The story of us - Ansel is 4 months old!

Posted by ~Summer~ on July 22, 2021

Ansel is four months old!

Well, for a period of time, I found it tough and exhausting to stay up to make these videos. Yet every time I look at my baby, I'm reminded of how fleeting these months, and years, are. Thus, that motivates me to do it no matter how difficult it is. If I had the time, there are so many more precious moments of my kids that I hope to turn into everlasting memories. Still, no matter what, that shouldn't stop me from being truly present instead of living my life behind a lens when they are beside me, right?

One of the biggest highlights of Ansel turning four months old was his first food ceremony! It is a tradition that we've kept to since over a decade ago with our first baby girl and I'm glad we've kept it up over the years. The kids were looking forward and so enthusiastic about feeding their baby brother for the first time and I hope he knows how much he is loved by all of us. 

Having four kids might mean a constantly messy, chaotic and rowdy home but whenever I look at such videos which showcase the sweet moments of having a baby and the bliss of having kids who love and care for each other, I know I made the right choice for myself. Love you so much, my darling Ansel!


Dear Ansel,

Happy turning 4 months old! How is it possible that time flies so fast and you are now my chubby little one who weighs over 6kg and is outgrowing his baby clothes already? Well, I will never figure that out but all I can do is to cherish every single day that I get to watch you grow up, hear your laughter and hold you in my arms.

You love it when I carry you up high or when we play Super Baby, right? I love the way you chuckle whenever you are 'flying' in the air and I will always take the chance to steal a kiss or two, haha. Actually, I think I kiss you at least a hundred times a day but you don't seem to mind, even if your siblings add on another hundred kisses on your adorable little face because we all just can't seem to help it.

Talking about siblings, I think you are starting to recognise their faces and voices and you always smile whenever they come back home or when we fetch them from school. Awww, that's just your way of showing your love for them, right? I think it's awesome having three older siblings, don't you think so too? 大姐 and 二姐 love you to the moon and back and they are my wonderful helpers who can carry you around the house, soothe you when you cry and even help change your diapers. As for Korkor, he might not be able to carry you and walk around yet but he tries to do it sitting down and he is the one who sings the most to you, right? He even tried to read story books to you this month when I was taking a shower and that was a wonderful, loving sight to see. I know you'll love them just as much when you grow up too.

On the very day that you turned four months old, we held a first food ceremony for you where you got to have a taste of a chicken drumstick, a prawn, a biscuit, brown rice and an apple too. See your video here. Your siblings and I were so excited to feed you and I can't wait to let you try out more food in a couple of months too. For now, it does seem like you are a good eater and I hope you will not be fussy when we start you on puree, cereal and porridge, okay? It's gonna be fun, I promise, and Mama will be here with you every step of the way on your eating journey.

You have been drooling a lot every day and you love eating your 'fish fingers' too! Yup, your fingers are definitely your favourite snack for now, no doubt about that. It's funny how we think it's cute even when your saliva drips all over us when we play with you, but I think that just shows how much we love you. I saw a white little dot on your gums so maybe you will be cutting your first tooth very soon, yeah?

It warms my heart to see your lovely smiles and hear your cute laughter these days. You know what, your sisters realised that you will ALWAYS laugh whenever they bring you to look into the mirror. I thought it might be a coincidence initially but they proved it time after time and we even captured it on video too. You laughter is infectious and it makes all of us happy too, you know that? Every day, I feel thankful for you, my little sunshine boy.

We have also been 'talking' to you a lot these days because you are getting good with your goo goo ga gas. Yup, you respond when we talk to you and although I can't make out what you are saying just yet, I love hearing those cute baby sounds you make because it really seems like you are trying to have a conversation with us! Awwww, my darling, soon we will be able to chat  every morning, afternoon and night, okay? I promise to be a good listener and to patiently listen to all the stories you have to tell.

Thank you for being you. You are the best present in our lives and you make the world so much better for us. I love you more than you will ever know, dear Ansel. Looking forward to your next milestone!

Love, Mama


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