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Posted by ~Summer~ on September 04, 2012

The day my first baby was born, we were not really sure if we were expecting a boy or a girl.

Well, although our gynae in Singapore had predicted a girl, our midwife here in Sweden foretold that it would be a baby boy.

So in the delivery ward, the first moment I knew I had successfully made my final push, I asked the hubby ecstatically "So? So? Is it a boy or girl?"

He looked over, double checked, turned back to me and said with a smile "It's our baby girl, Angel."

It's not that we prefer girls to boys but from that minute onwards, I was thinking of how much fun it would be dressing up my little girl in all sorts of fashionable clothes, lacy dresses, ruffled skirts, cute accessories and everything girlish. Like it or not, in most children's apparel stores, the girls section is always so much more interesting and exciting to shop.

Staying in Europe gives me the liberty to hunt for fashionable wear for my girl that looks more distinct and hip than the usual array of clothes we see in Singapore. One of my favourite shopping outlets has to be H&M because they are always coming up with new arrivals and exclusive collections designed especially for kids.

However, I soon discovered a big problem.  


It's like if you want your kid to look good, you'd gotta pay the price. I was looking at this trendy dress that I was tempted to buy for Angel, then I turned the price tag and saw it cost a bloody SGD$70. Considering how she would outgrow it in less than a year, it was simply not worthwhile to make that investment. I had no choice but to put it back on the rack reluctantly.

Does fashion for kids really have to come at a high price?

For a period of time, I was so hooked on watching "Project Runway" that I was half contemplating taking up sewing lessons and designing my own clothing collection for kids. At the very least, I already have a sewing machine at home so that cuts the cost somewhat, wouldn't it?

To save my hands the trouble and keep my self-esteem from suffering a setback, I recently came across, an online store for fashionable kids wear which brings in popular fashion styles from Korea and Europe.

Imagine all your favourite fashion wear, now made into kids' sizes.

Imagine your girl wearing what you love to wear. 

Imagine your little princess posing in a trendy, modern dress that's simply chic and gorgeous. 

Imagine being able to do that AND not burn your pockets.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, nothing's impossible!

IN2Kids believes that fashion should not be limited by age and that kids wear can be fashionable too. It offers good quality and highly trendy products, coupled with an affordable and flexible pricing strategy.

Have you ever bought a cute little dress for your kid, only to take it from the wardrobe months later and realise it simply doesn't fit anymore? Yeah, not just me then. But you know what, I've lost count how many times I did that already.

Which is precisely why I love their innovative Lifetime Trade-in Policy which makes mothers like me heave a big sigh of relief. Under this policy, parents can return any used IN2Kids apparel in exchange for a SGD$5 voucher per item which can be used on the next purchase. There is no time limit or expiry date as long as the item is in wearable condition and this process can be repeated an infinite number of times. Moreover, all used apparel will be donated to Salvation Army and other groups dedicated to helping less fortunate kids. So, you actually get to shop with increased savings while doing a good deed at the same time.

There is also a 30 days exchange policy for any sizing issues. *Phew* Let's face it, we might not always be lugging our kids around while shopping but yet we cannot help it but shop for them most of the time. For online purchases, IN2Kids also provides free local delivery for addresses within Singapore. Overseas purchase and delivery are available with shipping fees incurred. In addition, there is also a membership programme which gives 1 reward point for every dollar spent, enabling the redemption of a SGD$10 voucher with every 200 points accumulated. is a user-friendly and concise retail website that provides up-to-date information on the new product arrivals, ongoing promotions, company policies and even provides a size guide and gift voucher purchase option.

Since price is a major consideration for many of us mummies, I hope you'll be as thrilled as I am to know that the price guide at IN2Kids is as below:
  • Dresses start from $25 to $39
  • Tops start from $19 to $25
  • Bottoms start from $15 to $22
*Remember: You are entitled to trade in and redeem a SGD$5 voucher for each retail piece!

So you ask, what's in store for your little princess?

Check out some of their latest arrivals.
Maximum Prints Dress in Purple

Polka Peaches Fluffy Dress

Rabbits Galore in Blue Collared Dress

Pinkish Lace Affair Dress

Tiffany & Cream Collared Dress

Lacy Pink Daily Dress

My Favourite Weekend Top

Floral Goodness Tee

Coral Balloon Shorts in Red

Garden Floral Fluffy Skirt

More Exciting News!

IN2Kids will be opening its first ever retail outlet in one of the most family oriented and eco-friendly shopping malls in Singapore, City Square Mall.

Image credit:

  • Address: 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539
  • Provides amenities such as baby care toilets and priority parking is given to hybrid vehicles and families with kids 
  • IN2Kids official store opening date: 5th Oct Children's Day
  • Toys"R"Us will also be opening its 26,000sqft outlet here

Don't you just love Toys"R"Us? I did and still do, even before I became a mum. The great thing is that IN2Kids will be located RIGHT BESIDE Toys"R"Us at Level B2 so that just makes shopping all the more convenient and merrier.

Don't Miss This!

Good things are always worth sharing. Here are some freebies that you can enjoy!

  • Sign up now as a member at at no cost and you are entitled to a SGD$5 voucher off your first purchase. 
  • Exclusive for A Happy Mum readers!! Enjoy 20% off all items at IN2Kids with the coupon code 20OFFBLOG. This is no limit to the number of times you can use this code during the promotion period!

Note: To redeem the coupon code online, click on ‘use coupon code’ when you check out your shopping cart and enter 20OFFBLOG. Only one code is allowed per transaction. The $5 voucher and 20% discount cannot be combined so to enjoy both, separate orders must be placed.

Well, I guess I solved my problem. It IS possible to make our little girls look fashionable without having to scrimp and save.

When you look good, you feel good. When your girl looks just as good or even better, it just makes you feel on top of the world.

So, if you are also interested in dressing up your precious little ones in fashionable wear, visit IN2Kids homepage or Facebook page for more information and be a member today.

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and all product pictures are provided by IN2Kids. All opinions are my own.


  1. Excited to know another shop that sells beautiful girl clothes :) thanks for sharing Summer!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Thanks Ai! Our girls have so much pretty clothes to choose from, don't they? =p Let's dress them up together next time!

  2. What pretty clothes!!! I miss UK/Europe fashion for me AND the lil ones!!!

    1. Thanks! Somehow the lil ones just make the fashionable clothes look even more gorgeous. =p

  3. oh my gosh these clothes are just GORGEOUS!!


  4. Nice and cool post about Fashion frills mostly all woman like it.

  5. I would wear some of those! They are just gorgeous!

    1. Jess, you would look great in any of them. =) I wish I had some in adult sizes too so I can wear them out with Angel! =)

  6. Oh jeez.. i love that Pinkish Lace Affair Dress!!!!


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