I will probably kill the doctor

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 07, 2012

I like to read about happy things and miracle birth stories always have a way to capture my heart.

Unfortunately, the media doesn't feature the everyday birth story unless you perfectly timed your baby to be born on the first few seconds of January 1st, or if your baby sets the record for the lightest or heaviest baby born in your country, or in the saddest case, something tragic happens.

You see, positive news don't grab people's attention that much because they are too normal, too common and nothing unexpected. It's the negative, weird, catastrophic ones that somehow make you sit up and open your eyes wide.

If you haven't heard about this, here's one that made me think that I might jolly well be capable of murder.

(Extracted from The Asian Age, read full article here)

To be fair, I wasn't at the scene and probably don't understand the frustration, stress or even pain that the doctors might have been put through. If it was a case that required the expertise of five doctors, it probably wasn't a case of a normal delivery process.

Nonetheless, HELLO, this is a baby you are talking about. A life. A newborn. All ready to see the world, to be cradled and loved by the mother, to be the pride and gem of the father, to grow up bit by bit, day by day since the minute he arrives in this world.

Sadly, he didn't get the chance to.

Even though the family will sue the hospital for medical negligence, it is a mistake that can never be made right. No amount of money and no compensation method can do fair justice, not in the slightest.

Yes, so you see, I do feel strongly about issues that concern a baby's life. It probably just irks me before I became a mum, but now, it honestly breaks my heart to read about sad birth stories like this.

While miscarriages might be destined and cannot be prevented, cases like this can be and that's the annoying part. To know that one possibly good and long life ended before it even began.

Grrrrrr. I do need to go lay down before my wrath gets the better of me. And hope I don't dream of me running around with a butcher's cleaver in hand.


  1. I will probably kill the doctor too! It's heart-breaking.. :(

    1. Yes totally, geraldine.. still can't imagine how the mum will feel like at that moment.. *shivers*

  2. That was just so so so scary....I'm was shell shocked to read about it in the newspapers. Imagine how devastating it must be for the family and te poor mom.

    1. Yeah super shocking to me and can't believe it actually happens in the world.. too tragic for words and i can't think of the hurt it caused the mum too.. not physically, but emotionally and mentally.. sigh..

  3. Super sad story :( Hard to believe things like this can happen!

    Kait and Michele

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