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Posted by ~Summer~ on March 28, 2022
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The baby boy turned the BIG one last month. That is a huge milestone and it's hard to believe that this baby is now a toddler already. Time flies when you are a mum and that is why I love to document my kids' growing up years because they will never be this small again.

We were very much looking forward to his one-year-old photoshoot with Bloom Photography whom we totally trust because we've worked with them before and have always been pleased with the experience and results.

This was gonna be extra special because it was our first Cake Smash photoshoot and the name itself sounds like so much fun, right? You only get to do this when your baby is around one so you bet I cherished it deeply since it was going to be our first and last cake smash themed shoot. Let's check out the pics from that day!


We initially planned for an outdoor photoshoot in East Coast Park because we love nature and I thought it would be good for the kids to have space to run around and have some fun. Alas, the weather didn't hold up that day and we were on our way when raindrops started to fall.

After making a call to our photographer Su Wen, who recommended that we switch to a studio shoot instead to avoid the rain and get better lighting, we changed our course and headed to their studio.

Despite the last minute change, everything was set up swiftly and I was very amazed with their efficiency. Judging by how the kids loved the toys corner in their studio and how everyone seemed comfortable and at ease, I was convinced that things happened for a reason and it was fated that we moved to the studio. See the lovely backdrop below?

I totally LOVE it! The combination of blue and gold colours, of twinkling stars against the sky and floating clouds, of shimmering hues and shiny reflections, it suited baby Ansel to a tee.

The beautiful ombre cake was a highlight of this photoshoot segment and it was provided by Bloom Photography as part of the package. So, so pretty, right? A little wasted to be used for just smashing but it makes for great photo opportunities.

In case you are wondering about outfits, Ansel is wearing his own because I happened to bring along his dark blue jumpsuit which fitted the backdrop perfectly. Bloom Photography provides outfits too (we had a choice of a blue or cream denim jumpsuit) or you can choose to bring along your own. Just note that it will be smeared with lots of cream afterwards but a good wash will get rid of it.

I think a cake smash session can reveal a baby's personality traits, don't you think so? While some might revel in this rare chance to eat cake and make a huge mess, others might be more cautious and gentle with every step they take. Ansel belongs to the latter and he took things slowly, explored bit by bit and was a little confused when his hands were filled with cream. Haha. We placed his favourite Gerber puffs on the cake to entice him to crawl over and get closer. His favourite part was using the spatula to hit the cake and pretend to be cooking.

It's never as easy as it looks and there is a tremendous of work involved behind the scene. Some shots might not turn out the way you want to too and that's totally okay. For instance, Su Wen wanted to capture a shot of Ansel lying on his back with his feet in the air but he refused and would make a fuss and roll over every time we tried. Well, I guess sometimes we just have to let the baby call the shots in this case.


What do you need after getting yourself all smeared with cream? Well, a good bath, of course! And not just any bath but a milk bath. This was the most enjoyable part of the shoot for Ansel because he took comfort in the warm water and was happy to play with bath toys and just splash around. That mini bath tub is just too cute, right?

See his long hair? I was debating if I should cut his hair short before the photoshoot but was glad I decided not to because it's kind of his signature. Yup, this lucky baby is born with long, thick hair and because of that along with his features, many people mistake him for Korean or Japanese.

Oh, and another benefit about having a studio photoshoot is that unlike in a park, you get a proper toilet to bathe the baby when the session ends. All the baby toiletries were provided too and it made cleaning up much faster and easier for us, which was a good thing as we were headed out for lunch afterwards.

This baby is a smiley, happy boy who is usually cheerful unless he is tired or hungry. Even so, it still takes effort to get him to look at the camera and put on his best smile. We had to play Baby Shark, sing, dance, jump and do antics get his attention. Thankfully, Su Wen is proficient and experienced in this and she patiently tries until she gets a good shot.

Milk baths are so shiok right, my dear baby boy?


While Ansel probably loved the bath most, my favourite part was when we got to come together to take some family portraits for keepsake. These are just too precious to me and I cherish each picture very, very much. Here are some of my top picks.

-> With the birthday boy

We seldom take picture with just one kid but maybe we should do so on birthdays to make the child feel extra special and loved.

-> Parent and kids

It's wonderful having a family portrait but also nice at times to let one parent be in the limelight.

-> Siblings 

Siblings are forever and sibling shots are a reminder to be loving always. You are blessed to have each other.

-> Solo

Solo shots show how much each child has grown and make great profile pics. 

-> Family

But the best of all is still family shots and I treasure these uso much. It's not easy when you have a big family and hope that everyone will smile nicely at the camera but we tried our best and I love the results. Our matching monochrome colours turned out pretty well, right?


Cake smash photoshoots are the in-thing nowadays and I am glad we did this for our last baby. If you are still on the fence about it, here are reaons why you should totally do it.

1) They grow up too fast

Cake smash photoshoots are only suitable for babies and toddlers around one year old and from experience, that phase doesn't stay very long. Do it while you still can!

2) It's fun and interesting

It's different from the usual setup and the cake and bath tub are interesting elements that jazz up the whole session and make them engaging and fun for the little ones.

3) Choice of outdoor or studio

Based on your personal preference, you can choose to do it indoor or outdoor. The pictures will turn out quite differently so it's all about what you like.

4) Lasting memories

Transform the fleeting moments into lasting memories while our little ones are still little. Photoshoots will get rarer as the kids all grow up (and we grow old).

5) Family portraits 

It is a good opportunity to get an updated family portrait during the photoshoot too, even though the cake smash is the main highlight. Family photos are a legacy we leave for our kids and each speaks a thousand words.

Thanks to Bloom Photography for all the beautiful pictures, fun experience and priceless memories. Quote "SUMMER" to enjoy 10% off upon booking your session. Terms and conditions apply.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored collaboration with Bloom Photography. All photos are take and provided by Bloom Photography. All opinions are solely our own.


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