Farewell, our tiny friends

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 08, 2012

Dear Fishes,

After more than 7 months of being together, it's now time for us to say goodbye, sadly.

We've witnessed you growing up, falling sick and dying. However, our happiest moments were to see you giving birth, round after round. Even though I swear I saw one guppy mum eat her own fry once and I realised with horror that you may be paedophagic (eat your own children), we still tried our best to feed you, protect your young and put in more plants for them to hide and grow. 

So it was a thrill for us to see three baby guppies growing up day by day, from diminutive and colourless to striking and gorgeous.   

If there were days that I forgot to feed you, I'm so sorry. But you must be elated that darling Angel never fails to sit on her chair, watch you, talk to you and secretly drop more food into your tank when I'm not looking. She does love you, you know?

She cried in devastation to know that you are not boarding the plane with us and we gave her two marbles from your tank for memory keepsake. The consolation is that we are passing you on to our Singaporean friend who stays here in Karlskrona and she has two wonderful kids who fell in love with you at first sight.

Deep down, we know that you will be well taken care of in your new home and that's what really matters. When you left our house, Angel returned the marbles to your new owner Sarah and told her to put the marbles back to your tank, right where they belong with you.

I guess, we don't need souvenirs to remember you when we have our hearts.

Thank you for all the happy memories you gave my family! Be good and stay healthy!


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