You pain I pain

Posted by ~Summer~ on March 07, 2012

It's been a sick week at home for us, with all three of us down with cough and flu. Angel had a fever too and she's been coughing profusely especially when she sleeps, which makes her wake and cry. *sob*

Nothing breaks my heart more than to see you in pain, my darling.

So to all the viruses in my home, please go away soon!

Dearest Angel, may you get well soon and be my smiley baby once again!


  1. yes, go away soon! nothing worse! But cute photos! x

  2. Aww get well soon lil Angel! for a moment I thought she had a big cut on her head!! ;p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  3. Oh dear... Yes, I thought it was a long cut on the head too! I never managed to get my girl to agree to the cool patch so it didn't occur to me it was for the fever. Hope you guys recover soon!

    1. Thanks Ai and Ming! I will probably kill myself if she suffers another long cut somewhere after the stitching incident on her ear. Haha. Yeah she loved the patch this time round and couldn't bear to take it off even when I needed to change a new one!

  4. Aw, beautiful little thing! Hope she gets better soon x


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