Happy 46th birthday, Singapore!

Posted by ~Summer~ on August 09, 2011

I watched the National Day Parade alone today in the comfort of my living room. Well. Technically I wasn't alone. Angel was with me too. But first she was playing with her toys, then she was gobbling up her snacks, next she dozed off just when the national anthem was played.

Well. Can't blame her. She doesn't yet know what is Majulah Singapore, what does our pledge mean, or why is 9th August such an important date for us Singaporeans.

I do, though.

I must admit I've never been the strongly patriotic type. I love my homeland but I've never been to any NDP in my life. But today, just like last year, tears emerged in my eyes as I watched the parade. I guess living in a foreign land makes you realise how proud you are to be a fellow Singaporean.

It's only been three years since I've left, but boy, Singapore has grown so much! It's been a eventful period with the building completion of landmarks like the Marina Bay Sands, Resort World Sentosa, Marina Barrage, Helix Bridge, ArtScience Musuem etc. I was awed by the magnificent view in the background during the display of the fireworks.

Watching the military of Singapore showcase their weapons also touched an emotional chord within me. It's probably because my hubby is in the navy and I can understand how much pain, sweat, tears and blood these men of Singapore put in to make our country a safe and well-guarded one. It's really not as simple as what everybody thinks. Stop saying that Singapore doesn't need armed forces because we are too small and will be wiped out with a nuclear bomb. Start appreciating.

When the story of Singapore was unfolded through Sharon Au, her son and grandson, it might be a story I've listened to a hundred times in my life. But, it's still the one story that makes me proud and glow with joy. Cliche as it may be, without all ancestors and all their hard work, we won't be where we are today. Living abroad has made me realise just how fortunate and blessed Singaporeans are. Good (and cheap) food, high quality of healthcare, accessible transport network, no famine, no droughts, no natural disasters. Still, we always find Singaporeans complaining. Why? Why is it that when you have more, you tend to ask and demand for even more, but when you have less, you are so much more easily contented?

Anyway, I have a philosophy in my life that you might not agree with. I'm going to say it anyway. To me, life is really very simple and if you are more easily contented, you definitely will lead a happier life. Ok. Maybe you don't want a happier life. I have always and will always believe in 知足常乐, that is, "Happy is he who is content".

Happy birthday, Singapore.


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