Hope begins with 100%

Posted by ~Summer~ on January 02, 2012

The one thing I love best about 1st of January is that it symbolises a new start, chases away all the past woes and fills our hearts with hope all over again.

Of course, no one knows how this coming year would be like. Would it be a blessed one with lots of joy and all good things in the world, would it be a dreaded one with mishaps and bad luck, or would it be a roller coaster ride that makes you wanna pee in your pants but yet squeal with glee and excitement? Truth is you will never know till it happens.

Nonetheless, hope always start with 100%. So even though the cup might become half full, half empty or even totally empty somewhere along the year, my cup is one that is full to the brim now. Yes, optimism is what keeps me happy in my life. Somehow, I just know that good things are coming my way and even if it might not be a totally smooth ride, this year will yet be another memorable one filled with blessings, fortune, love and joy.

A piece of good news happened to mark the start of this year. The police called to say that my mum-in-law's bag has been recovered and is now waiting for us to collect at the station. =) Thanks to the one who turned it in. If you were a kind-hearted passer by, may you be blessed. If you were the evil thief, congrats, you still have a conscience. While it is virtually impossible that the valuables are untouched, at least we can still get back the bag and passports, and more importantly, continue to believe that life is beautiful and full of hope.

You see, good people do exist in this world. As do beautiful things, like rainbows, butterflies, chocolates and babies. Ok, babies are not things, but they are the most beautiful creation ever and nothing else comes close. It is because of all the good people and pretty things around me that make my life a wonderful one. Therefore, I am going to cherish each day of the year as it passes, as a happy girl (I was going to type woman but decided it sounded too mature for my liking), a happy wife, a happy mum.

So, hereby I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! May this be a year filled with bliss, delight, love and good health for all of you!

Remember, always hold on to that hope in your heart. Even if it's a glimmer, a flicker, a sparkle. Don't let it go.

~Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right. ~
Oprah Winfrey


  1. Heyhey! Happy 2012 to you and all at home! I love new years too. It gives one so much hope about what lies ahead. hee, it has been a joy following A Happy Mum in 2011. To more great blogging years ahead! Cheers!


  2. @gingerbreadhouseonsesamestreet
    Hey girl! Thanks much and Happy New Year to you and SH too! It's been great having you around in Karlskrona, sure hope you had a terrific winter hols! Yeap, to more happy blogging years ahead for both of us! Catch ya soon!

  3. Happy new year to both of you! 新年新希望, this fully employed man waiting for his first son to be born is really struggling to keep up with his blogposts though he has a lot of things to blog about. How???

    Haha..... anyway 我会加油的!一起加油!

  4. @Eddie Yii
    Hey Eddie! A very happy 2012 to you and your family in Bangkok too! Guess what, you are going to be even busier once your precious baby pops. Which is very soon! Can't wait to see his pics on your blog! =) Yes, let's all jia you together and all the best in your work!


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