The cane and the hole

Posted by ~Summer~ on October 09, 2012
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It's been a frenzy at home these few weeks with all the packing.

My total count of boxes stands at 30 today, which is quite an achievement for a 27-week preggie mum with a vivacious 3-year-old to look after. I've concluded that I don't need to do any exercise because all those squatting, shifting, hurling and lifting are more than enough to work out my muscles. Yes, I should take it easy but guess what, I can't unless I hope to miss my flight back home.

Anyway, now that 90% of Angel's toys have been sealed in boxes, I was thinking she's probably going to get bored in the day and much as I'd love to let Dora be her babysitter all day so that I'm free, I just feel too guilty to do it.

Today, she showed me that I didn't really have to worry about her not having toys to play with. Because with a little imagination and creativity, you can play with practically anything.


My girl placed four balls onto our mahjong table - which is our temporary dining table for now.

Angel: Mummy! Where is the cane? I want it!

Me: *flabbergasted* Whhhhaatt? It's the first time that I don't speak of that word and you're bringing it up. Why do you want it?

Angel: Stick, stick!  

Me: You want a stick? I don't know where Daddy kept the cane (Yes, the hubby is the disciplinary master at home) though. You want stick? Here, take this. *passes her the elongated bubble wand*

Angel: Ok, yippie! Erm, Mummy? The table has no hole!

Me: Hole? You want the table to have a hole? Then everything will start to drop!

Angel: But no hole I cannot hit the ball in!

Suddenly, it struck me what she was doing. Did you guess it?

Yes, my dear girl was trying to re-enact a game of P-O-O-L. Which by the way, the last time we brought her to play was probably a few months ago.

She was searching for a cue and the six holes on the table. =) When it was concluded that she couldn't find the holes, we then decided to make up our own rules and have our own version of the game.

The rules were pretty easy - Use your 'cue' to hit the red ball to each other and if it touches your ledge, you lose. If it falls off the table, you lose too. Yes, more like a pinball game we had.

The funny thing was in the morning, Angel had filled up the mahjong table drawers with chips and coins, so every time someone loses, she had to give one to the other party. She would happily take my chip (she insisted on the big ones) when she won and forlornly sacrifice hers when she lost. Nonetheless, lose means lose so to instill that mentality in her, I made sure I took a chip from her every time.

Subsequently, she would say "Later when I win, you must give me back ok?"

Yes my dear, if you win. Which by the way, that if happens mainly because Mummy made it happen. I have to say you had some pretty good shots though. But you know what, I'm really glad that we had a good laugh through this game, all thanks to your imagination.

I will keep my promise and play with you again tomorrow. Just make sure you don't try to hammer a hole in my table, will you?

May you have the perseverance to never give up till the game is over, the wisdom to always think out of the box, the happiness to smile every day like you've never smiled before.

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Disclaimer: In case you think we are the kind of parents who love to cane our kid, well this cane is actually a lantern stick. I've never used it on Angel and the hubby uses it more like a verbal warning. He caned her gently once and it broke his heart so much that he said "Sorry" to her after that.


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    1. Keke kids!~ All cute in their own little ways! =) Thanks for hopping over!

  2. Me too, would feel guilty to plonk her in front of Dora all day.

    Hey let's play mj when you are back! Oh who am I kidding. Let's play when the kids are married. See you when you're back!

    1. Haha of course we don't have to wait till the kids get married! =p We can play while they watch Dora! =)

  3. She's so precious! Your mahjong tale looks quite big too haha.
    You brought over from SG?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Haha it's a normal mj table, yesh yesh from sg! Swedes probably don't know what it's for. =) We're bringing it back too! Lol.

    2. I had the exact same mahjong table and was wondering if you really brought it there! Really, all the way from SG? Haha! Btw Angel is really creative - you can call the game pinpool.

  4. Smart girl! That's one of the reasons why I stopped bringing toys out for my girl. She'd rather play with some random stick on the floor -_-. They can make believe anything! Haha

  5. She plays pool! That is one cool girl you have there! ;) And I think it was really creative of her to think up of that!

  6. Oh that is awesome! Love the imagination of kids so much :)


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