Creativity 521 #121 - DIY Terrarium from Masons Home Decor

Posted by ~Summer~ on August 21, 2020
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I do not have green fingers but when we moved into A Happy Home, I decided to find a spot in our balcony for a mini indoor garden that will make us feel closer to nature. We bought a wooden shelf that fitted nicely into the small space we had and over time, we filled it up with small pots of plants, a mini greenhouse and a handful of terrariums.

The kids have shown a keen interest in keeping this garden going which is evident by how they would diligently remember to water the plants, clear away the weeds and clean up the fallen leaves. Having a landscape of plants, no matter how little, is a good way to improve patience, calm nerves and bring smiles. That said, out of everything we've tried to grow, my personal favourite goes to DIY terrariums! Not only are they extremely easy to maintain since they are self-sustaining ecosystems, they are also very fun to create and make a great opportunity for the family to bond.

In this Creativity 521 post, I will be sharing about our latest DIY terrarium from Masons Home Decor that kept us busy and happy for an afternoon as the kids and I built it up from scratch. Check out their big smiles at the end, I think they kind of sum up everything, don't they?

Everything that we needed to create our terrarium came nicely packed in a box. These include a huge glass jar, four pots of assorted succulents, a set of shovels, a bag of premium terrarium mix, three bags of gravel, pebbles and stones, two decorative ornaments and a squeeze bottle for watering the plants.

We received four different kinds of succulents and in case you don't know, the word 'succulent' comes from the Latin word 'sucus', meaning juice or sap. Succulents are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy and engorged - usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. This implies that we only need to water our succulents moderately, or to be more specific, just once a week. That makes it easy even for busy parents like you and I, right?

The kids exclaimed in unison "So CUTE!" when they saw the two pink flamingos. Yup, the decorating part always thrills the kids the most and I think we will hop by our nearby store to get more ornaments soon! If you are new to terrariums, you can check out the guide on Masons Home Decor that provides information on everything you need to know in order to begin. 

The instructions that we received for our DIY Terrarium was straightforward and easy to follow. In fact, the kids could carry them out themselves without needing much help from me! Well, I did help to clear up the mess after, haha.

Firstly, we rinsed our glass jar to make sure that it was as clean as could be. Since gravels, pebbles and rocks can gather sediments over time, it is also recommended to give them a good rinse to avoid contamination of the plants.

Next, it was time for the fun part, adding in the layers one by one! For the bottom-most layer, we put in the small rocks so that water can be drained out and the roots of the succulents will not rot.

Once that was completed, it was time to add in the packet of terrarium mix, which is also the soil layer. It is called the premium terrarium mix because it has been mixed with fertiliser to ensure the sustainability of the plants and that is something we totally welcome.

Now for the difficult part - time to transfer the succulents! This was a test of their fine motor skills and dexterity as the kids took turns to gently dig up the plants from the pots and move them delicately into the glass jar. Before doing so, remember to dig up holes about 2 to 3cm deep in the soil so that the plants can fit in.

I must say that the mini shovels came in very handy and were the perfect size for their tiny hands. To make things easier, let them use the shovel to move around the plant a couple of times in order to loosen the soil before attempting to pick it up. Remind them to be as meticulous as possible especially when handling the fragile roots and as the parent, don't get mad if they make a mess or break a leaf or two.

The succulent that posed the biggest challenge to us was... the cactus! Its spines were sharp and prickly and the kids each got poked by them a few times. Well, but since the plant was small, it didn't hurt that much but instead made the kids laugh out loud. This is the first time we have a cactus in our home and I really like it because to me, it is a symbol of resilience and endurance - traits that I wish to instill in my children. Did you know? The cactus flower is also said to represent maternal love because it can thrive in harsh conditions and therefore symbolic of a mother's unconditional love. Awwww.

When we were done transferring the plants and happy with the positioning, it was time for the final part - decorating our terrarium! The kids took turns to put in the big pieces of gravel and any leftover pebbles we had.

Lastly, they had a discussion about where to place the flamingos and in the end, we chose to put them at one side overlooking the balcony and facing each other so that they would not be lonely.

The kids were excited to start watering the succulents and I had to remind that this only needed to be done once a week as we definitely do not want them to be overwatered. The squeeze bottle that came in the box made it easy for them to handle and because of its pointed tip, you can be precise at choosing which spot you want to water.

How do you like the final look of our terrarium? I think it looks simple and nice and is a great addition to our mini garden!

For those who are keen to get a DIY terrarium kit or ready-made ones, check out I did hear that the DIY kit is in popular demand so you might need to wait a little while for new stocks to arrive. They also conduct terrarium making workshops for those who wish to create more complex ones and these cost $28 per 90-minute session. Customised terrariums can also be requested. For more information, drop them a call at +65 6282 2815 or e-mail at

Till the next Creativity 521 post! In the meantime, don't forget to make time for hands-on projects to keep the little hands busy and let their creative juices flow.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration between Masons Home Decor and A Happy Mum. All photographs and opinions are my own.


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