Pregnancy myths

Posted by ~Summer~ on September 02, 2012

It's not uncommon to receive unsolicited advice from friends and relatives the moment they know you are pregnant. After all, they mean it out of goodwill and are concerned for you and the little one growing inside you.

Having heard all the advice during my first pregnancy, this time round I was more aware of the food I 'should' or 'shouldn't' eat and the things I 'can' or 'cannot' do. Like how I shouldn't do any kind of hammering or eat the bananas here in Karlskrona because they have a 'cooling effect'. 

That said, we the Chinese are probably known for a myriad of myths, legends and superstitions, many of which are unknown to other cultures.

Below are 10 of the pregnancy myths I've heard from others or read online. Some of you might be jolly well aware of them while others who are hearing them for the first time might be in for a surprise.

I won't really say these are considered fallacies because I do believe in some of them. Like how it's important to keep oneself in a positive and happy state of mind during the pregnancy period and that it feels kind of heartwarming to look at pictures of adorable babies.

But I also can't term them as facts because I know of friends who drank coffee every day when they were pregnant and yet gave birth to super fair-skinned babies and that crab-lovers also do give birth to normal babies.

Nonetheless, it's probably better to be safe than sorry. After all, my baby is my gem for life.

So I do try to avoid scary movies for now, not that I'm a huge fan anyway, and I don't do any craft work on the bed. And I'm taking my own sweet time in doing the packing of the house.

To the hubby, if I'm leaving most of the cleaning, shifting, lifting and repair work to you, you know why, right? =)

P/S: I probably can't help it but touch and rub my belly every day though. It's like a mum's instinct, plus I don't really wanna miss out any of her kicks, punches and headbutts.

What are some other pregnancy myths or taboos you have heard of? Do you believe in them?


  1. I did a little painting to my house and my son has light birthmarks on his buttocks and slight mark on his forehead. Thankfully nothing unsightly. So next time, I better follow all the rules! Like you said, better to be safe than sorry :)

    1. Oh yeah, I'm glad it wasn't serious. =) Yes, definitely better to be safe than sorry! Thanks for sharing your experience Geraldine! =)

  2. Hi there! Stumbled across this through someone's blogroll and it brought back memories of my pregnancy. I too heard all sorts of traditional beliefs and practices required for pregnancy but disregarded most of them... primarily due to practicality and need for personal convenience.

    But reading your list was pretty interesting. #1 and #7 are new to me. the others I've heard similar variations of. And I definitely agree with #8,9,10... it makes sense to stay positive and happy, even if not directly for the baby, its definitely good for the mother's own general/emotional well being :)

    1. Hihi! Thanks for hopping by! Yeah sometimes due to practicality it's hard to avoid. Like I'm preparing to shift back from Sweden to SG, it's impossible not to do any packing, cleaning etc. It's interesting how some of us heard of a few but not the rest, and you're right, I most agree with #8 and how it's vital to stay happy or at least, try best to stay happy 99% of the time. =) Thanks for commenting, makes me wanna take care of my emotional well being all the more!

  3. So I do try to avoid scary movies for now, not that I'm a huge fan anyway, and I don't do any craft work on the bed. And I'm taking my own sweet time in doing the packing of the house.


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