Write what you know, not what you don't

Posted by ~Summer~ on July 23, 2011

I was re-watching one of the classic love comedies, "Never been kissed" which aired on TV last night. There was a quote by Drew Barrymore which I found to be pretty true and memorable.

"To write well, you write what you know.."

I guess that's very true, at least for me.

Ok, let's see. There's no way I will start a blog on technology gadgets because I am not a geek. So if you ask me things like what's the difference between iPhone 4 and 5 or what's the best DSLR out there, I probably will be speechless. Well, maybe I will try to come up with a crap answer like how I always did in open-ended questions in school.

I also won't be able to write much on fashion because firstly, I'm not a trendsetter and secondly, I don't really have much interest in what's in this season and what's out. I'm also probably one of the rare species of women on earth who doesn't own a LV or Chanel or Gucci or Prada bag. Don't ask me why. I just don't dig into it. My most expensive bag is a S$100 over Coach bag bought at a factory outlet in US. Even that took me one full day of hesitation and at least 10 visits to the store. It wasn't till jw said maybe next time I wouldn't bear to splurge on a Coach bag in Singapore and this might be my only chance, that I decided to go with it. But guess what? It became so precious that I stored it in a nice little box in the cupboard and have only used it once in three years. I've been to Paris twice, the first time I entered the giant LV building was merely to take a photo, the second time, I skipped it totallly. You get it, I'm really not tempted nor interested. So I'm pretty amazed at how people can fork out over S$5k to buy a LV bag. I really would rather buy 100 nice little dresses for my baby. No, I'm not against those who do love designer brands. Probably 9.5 out of 10 of my friends do. But it's just not me.

If I were to take an exam on current affairs or politics, I probably would flunk it too. No, it's not that I am not interested in what's happening in the rest of world and who's the president of so-and-so country, it's just that I don't think I possess enough knowledge, nor enthusiasm, to be able to start a debate or write a 10000-word essay on it.

Well. That sums up of a lot of things that I don't know. Which makes me wonder, so what do I really know?

I might not be an expert at art and craft or DIY stuff, but I definitely have a passion for it. When you have a passion for something, it's when you realise you have a voice and an opinion on it. My friend once told me a quote, to succeed in anything in life, there are three things you need: 1) Talent, 2) Passion, 3) Hard work. While a combination of all these three would be the optimum, you may still be able to pull it off with just two. Either talent and passion, or hard work and passion. But the one thing you can never lack, is passion. Therefore, it's my passion which told me not to give up on it. I might make only very simple craft, but hey, at least I'm keeping them coming!

Even though I've only been a mum for 2 years, I can probably write a thesis on it and I can definitely share with you many tips, experiences and funny incidents over a cup of coffee. Or many cups of coffee. Motherhood gave me more joy than I ever imagined and honestly, I can't imagine myself being anywhere else now but the loving mum of my little girl. This is precisely why I started this blog, and I believe that 99% of my blog entries will have something to do with my family in one way or another. That, is the one thing I will always know best - my family. 

So, my blog will probably stay the way it is, always. A blog about my happy family, my ups and downs of parenting, my passion in life, and most importantly - my truly wonderful, out-of-this-world, incredibly fabulously lovable kid. Or kids. For all you know, I might be able to set up my own Liverpool junior team next time.


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