Easter Holiday

Posted by ~Summer~ on April 05, 2012

Happy Easter, everyone!

A Happy Mum is going on leave because after much anticipation, we are finally heading to Billund in Denmark for a holiday.


What's in Billund, you ask?

Lots! We're going to a waterpark, a zoo but the highlight will probably be LEGOLAND.

Yeap, Angel is in for a ball of a time and we just can't wait!

Besides, it's going to be a celebration this Saturday. Yeap, erm-hem, someone is turning a year older.

So, see ya after the break and I will be back soon with more pics and updates!

P/S: Guess what is Angel's word of the day? Yeah, you got it! B-I-K-I-N-I!


  1. envy u, always can go on holiday! enjoy and have fun!!

  2. have a fun break! :) I've some good friends in Denmark that's been asking us to go over for years haha... hope to do that someday soon. And happy birthday in advance to Angel!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
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  3. LEGOLAND!!! Guess we have to wait for the one in Johor to be completed. :) Have fun!

  4. Enjoy Mummy Summer!! Happy birthday in advance!!.nv forget my dear shuang's bday is coming up...means eva's bday us coming.too!! Haha..

    Anw so.coincidental...we r gg Windsor this weekend coz my parents r coming today...considered.gg Legoland too, but think Eva wwill b too young to.understand n enjoy...mebbe when she is older...take care b take lotsa pics!!!


  5. That's so cool..LEGOLAND!! Living overseas really gives so much more experiences that are so much more interesting for a child..and for the parents. Looking forward to your pictures of the place!

  6. Have a lovely time and Happy Birthday little one! x x

  7. Oh, you have to tell us how Legoland is! I've really been wanting to go myself! (following you :-)

  8. Thanks people! Yes, I'll definitely post the pics and updates soon! =) Oh, haha, and erm, it's the mummy's bday, not dear angel. =p

  9. Happy belated birthday babe! :) and have a great trip!


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