Our precious one - Ansel's 9th and 10th months

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 10, 2022

I guess it's taken me some time to finish this but I'm not gonna give up. You see, these growing up videos of the kids are very precious to us and it's better late than never in this case. 

You know, my kids' favourite YouTube channel is not CocoMelon or Nicklelodeon but our very own channel with a compilation of over 100 of our videos over the years. These moments are worth cherishing and the memories are priceless, at least to us. I always tell the kids how lucky they are to have technology that enables them to capture everything so easily but to never forget that the best part is still using our hearts and eyes to see and feel every experience.

Yup, so here's Ansel's latest video which depicts fond moments from his 9th and 10th months. I know the kids are still gonna be very excited to see this later! Each video always makes all of us smile when we realise how much fun we've had as a family, how fast the baby is growing and how absolutely lucky we are to have him in our lives.


Dear Ansel,

Happy 10 months old! It's hard to believe that we are just two months away from your first birthday and that you are gonna be a toddler soon!

You love listening to the song Baby Shark and it's what your siblings sing to you to entertain you during mealtimes. It's a good thing you have three of them who can take turns to sing and I hope you know how much all of them love you. You are our 小宝贝, our little avocado, our cutie pie and our precious darling.

Your smile brightens up our day and nowadays, you tend to love at the smallest things and your laughter is just so contagious. Do you remember how you kept laughing when we were shopping in Uniqlo? It made all of us so happy too.

Kiddy rides are one of your favourite things to do and even if it's stationary, you are just very happy to sit on any of them. You especially love anything that has a steering wheel and that's something you have in common with your Korkor who loves cars too. It's nice to have a brother who dotes on you so much and to grow up with, right?

Now, you have two front teeth and it makes you look super cute! Mealtimes are usually a breeze with you because you are not a picky eater and eats nearly everything that I cook or buy for you. You love Gerber puffs a lot and it's your favourite snack for now, and you are also a 水果王 like Korkor because you love all kinds of fruits. 

You've started to crawl and love to explore around the house so it's harder to keep up with the active you these days. But I love seeing that you are a strong, healthy boy who is growing up well. It seems like you are gonna be crawling on all fours instead of like your siblings who did the commando crawl and three-legged crawl. You can also stand with support now and we are always so excited to see you achieving a new milestone. I think it's awesome to have a cheerleader squad who encourages and cheers for you. No matter what happens, we will always be your best supporters.

We went gai gai a lot these two months and tried out new experiences like having a Glam-Party in Jewel, jumping on bouncy castles, having a staycation in a container, visiting Wild Wild Wet and going on the lazy river, feeding birds at Jurong Bird Park, going on your first cable car ride, visiting S.E.A. Aquarium and more! Yes, that's the fun of school holidays and it's fun to hang out as a family. You are well-trained now and can take the public transport with us, take naps anywhere and are generally very happy to be out with us. Woohoo!

At Singapore Zoo, you also went on your first carousel ride and hopefully it's the start of many more to come! Thank you for letting me have the chance to do all the kiddy things once more and experience the wonderful feeling of being a mum to a little one. We've still so much to explore, so much to feel and so much to do in the days ahead. I can't wait to go on more adventures with you!

You had your first Halloween party too and was dressed up as our little cutie pumpkin pie. I know you aren't able to play the games or watch the movie with us yet but it's still a wonderful joy to have you with us - you were in my tummy when we celebrated Halloween last year.

You are my bundle of sunshine and every morning when I see you sleeping peacefully beside me, even if you had peed on the bed or woke me for the nth time in the middle of the night, I still thank my lucky stars and count my blessings for having you in my life. 有你,我真幸福。

Happy turning 10 months old, my dear Ansel.

With lots of love, Mama


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