Dance, slide and have fun! - Ansel's 7th and 8th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on February 04, 2022
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I haven't been sitting in front of my computer desk much in the last few months because I devoted all my time and energy to the kids. Yup, that means it has been hard to churn out a blog post, much less a video update of the baby boy.

That said, I am still very determined to keep this up and it's only fair that I document his infant years the same way that I did for the elder siblings. I might be late at times but it's still better than never, right?

Here's presenting Ansel's 7th and 8th months video! This was done when the kids were sleeping so many of my wee hours went into the making of it. Nonetheless, I see how my kids still love watching their own baby videos and I know it's definitely 100% worthwhile. These memories, they are so precious and they make me feel so sentimental whenever I look back and think about how fast my babies have grown.

Time, I truly wish you could slow down at times.

Dear Ansel,

How is it that you've turned eight months old in the blink of an eye? I still remember my tiny, premature baby who was battling jaundice at eight days old and was under the UV light for 20 hours, and now, here you are sitting upright in front of me with your big eyes, thick hair, toothless grin and an eagerness to start to crawl.

I don't know what we did to deserve you but please know that you are a gift to all of us. Your Jiejies, Korkor, Papa and I love you, very, very much and you bring us great joy in the ways we didn't expect. It's like even if I am having a terrible day in my life and feeling worn out, all I have to do is look at your angelic face, feel your little hand, give you a warm hug and the world is right side up once more. You are the strength and the motivation for me to be better, to try harder and to live happier.

We've been bringing you out often and you seem to really love gai gai, don't you? You are happy to sit in the pram and even happier to be inside the baby carrier. I love having you snug in my chest and rest assured that I'm gonna carry you for as long as you before you grow too big.

You are an easy one to feed and you love my home cooked porridge, puree, fruits and mealtimes are always fun with you. Besides fun, we also get pretty messy,  don't we? Just look at what you did when you ate blueberries for the first time, haha. Still, even though it keeps me on my toes, I count my blessings for being able to feed you every morning, afternoon and night. Milk, I mean Mama's milk, is still your favourite drink and whenever you are upset, being in my chest always makes you feel better, doesn't it? Let's see if you can break your Korkor's 3.5 years record!

Going on kiddy rides makes you happy and I think you are very lucky to have three other siblings to accompany you, don't you think so? Playing in a group merrily is so much better than being alone. Your siblings always take good care of you and it's because of you that all of us are enjoying the little things in life once more. We are also very excited to bring you to playgrounds and let you go on slides! You seem to like that exhilarating feeling because you always let out a big smile and a loud laugh.

You are cutting your first two tooth and soon you won't be toothless already! I'm so glad I get to take photos and videos of you in every phase because they are so fleeting. Maybe it's due to the teething but you've been waking up several times a night and even though it makes me really tired, I'm thankful to be the one right beside you and the one who can soothe and calm you down when you are upset. I know you are happy to sleep beside me too so let's cherish these years while we can.

Just like your siblings, you love to be in the pool and we bought you a small float for you to use. You seem so happy to be inside it and your sisters always love to pull you along for a ride. You also share their love for animals and that is why we chose to go the Zoo and River Wonders to celebrate your 8th month. We had a blast, didn't we? I hope we will always enjoy such simple but happy family trips and it's because of you that they are made all the more special.

Happy turning 8th month old, my dear! I love you more than words can say and I hope that one day, you will look back on your growing up videos and be proud and happy to be part of our big family.



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