A special place in my heart - Ansel is 2 months old!

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 27, 2021

It's been an awesome second month with this baby boy, watching him grow, seeing him getting chubbier and hearing his cute laughter. It was also a memorable 38th birthday for me because this was the first time I was celebrating it as a mum of 4 and having Ansel in my arms made it all the more special. While we are still battling jaundice and going for blood test after blood test, this boy has shown that he is strong and not one to cry or give up easily. Thank you for making my mornings brighter and nights happier just by being here with me, my love. Happy turning 2 months old, here's a video to remember some of your precious moments.



Dear Ansel,

In the blink of an eye, you have turned two months old! It's wonderful seeing you grow day by day and a reminder of just how time flies.

Mama had to bring you to do a few blood tests because you were still having jaundice and although it makes my heart ache to see you in pain, I also knew you are a strong boy. You would wince and cry for just a minute but once I held you close to me, you would calm down and fall asleep. Let's hope that your jaundice level will fall to below 100 soon so that we can be discharged, yeah?

Although your latching has improved slightly since we did the tongue tie surgery, you still tend to fuss and whine when I try to breastfeed you. However, you are so good at drinking from the milk bottle and would finish the very last drop, which is why I am motivated to keep pumping around the clock no matter how exhausting it is. Your Jiejies and Korkor would always rush up to feed you whenever they see the milk bottle and you are happy with whoever feeds you as long as you get to drink your milk.

We saw your smiles on some days and it was the most beautiful thing ever. All of us would scream "He smiled! He smiled!" and go "Awwwww..." because you looked so adorable whenever that grin was on your face. Yup, you are definitely our 心肝宝贝 and we love you lots, I am sure you can feel that too judging by how many wet kisses and tight hugs you get from each of us every day.

Ever since my confinement ended, we've been going out regularly, haven't we? You are slowly but surely getting used to sitting in your car seat stroller even though you were slightly scared at first. Every morning and afternoon, we would head out together to walk Korkor to school and then fetch him home. You would always attract the attention of passers-by and they would comment how tiny you were, how much hair you had, how cute you looked and you always, always brought smiles on their faces.
Remember how you would jump in your seat whenever the wheels went across a bumpy road or how you would get startled when you heard a loud noise? I would always comfort you, pat you and tell you it was okay. We also brought you to travel on the bus and train and I'm sure you will get accustomed to taking public transport just like your siblings very soon. It's fun to go gai gai as a family and I hope the pandemic will be over soon so that we can bring you to more faraway places, my dear.

I love seeing your many expressions and it always makes me laugh to see your cute pout, 'O' shaped mouth and scrunched up face. Every time I look at you, I am just so thankful that you are here, that I gave birth to you, and that you are all mine to love and adore for now. You are my baby prince and since you are the last one, I just hope to cherish every moment of seeing you grow up and I'm hoping that will happen as slowly as possible. 慢高长大,行吗?Love you so much, Ansel, and happy happy 2nd month!



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