Karaoke is my thing - Angel is 2.5 years old!

Posted by ~Summer~ on June 11, 2012

Sometimes I wonder how time seems to sit in a rocket and zoom past. You hear it but you don't see it. And by the time you realise "Oh, that seems to be Time passing by", it's already gone. 

It's been a good six months since Angel's last video update.

I always can't help but reminisce her growth and all the fond moments we had. Here are some of the things she does that remind me my little girl is growing up fast.

- She can now slide all by herself in playgrounds, including the gentle straight ones and steep spiralling ones, and even tells you "Mummy, not scared ok, I show you how."

- She has learnt to jump on the trampoline on her own.

- She knows we are going for a swim, then comes up and tells me "I want to wear bikini, can?" When all dressed, she parades in the house and says "See, so pretty!". 

- She sings karaoke with us often and now has even a few Mandarin pop songs in her repertoire in addition to the dozens of nursery rhymes.

- She starts to talk like us and one day when I was too busy and neglected her for a while, she said "Mummy, you don't talk to me, I'm angry."

- We share a tub of ice cream and she eats faster than I can swallow.

- She can now stand up on a stool and wash her own mouth and hands after every meal.

- She follows me to do the laundry and helps to hang up the clothes in the dryer though she only likes to hang her own panties.

- She loves to doodle and if you ask her what her scribbles mean, she says "There, I'm writing my name, Angel Low Rui En, see?"

- She also learnt to take off her own pants when using the potty and if you try to help her, she says "I can do it myself lar." She even cleans herself with a wipe, throws it into the potty and pulls up her pants.

For every thing she has said and done, I'm more than happy to share each precious moment with her. Ok I admit I love the potty one and how I can stay snug on the couch while she does it. Nonetheless, it's no doubt that kids are amazing and we love how she never fails to bring us new surprises every day.

For the joy, fun, laughter and bliss of having this angel with us, we are deeply thankful.

I sure hope you'll enjoy watching!

For a complete list of Angel's videos, visit my gallery here.


  1. aww time sure passes by so quickly! we just got bk from HK.. slowly getting back into the groove of things again. Have a lovely week :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thanks Ai! Hope you had a fabulous vacation in HK! =) Travelling is so much fun, isn't it? =) Be in touch again soon! Before time flies too quickly again!


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