Happiness is... enjoying a new beginning

Posted by ~Summer~ on May 24, 2023
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The start of a new year is always something to rejoice about because it symbolises hope, gives motivation and brings joy.

While I greatly enjoy Christmas and the festive year end, I also love a new beginning because it gives me another chance to achieve the things that I wish to do and resolve any unfulfilled resolutions I have. By resolve, it doesn't always mean that I succeed in achieving my aim but it means that I make peace with myself if I have any unfulfilled wishes. It doesn't, and shouldn't, stop me in making new resolutions for the new year because our aims in life change as we grow as a parent and as a person.

2023 marks the year that I turn 40 and that is a huge milestone, isn't it? It's like I am at the halfway mark of my life already, if not more, and it makes you ponder so much about the things you've done with it so far. I shall share more on my birthday thoughts in another long-winded post when I get the chance to write, yeah?

For now, in this post of "Happiness is...", it's about enjoying a new beginning and feeling the hope in the air.


This year. Chinese New Year falls within January so that gave us ample opportunities to gather and celebration with our loved ones in this first month of the year. I don't usually buy new clothes for the kids because I find that their CNY costumes, which are usually hand-me-downs, are rarely used and can last us for a few years till they outgrow them. That said, seeing how the costumes shrink on their bodies year by year, it's a stark reminder that the kids are growing up very fast and time is as usual fleeting.

I mean, just look at Ansel! He can fit into Korkor's CNY costume now and he looks kind of grown up here with the cute pigtail, doesn't he? It seems like once our kids pass the baby stage, the years just zoom by and they turn from toddler to preschooler to teenager in the blink of an eye. I know this very well because I already have a teen in the house!

The best thing about CNY is being able to have reunion meals, gather with our family and bond over good food and chit chat. We had a yummy home cooked lunch with my in-laws and extended family and we went to the coffeeshop to have a lohei dinner with my parents, aunties, uncles and cousins too. While I love a delicious meal, I think the more important thing here is to cherish each other's company and be thankful that we still get to do this year after year. I miss my Popo so much since she's been gone and every CNY, I still put a red packet for her with a handwritten message next to her photos which are displayed in my living room wall. CNY is always about her and it will never be the same for us ever since she left. 好想你哦,婆婆...

I like to take photos of the kids together and I always remind them that it's a blessing to have siblings and they are lucky to have not one but three! It never fails to amaze me to think about how these four popped out of my womb and I am incredibly, absolutely fortunate to be their mum. Do you think they look alike here? People always comment they do but the funny thing is they will pair them up to say these two look more alike yet the pairing varies and we've gotten too many different views. Haha. That said, they definitely have their own individual characteristics and personal likes and dislikes, and that is how it should be as they grow up.

I also love taking one-on-one pics with the kids and I think I will continue to do so till the day that they refuse to be photographed with me anymore, haha.

We celebrated my father-in-law's birthday during CNY and it's always a cosy affair where we invite the extended family over to have a home cooked meal. Simple celebrations can be the best kind of celebration, right? The kids are always elated to see their cousins and it's nice to know that they love and enjoy each other's company.

Ansel has a penchant for lion dance these days because we showed him a few videos of it which intrigued him. So when the korkor and jiejies were in school, there happened to be a live lion dance performance in the mall so I made sure I brought him there to catch it. He managed to get a candy from 财神爷 and touch the lion which thrilled him so much.

It's been long since I had a gathering with a big bunch of ex-classmates so I am very glad I did this with my JC friends. We had a steamboat, exchanged ang pows and the kids had fun playing together too.

The kids and I had an outing to S.E.A. Aquarium and we had fun listening to mermaid storytelling session, touching the sea stars, seeing the diverse marine life, completing an activity trail and witnessing a unique dragon underwater dance too.

We love visiting our airport because there are always so many family-friendly activities there. This month, we celebrate 100 years of Disney and not only did the kids get to take photos with some really cool photo spots from our favourite movies, they got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse up close too! Woohoo!

Check out my four models! I must say they did quite a good job and were quite cooperative! It's never easy telling them that this is Mama's "job" which require their help but since they enjoy such media events, it's the least they can do to help out. Plus, these photos make such good keepsakes so even if I am not there on invite, I would totally take photos of them too (just not so many)! Haha. But don't get me wrong, there are also days when one or two kids will grumble or have a meltdown and that is when I have to put my coaxing skills and patience to the test. Still, we are very thankful to be invited for any launches or media events.

I made a trip back to my alma mater when my ex-classmates told me that there was an alumni reunion. It was my first time back after over two decades and of course, it was the first time the kids set foot in my junior college too. There was a feeling of nostalgic as I brought them around and introduced some of my favourite spots, including the lecture theatres, canteen, field, hall, parade square and so on. There were so many fond moments and it was a very memorable two-year phase of my life.

Time only goes forward and doesn't rewind, nor will it stop for anything or anyone. Yup. How the years pass us by as we age. I keep telling myself that if decades can fly past so soon, I'd better cherish the days I have with the kids before they reached the adult stage and don't need me to be around them anymore.

Last but not least, the girls and I went on a mum-and-daughters date and got a haircut! It is our second time doing it together and I think it might become an annual tradition too. They enjoyed getting their hair washed and blown and it's a once a year treat for them. New hair, new hope, new beginning!

Can't wait to share more of our family story in 2023 with you and hope you had a great start to the year too! Till the next post!


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