to ditch the bulky dresses, long pants and uncomfortable heels for denim jumpers, T-shirts and running shoes. Casual is definitely more of our style and it was plain to see that everyone felt more comfortable in the second outfit. But then again, it's nice to have some shots of us in formal wear for keepsake, right? That is why I felt thankful that Bloom gave us the opportunity to change our outfits because we didn't get the chance to during most of our past photoshoots.

For our first stop after the break, Su Wen brought us to the swings which was a great prop for the shoot and I loved the lush greenery in the backdrop too. Oh, I have to mention this before I forget, the seats in Botanic Gardens were demarcated by that time because of the safe distancing rules and you could see crosses on the benches and swings. I asked Su Wen if that would be an issue but she said they would be barely noticeable and yup, she was absolutely right.

This was the one and only mum-and-kids picture we took that entire day. Yes, just one. But guess what? It is now the header in my blog because it was so well-taken and I love it lots. Sometimes, just one is enough, right?

We also did mum-and-daughters as well as father-and-son shots at the swing which captured the smiles of the kids well because they were just too happy to rock back and forth. I saw how far Su Wen was standing from the kids yet the framing of the pictures turned out really well and it goes to show the power of a good lens and a professional photographer.

By this time, it had been over an hour since we started and it was not hard to see that the kids were feeling hot and a little exhausted, especially the youngest. It was then that I realised I had totally forgotten to bring along some snacks to keep them happy and just when I was trying hard to think of what to do, Su Wen told the kids that she had brought along candies and gummies as rewards for them if they could endure a little more. Oh yay! Thank you for being so thoughtful and well-prepared! Yup, as guilty as I might be, sweets and snacks are really lifesavers at times so let's just keep an eye closed once in a while.

I was really happy to see how the family pictures turned out eventually, especially for the second half of the shoot. We took portraits at the bench, we tried out jumping shots, we even sat down on a picnic mat which Su Wen had brought along as a prop. This one above, where we tried to tickle each other, was one of my favourites. A picture tells a thousand words and many of these photos were able to capture our essence and showcase the natural, fun-loving side of us.

The kids were also delighted to do a running series where they would hold hands and just keep running towards Su Wen. Yup, if you wanna get the kids to smile or laugh naturally, get them to run, play catching, relax and be carefree.

After that, the kids were evidently out of energy already and I could tell they were eager to call it a day so they could rest. The hubby also commented and asked if it was going to end soon because I bet he felt famished by that time since he didn't have breakfast, haha. Su Wen was the one who urged and encouraged us to go to one final spot before we dismissed and I have to say that I am so glad we did it because... just check out these last pics we took!

Nice, right? It was a picture-perfect spot - thankfully it was shaded - and some of these made it to my top favourites that day. The kids took turns to take their last individual shots and I have to give them credit for smiling so sweetly and happily even though they were tired. Awesome job, kiddos!

To Bloom Photography and Su Wen, thank you so much for all these beautiful pictures of our humble family that will last us for a lifetime. We had a truly wonderful experience and I think the results speak for themselves. Lastly, to all parents, I would definitely encourage you to do a family photoshoot while the kids are still young.

Memories, they are simply priceless.



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Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration between Bloom Photography and A Happy Mum. We received a complimentary family photoshoot and soft copy photographs in writing these review. All opinions are my own.


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